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We have a growing inventory of many different aircraft types including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft to name a few. We also offer engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Items not currently listed in our inventory are possibly still on the aircraft. If we don’t have something in stock, we know where to find it. Please call us for any of your parts needs.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription
0513311-1Control Tube Support Assy LH
0513311-7Control Tube Support Assy LH, no gromet
0513311-2Control Tube Support Assy RH
37960-1028Control Unit - Navomatic
62824-00Control Wheel - Yoke 3/4" shaft
0513239-1Control Wheel - Yoke
0513239-1Control Wheel - Yoke
1560001-13Control Wheel / Yoke
1560001-13Control Wheel / Yoke
0513136-4Control Wheel / Yoke - 1 of 2
0513136-4Control Wheel / Yoke - 2 of 2
1570149-2011570149-202Control Wheel / Yoke LH
04110790411257Control Wheel / Yoke Universal Joint - 1 of 2
0411257Control Wheel / Yoke Universal Joint - 2 of 2
MC04112570411257Control Wheel / Yoke Universal Joint - McFarlene
0511785-1Control Wheel Sprocket 1 of 2
0511785-1Control Wheel Sprocket 2 of 2
0411257Control Wheel Universal Joint 1 of 2
0411257Control Wheel Universal Joint 2 of 2
0760019-13Control Yoke - Co-Pilot
0760019-16Control Yoke - Pilot
1560001-13Control Yoke / Wheel
0513332-203Control Yokes - 1 of 2
0513332-203Control Yokes - 2 of 2
29442-02Controller Assy - Annunciator lights
29301-02Controller Assy - Dimmer
D278-2Controller Assy RPM Governor - Robinson
555 356XW20345-275-50Converter
D561-13Cooling Fan - Blower Assy 28V
35-550055Copilot Cold Air Valve Assy
A255-2Counter Weight Set of 2 - Minor Damage
A255-2Counter Weight Set of 2 - Minor Damage
45010-1000Course Indicator - Aircraft Radio
066-3008-02Course Select Indicator - King
KI-201C066-3008-02Course Select Indicator - King
066-3008-02Course Select Indicator - King Radio
KI-201CCourse Selection Indicator - King
0713543-1Cover - Lower Stationary Panel
50443-02Cover - Wing Inspection Light
C680-1Cover Assy - Boot
C680-5Cover Assy - Boot
1200756-7Cover Assy - Console - Lighted
29600-02Cover Assy - Relay Shelf Assy
0513390-9Cover Engine Instrument RH Panel
5225-4Cover Plates - Inspection Plates
0713128-1Cowel Flap Control Lever Assembly
0752628-1Cowl Access Door Assembly with hinge
650060-515Cowl Assembly - Lower
650074-501Cowl Assembly - Upper
0700734-3Cowl Cover - Winterization - LH
0700734-4Cowl Cover - Winterization - RH
0552161-4Cowl Door Assembly
13029-0012358-00Cowl Engine Side LH from PA 18 MISSING LOWER STIFFNER
13029-0012358-00Cowl Engine Side LH Damaged from PA 18
415-40090-LCowl Engine Side LH from Ercoupe Aircraft
415-40090-RCowl Engine Side RH from Ercoupe Aircraft
npnCowl Fastners Standard Stock Style
0752020-1Cowl Filter Mount Assembly
S1244-3Cowl Flap Cable - Pilot
35-380050-1Cowl Flap Control - Cable Assembly
35-944012Cowl Flap Control - Links - RH+LH
35-94401135-944025Cowl Flap Control - Shaft and Fittings
0713307-1 and 2Cowl Flap Control Line Mount (clamp) set of 2
35-910053Cowl Flap Door Assy - LH
35-910053-1Cowl Flap Door Assy - RH
0752014-15cowl flap hinge
0752015-19Cowl Flap Hinge Bracket LH
0752015-39Cowl Flap Hinge Bracket RH
0752014-1Cowl Flap LH
650061-003Cowl Lower - LH
650061-004Cowl Lower - RH
35-410446-602Cowl Nose Bowl
35-910108Cowl Support Rod Assy
35-910108Cowl Support Rod Assy
D040-1Cowling Assembly Aft
D041-1Cowling Assembly Belly - One bent stiffner
C377-1Cowling Assembly LH
C377-1Cowling Assembly LH with Door - Slight bend on corner
C378-3Cowling Assembly RH with Door
35-910160-24Cowling Assembly, Engine
2652022-18Cowling Tube Assembly
A677-4Cyclic Control Boot
A677-4801171041Cyclic Control Cover Boot
C320-1C069-3Cyclic Control Stick
C048-1D337-1Cyclic Friction Assembly with Torque Tube Weldment - Damaged Core Only
455 946OAS2924-3Cylinder - Hydraulic Lock (Ozone OAS 2924-3)
455 961WTC2114-1Cylinder - Hydraulic Lock (Weibel WTC2114-1)
45314-00Cylinder Assy NLG strut
0511068-3Cylinder Head Temp Indicator - Cessna
LT-46 (D)DC to DC Convertor - KGS
0713019-94Defrost Valve Assembly
63902-10Defroster Air Control Cable
1513877-3Defroster Air Duct Lower LH
1513877-4Defroster Air Duct Lower RH
1513877-1Defroster Air Duct Upper LH
1513877-2Defroster Air Duct Upper RH
62952-00Defroster Air Outlet Assembly
35-550566-3Defroster Valve Body
1D1194-1Deice pressure switch

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