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We have a growing inventory of many different aircraft types including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft to name a few. We also offer engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Items not currently listed in our inventory are possibly still on the aircraft. If we don’t have something in stock, we know where to find it. Please call us for any of your parts needs.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


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Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription
463 621AML 76C10T01PGuard - Fire Extinguisher Switch
51677-02Guard - Flap Switch
IC714Gyro Slaving Amplifier - Dual Channel
63357-00Hand Brake Handle Assy
455 93810-22Hand Brake Master Cylinder
455-938Hand Brake Master Cylinder Assy
35-410147Handle , Cabin assist exterior
0713191-1Handle Assembly
0411718-5Headliner Retainers with Stiffners
12507G-45Headsets H10-13H (Qnty 5) - David Clark
460 593Heater Fuel Filter Assy
0513309-1Heater Outlet Assy
1197Helipod Door Hinge
R44-2520-403Helipod Door LH - Helipod USA LLC
45253-03Hinge Assy - Elevator center
63502-1Hinge Assy - Fin
45794-06Hinge Assy NLG door - LH
45794-07Hinge Assy NLG door - RH
51510-00Hook Assy - MLG downlock, LH
51510-01Hook Assy - MLG downlock, RH
41797-02Hook Assy NLG uplock
0332000-10Horizontal Stabilizer
1232000Horizontal Stabilizer
0532001-202Horizontal Stabilizer
C044-1Horizontal Stabilizer - Minor Damages
0732101-5Horizontal Stabilizer Attach Bracket Lower X2
0732101-60732101-5Horizontal Stabilizer Attache Bracket Upper and Lower together
487 090SC648ANHorn - Annunciator display warning
565 326AC-155FHorn - Gear Warning
565 32302054-4Horn - Stall Warning
102149Hour Meter - Datcon Model 773-iB
100690Hour Meter - Maxima Model 873 lB
40327-00Housing Assembly MLG
LSM-200-701-1Hub Cap w/access Door, 6", set of 2 - Knots 2U
AN 6234-2Hydraulic Filter - Purolator
12937-AHydraulic Pressure Guage
10-357290-1AIgnition Switch
10-357200-1 MH07EIgnition Switch
10-51104-12AIgnition Switch - Bendix
C292501-0107A510-9Ignition Switch - Cessna
A661-110-357200-1Ignition Switch - Continental
10-357210-1 MIgnition Switch - Teledyne Continental
A-510-243595Ignition switch ACS Products
10-1266904-AIgnition Switch Assy with Battery and Alternator
752 89210-357290-1Ignition Switch no keys
10-357200-1H07EIgnition Switch w/ key - TCM
10-357200-1 LIgnition Switch w/ key - TCM
51051-00Indicator - Electrical system monitor
788998-1-1F0553Indicator - Intertechnique
51050-00Instrument - Ammeter
B051-11Instrument Face Assembly Center Engine Instruments
35-324392-606Instrument Panel
B051-9Instrument Panel Console Assy
0513390-11Instrument Panel Cover LH
0713278-1Instrument Panel Cover LH
0713866-6Instrument Panel Cover RH
B206-1Instrument Panel Face - 9 Hole
D716-07Instrument Panel Wiring Harness
0752016-13Intake Boot Expander Assembly
401Intercom - Flightcom 401
PCA400Intercom - Pacific Coast Avionics
11902Intercom PM 1000 II - Engineering Inc
34CB759Interior Assist Handle RED SET OF TWO
1211250-6Interior Cabin Door Handle
467 47771254-8Inverter - E L panels
467 14560-2526-1Inverter- Razor Outlet
18486 G-01ISOCOM - David Clark Company
C339-10Jackshft Assembly with support struts
35-415343-618Keel Assy, Fuselage FWD LH
35-415343-619Keel Assy, Fuselage FWD RH
KAP315066-3023-01KFC 300 - Annunciator Panel - King KAP315
KCI 310066-3020-05KFC 300 - Flight Command Indicator - King - KCI 310
065-0019-00065-5002-22KFC 300 - KAC 325 Auto Pilot Computer
065-0018-03065-5005-18KFC 300 - KCP 320 Flight Computer
065-0020-00065-5004-11KFC 300 - KDC 381 Altitude Controller
KMC 340KFC 300 - KMC 340 Mode Controller
KRG 330KFC 300 - KRG 330 Rate Gyro
065-0014-11065-0015-22 mountKFC 300 - KSA 370 Servo with KSM 375 Mount
7000622-901KFC 300 - Vertical Gyro VG-14A Sperry Flight Systems
23943-00Knob - Flap Selector Switch
571 186Knob - Slide Control
571 124108Knob - Switch windshield Wiper (black)
472 149AML 91LA85Lamp - Fire Extinguisher switch
C241-4Landing Gear Brace Tube Forward
C475-5Landing Gear Cover - Wide
45-815003-3Landing Gear Door Actuator Assembly LH
45-815003-1Landing Gear Door Actuator Assembly RH
C082-5Landing Gear Fairing Aft LH
C082-3Landing Gear Fairing Forward LH
C082-2Landing Gear Fairing Forward RH
0511071-3Landing Gear Fillet Plate and Seal LH
0511071-4Landing Gear Fillet Plate and Seal RH
35-810094Landing Gear Hand Crank Assy
C239-1Landing Gear Leg Aft
C239-2Landing Gear Leg Forward
C276-1Landing Gear Shackle Assembly
0713495-7Landing Gear Support Bracket Inboard LH
0713495-8Landing Gear Support Bracket Inboard RH

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