Piper PA24-250 C-FKYZ

Meet the Comanche PA-250, a truly remarkable aircraft boasting the serial number 24-1509, crafted with pride by Piper in 1960. With a sturdy Lycoming O-540-A1C5 engine and a McCauley B2D32c412-C propeller, this aircraft promises outstanding performance and longevity.

However, it's important to note that this aircraft endured a challenging gear-up landing, which resulted in damage to the retraction mechanism. This incident left its mark on the aircraft, giving it a rough appearance. It's worth mentioning that there are no apparent upgrades, and the avionics are of a basic nature.

Rest assured that we have diligently examined the aircraft and rectified all issues to ensure its airworthiness. This Comanche PA-250 may have faced adversity, but it's ready for new adventures in the hands of a capable pilot.

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  • Model PA24-250
  • Serial # 24-1509
  • Reg C-FKYZ
  • Year 1960
  • Manufacturer Piper
  • Airframe 3690
  • Date of Last Flight July 2021
  • Engine Manufacturer Lycoming
  • Engine Model O-540-A1C5
  • Propeller Manufacturer McCauley
  • Propeller Model B2D32c412-C
  • Prop Strike Y


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
KR 86066-1038-00ADF Reciever - King300.00 USD
20234-00Aileron - LH1,500.00 USD
20234-01Aileron - RH1,500.00 USD
21943-00Airbox Assembly1,195.00 USD
8000Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments300.00 USD
015-01237Alternator - InterAv Inc360.00 USD
015-01240Alternator Bar250.00 USD
23-501-06-16Attitube Gryo375.00 USD
21521-02BA63977-00BABattery Box - Bogert550.00 USD
464 022Cabin Door Handle150.00 USD
4640221312641CABIN DOOR HANDLE 1OF270.00 USD
1312641464022CABIN DOOR HANDLE 2OF270.00 USD
102130Carb Temp Indicator150.00 USD
C-2300 DL40713068-2Compass125.00 USD
4000B-301U262-001-39Directional Gyro - Sigma Tek650.00 USD
EAC-1EGT - OAT - CHT - Electronics International350.00 USD
21977Engine Baffle Set350.00 USD
21947-00Engine Cowl - Lower Scoop250.00 USD
NPNEngine Exhaust2,500.00 USD
764 905Engine Instrument Cluster525.00 USD
20304-42Flap - Left1,500.00 USD
20304-43Flap - Right1,500.00 USD
FP-5Fuel Computer - Electronics International400.00 USD
LW15472Fuel Pump - McFarlane200.00 USD
20520-00Instrument Panel130.00 USD
20547-07Instrument Panel - Cover250.00 USD
4Tl1-1LLanding Gear Switch150.00 USD
G748-180Manifold Pressure Gauge170.00 USD
21068-00MLG Door Bracket - LH200.00 USD
21068-01MLG Door Bracket - RH200.00 USD
20768-00MLG Link Assembly - LH350.00 USD
20768-01MLG Link Assembly - RH350.00 USD
604IH105A455 342Power Relay - Cutler-Hammer225.00 USD
KX170B069-1020-00Radio - NAV/COMM - King500.00 USD
20729-16Rudder800.00 USD
20713-00Rudder Bracket Assembly - Lower295.00 USD
21746-07Seat - Co Pilot500.00 USD
21746-06Seat - Pilot500.00 USD
21744-04Seat - Rear Bench500.00 USD
D-70854=Spinner - McCauley - B3D32C412650.00 USD
D-70851644-00Spinner Bulkhead - McCauley - B3D32C412350.00 USD
20193-36Stabilator - LH1,500.00 USD
20193-35Stabilator - RH1,500.00 USD
756 217Stabilator - Screw and Stop Assembly575.00 USD
20836-00Stabilator - Tab Bell Crank335.00 USD
20203-0320397-00Stabilator Torque Tube Assembly - Aussie Horn3,000.00 USD
149-NLStarter - Sky-Tec600.00 USD
An5771-5Suction Indicator130.00 USD
R-1G30R257Tachometer - Electronics International350.00 USD
20730-06Tail Fin Assembly825.00 USD
KT 78066-1034-02Transponder - KING600.00 USD
12P61-A2A-S1Turn and Bank200.00 USD
215CCVacuum Pump150.00 USD
1636-6M-B2Vertical Speed Indicator
ID-825VOR/Glide slope Indicator - Narco700.00 USD
K1-214066-3025-01VOR/LOC GS Indicator - KING550.00 USD

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