What we Offer as Aircraft Dismantlers that also Specialize in Aircraft Recovery Services

Global Aircraft Industries is a trusted provider of comprehensive aircraft recovery and dismantling services. With a team of experienced personnel, we specialize in efficient and safe recovery of any aircraft type in diverse situations. Our advanced procedures and custom-built equipment ensure expedient and secure operations.As expert aircraft dismantlers, we possess t he knowledge and expertise to efficiently dismantle retired aircraft. We offer long-term, short-term, and secure storage options at our state-of-the-art facilities located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Edmonton, Alberta, and Kitchener, Ontario. These facilities are equipped to handle the storage and preservation of aircraft components, ensuring their optimal condition.

In addition to our expertise in recovery and dismantling, we excel in remote access recoveries that involve challenging environments such as high mountain ranges, underwater locations, and international destinations. Our adaptable approach enables us to solve complex problems while collaborating seamlessly with other agencies involved in the process. Collaboration is key in the aircraft recovery and dismantling process. We work closely with transportation safety inspectors, coroners, parks/wildlife officials, law enforcement agencies, and families of the deceased, offering our support throughout the entire procedure. Our team is experienced in navigating the legal aspects associated with recovery operations and can provide valuable assistance and guidance.

At Global Aircraft Industries, our commitment to safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction is unwavering. Whether it's recovering aircraft in challenging locations or dismantling retired aircraft with precision, we strive to deliver reliable solutions. Contact us today to experience our comprehensive aircraft recovery and dismantling services firsthand.

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