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Global Aircraft Industries is an aircraft salvage and recovery company. Established in 1983, we take pride in being one of the longest-running aircraft salvage and recovery companies in North America. Aviators around the world, including Insurance Adjusters, Government Aviation Investigators, and private/commercial operators, trust and rely on our top-notch recovery services.

Global offers aviators cost-effective alternatives to original manufactured aircraft parts. For older but still serviceable aircraft, where manufacturers may no longer exist or support their products, or produce overpriced parts with long lead times, we provide viable solutions. Continually expanding our inventory, we source aircraft from various locations worldwide to meet aviators' needs.

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With a passion and love for

All Things Aviation

Global Aircraft Industries began like many aviation careers and hobbyists, driven by a profound passion for aviation. This very passion fuels our pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Innovative thinking sets us apart, and our experienced staff's knowledge, gained over many years in the industry, reinforces our commitment to timely deliveries and dependable, trustworthy products and services. With a rich history spanning over 30 years, we have earned a reputation that our customers depend on, trust, and deeply respect.

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