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We have a growing inventory of many different aircraft types including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft to name a few. We also offer engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Items not currently listed in our inventory are possibly still on the aircraft. If we don’t have something in stock, we know where to find it. Please call us for any of your parts needs.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


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Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription
A761-1Drain Valve Assy
457 360Drive Assy - Flexible
0752018-10Duct Assy
38947EDO Front Float Attachment bracket LH
38948EDO Front Float Attachment bracket RH
46150EGT Indicator - Alcor
86255EGT Probe - ALCOR
0734600-21Elevator - LH
1234029-1Elevator Arm (pylon) Assembly
2432000-202Elevator Assembly RH with trim tab - Cessna 172 Parts Core or Repair Only
0334100-2Elevator Assy - RH
5302044-501Elevator Assy LH
1234000-3Elevator Assy LH
0734600-23Elevator Assy RH
1234000-2Elevator Assy RH
63579-2Elevator Balance Weight
35-660002-9Elevator Balance Weight 2 of 2
535-521242-13Elevator Bob Weight
55016-20Elevator LH
0432001-51Elevator LH - Cessna 152
55016-25Elevator RH
0432001-52Elevator RH with Trim Tab - Cessna 152
0734110-1Elevator Torque Tube Assembly LH
0734110-2Elevator Torque Tube Assembly RH
0434155-1Elevator Torque Tube LH - Cessna 152
0434155-2Elevator Torque Tube RH - Cessna 152
0532001-47Elevator Trim Tab Channel Rod Push Pull
E-01ELT - ACK Technologies Expired Battery
S1851501-02ELT - Kannad Integra AF
452-6499ELT - ME 406 ELT only
452-3034ELT - ME 406 mounting tray
453-6603ELT - ME406 Kit with switch, antenna, wires, tray
ELT 10ELT 10 with battery
S1821502-02ELT 406 - Kannad - Martec
758 453Elt Base with Strap
S1820511-01ELT Mounting Bracket
402383ELT Pointer Sentry C-4000
S1820514-01ELT Programming Dongle
50363-00Engine Air Inlet Duct LH
0555309-1Engine Baffle Set
0750128-76Engine Baffles
49384-2 and 49385-2Engine Brackets RH
0752031-210Engine Cowl - Lower with cowl flaps and "S" Duct
62922-03Engine Cowl Assy Upper
581177Engine Cowl Flap Actuator w/ motor
0552000-4Engine Cowl Hood (Upper) three pieces
0552000-52Engine Cowl Lower - Damaged
0752031-203Engine Cowl Lower less flaps with door
0752031-208Engine Cowl Upper
701-3Engine Exhaust and Muffler Assy
C169-37Engine Exhaust Muffler Assembly and down pipes
EL099001-042Engine Exhaust Muffler Assy - Elano Corp
0550157-34Engine Exhaust Pieces - Hanlon and Wilson
B144-4 REV. K6247-00419Engine Gauge Cluster - Rochester Gauges INC
Amps/Oil T/Oil P/Fuel PEngine Instr. Cluster
436389Engine Instrument Cluster
436739Engine Instrument Cluster
550801Engine Instrument Cluster
35324-4015Engine Instrument Cluster
63426-00Engine Instrument Cluster
0513144-16Engine Instrument Cluster
C669502-0201436365-L12Engine Instrument Cluster
1S130-999Engine Instrument Cluster - Edo Aire
B144-46247-00419Engine Instrument Cluster - Rochester
B144-4REV K6247-00419Engine Instrument Cluster - Rochester
EGT-100-4Engine Monitor - EGT Scanner - J.P.I.
EDM 730-6CEngine monitor system - JPI
0551000Engine Mount
C592-3Engine Mount Aft
0551014-1Engine Mount Assy
40043Engine Mount Bracket Right Front
40044Engine Mount Bracket Right Rear
C593-3Engine Mounts Forward
TE02650-115/120TSP6CYL-2927-115Engine Pre Heater Complete - Tanis - for lycoming IO-540-N1A5
PXE7300Entertainment Receiver CD player from C-GFYD ***NON SERVICABLE PARTS ONLY***
C169-5Exhaust Collector LH
C169-6Exhaust Collector RH
ELO099001-716 , ELO099001-717Exhaust Muffler and Shroud for Cessna 152
0454002-11Exhaust Riser Cessna 152
0454002-4Exhaust Riser Cessna 152
0454002-2Exhaust Riser Cessna 152
0454002-10Exhaust Riser Cessna 152
1754009-1Exhaust Riser - LH FWD (Cyl 2)
1754008-1Exhaust Riser - LH Rear (Cyl 4)
1754010-1Exhaust Riser - RH FWD (Cyl 1)
1754007-1Exhaust Riser - RH Rear (Cyl 3)
0454010-1Exhaust Shroud Cessna 152 - Repaired
0750161-58Exhaust Shroud from 0-470-U engine
35-410147-1Exterior Cabin Assist Handle
0720613-1Fairing - Aft wing to Fuselage LH
0720613-2Fairing - Aft wing to Fuselage RH
46218-00Fairing Assy - Fin
51102-05Fairing Assy - Fuselage tail
46344-02Fairing Assy - Stabilizer - LH
46344-03Fairing Assy - Stabilizer - RH
50155-38Fairing Assy - tip tank LH aft
50155-40Fairing Assy - tip tank LH fwd
50155-39Fairing Assy - tip tank RH aft

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