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Welcome to our online inventory of quality used aircraft parts. We are proud to offer a growing selection of parts for a variety of aircraft types, including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft, among others. Our inventory also includes engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics, all sold. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

If you don't see what you need listed in our inventory, don't worry. We have access to many other parts that may still be on the aircraft, and we're happy to help you locate the parts you need. Simply give us a call and we'll do our best to assist you.

Please note that it is important to conduct a thorough inspection of the Goods prior to their first use to check for any defects and ensure they are fit for your intended use. At our company, we understand the importance of quality and reliability in aviation, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and service. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and how we can help you keep your aircraft in top condition.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription Aircraft
96-534024-34 CArmrest RH AFT Side PanelBeechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMK
0411030-6AshtrayCessna 182L FWOK
0411030-6AshtrayCessna 182L C-FWOK
23-501-06-16Attitube GryoPiper PA24-250 C-FKYZ
305-2BCAttitude Indicator - BFGoodrichCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
5000F-6Attitude Indicator - Edo AireCessna 421 C-FSYN
IU284-001-1Attitude Indicator - Edo AireCessna 172 FKXV
23-501-06-9Attitude Indicator - Edo AireBeechcraft M35 Bonanza C-FINV
23-501-06-9Attitude Indicator - Edo AireBeechcraft M35 FINV
5000B-20Attitude Indicator - Edo-Aire - Core OnlyCessna 172M C-GOTC
4300-203Attitude Indicator - Mid Continent Inst.Robinson R 44 Raven II C-GHZN
5000B-72Attitude Indicator - Sigma TekCessna 421 C-FSYN
656768Attitude Indicator - Vintage 4"Piper Cherokee PA28-180 C-FXXQ
S1309N1Attitude Indicator - Vintage 4"Cessna 170A GXZZ
KAA 455Audio Control Module - KingPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE
KMA 24HAudio Panel - Bendix/KingCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
TMA 350DAudio Panel - Marker Beacon Receiver - Intercom - Terra CorpBeechcraft H35 Bonanza CF-ZOS
PMA6000MAudio Panel - with marker beacon- PS EngineeringCessna 172H C-FFTB
UREM40EAutolite Spark Plugs (quantity 6)Cessna 172H C-FFTB
KC 192Autopilot - Flight Computer for KFC 150 - Bendix/KingCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
Autopilot - STEC 65Cessna 421 C-FSYN
S-Tec 30Autopilot - STEC-30 SYSTEMPiper PA-24-260 C-GHJG
1C363-1-306RAutopilot Servo AssyBeechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMK
1114213Aux Power ContactorBeechcraft P35 Bonanza C-FOZZ
E47523Aux Power Cord - NomaBeechcraft M35 Bonanza C-FINV
E47523Aux Power Cord - NomaBeechcraft M35 FINV
AN2552-3AAuxilary Power Recepticle with base 0513229-3Cessna 172H C-FFTB
2601014-1Avionics Shelf - TailCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
350090-507Baggage DoorMooney M20C C-GNNM
350090-507Baggage Door
0717000-13Baggage DoorCessna A185E C-FZEL
0711101-29Baggage DoorCessna A185E C-FZRF
35-410070-93Baggage DoorBeechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMK
62657-00Baggage Door AssemblyPiper Cherokee PA28-180 C-FXXQ
0711101-10Baggage Door Hinge Bracket - Lower door jambCessna 185E FCDN
0711101-11Baggage Door Hinge Bracket - Upper door jambCessna 185E FCDN
711102Baggage Door Hinge Upper - 2 of 2
711102Baggage Door Hinges (2)Cessna 185E FCDN
S1189-1Baggage Door Latch
S1359-8Baggage Door Latch AssemblyCessna 185E FCDN
0711111-1Baggage Door Lock Cylinder CamCessna A185E C-FZEL
C253001-0101Baggage Door Lock Cylinder NO KEYCessna A185E C-FZEL
0513013-9Baggage ShelfCessna 172 FKXV
5202305-501Balance Weight Assy - Aileron LHGrumman AA-5B C-GEAB
RG-35AXCBatteryPiper PA-24-260 C-GHJG
RG25XCBattery - ConcordeCessna 172H C-FFTB
RG-35AXCBattery - ConcordePiper Cherokee PA28-180 C-GOMP
RG-35AXCBattery - ConcordeBeechcraft M35 Bonanza C-FINV
RG-35AXCBattery - ConcordeBeechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMK
RG-35AXCBattery - ConcordeBeechcraft M35 FINV
21524-02Battery BoxPiper PA-24-260 C-GHJG
0513011-11Battery BoxCessna 172M C-GOTC
35-410462-601Battery Box - Aviation Research SystemsBeechcraft M35 Bonanza C-FINV
35-410462-601Battery Box - Aviation Research SystemsBeechcraft M35 FINV
21521-02BABattery Box - BogertPiper PA24-250 C-FKYZ
2653027-1Battery Box - With SupportCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
0512167-30Battery Box Assembly with BracketCessna 182L FWOK
0512167-30Battery Box Assembly with BracketCessna 182L C-FWOK
npnBattery Box Assembly with contactorsSteen Skybolt C-GWBD
63888-00Battery Box AssyPiper PA28-140 C-GAGZ
35-415410-70Battery Box AssyBeechcraft H35 Bonanza CF-ZOS
35-410462-3Battery Box AssyBeechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMK
35-410462-3Battery Box Assy with Cover lid assyBeechcraft P35 Bonanza C-FOZZ
63888-00Battery Box Assy WITH LIDPiper Cherokee PA28-180 C-FXXQ
0512167-25Battery Box Base AssemblyCessna 185E FCDN
35-410462 ??Battery Box With Lid - Possibly home made or aftermarket kitBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO
35-410462 ??Battery Box With Lid - Possibly home made or aftermarket kit
D809-1Battery Cover AssyRobinson R 44 Raven II C-GHZN
MS25182-2Battery PlugCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
0712661-1Battery ShieldCessna 185E FCDN
C621001-0102Beacon Lamp AssemblyCessna 208B C-FSKF
C621001-0106Beacon Light Strobe Red AssyCessna 182L FWOK
C621001-0106Beacon Light Strobe Red AssyCessna 182L C-FWOK
0761202-50Bellcrank - Elevator Assy
5025000-2Bellcrank Aileron Assembly RHCessna 421 C-FSYN
2650012-8Blast Tube Bracket - AftCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
2650012-6Blast Tube Bracket - FwdCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
2613335-56Bleed Air Diverter ValveCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
2650059-1Bleed Air Duct AssemblyCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
411129Block - Fuselage spar BearingCessna A185-F 5H-MRF
29383-03Block - Spacer Sta 100 LH and RHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE
1511206-13Bolt Assembly - LH
1511206-14Bolt Assembly - RH
16540Bow Bumper 2 of 2
553 235Box Assy - Flap ControlPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE
41027-09Brace Assy Wing SparPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE
453 424Bracket - "F" narrow snap inPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE
0513006-38Bracket - Door Post - LH - DamagedCessna A185-F 5H-MRF
0513006-40Bracket - Door Post Upper FWD - LH - DamagedCessna A185-F 5H-MRF
0513006-21Bracket - Door Post Upper FWD - RHCessna A185-F 5H-MRF
0513006-41Bracket - Door Post Upper Fwd - RHCessna A185-F 5H-MRF
2626013-2Bracket - FirewallCessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC
43020-00Bracket - Landing Light AssyPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE
0713980-3Bracket - LHCessna A185-F 5H-MRF
40325-00Bracket Assembly NLG drag link - LHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE
40325-01Bracket Assembly NLG drag link - RHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE
40985-00Bracket NLG actuatorPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE
0713070-28Brake - Park - Tube assemblyCessna 172M C-GFWK
551 705Brake CaliperPiper PA28-140 C-GAGZ
30-56BBrake Caliper - ClevelandGrumman AA-5B C-GEAB

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