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We have a growing inventory of many different aircraft types including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft to name a few. We also offer engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Items not currently listed in our inventory are possibly still on the aircraft. If we don’t have something in stock, we know where to find it. Please call us for any of your parts needs.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription
071-1234-01Antenna - ADF
21-4BAntenna - Chelton
3117-82F6175Antenna - Glide Slope - Chelton
CI 2480-201Antenna - GPS/VHF Comm Combo - Comant Industries
VMA-15Antenna - Marker Beacon - Narco
AT1621-5BAntenna - Mobile Permanent Mount - AeroAntenna
5sGIR1516RR-AP-XST-1Antenna - Passive GPS
956-1198-005Antenna - Taws GPS
CI 177-1Antenna - VHF - Comant
CI 215C598504-0101Antenna - VOR - Missing one antenae
CI 420-1Antenna - XM Satellite - Comant Industries
071-1133-00Antenna ADF - King
KA 42B071-1133-00Antenna ADF - King
KA 42B071-1133-00Antenna ADF - King
KA-42BAntenna ADF - King
KA 42B071-1133-00Antenna ADF - King - Bent connector
071-1006-11Antenna ADF KA42 King Radio
1327-82Antenna Communications - ELT
KAC-952Antenna Coupler - Bendix/King
A-109A41530-0001Antenna DME - Aircraft Radio Corp
071-1021-00Antenna DME - KA-32
071-1021-00Antenna DME - KA-32
npnAntenna ELT
npnAntenna ELT
S67-1575-39Antenna GPS
S67-1575-39Antenna GPS - Active - Sensor Systems Inc
AT575-93W-TNCF-000-05-23-NM590-1112Antenna GPS - AeroAntenna Tech
AT 575-9Antenna GPS - AeroAntenna Tech
071-01553-0200KA92Antenna GPS - Bendix King KA 92
071-01553-0200Antenna GPS - Bendix King KA 92
CI 405-7Antenna GPS - Comant Industries
011-00134-00GA 56Antenna GPS - Garman GA 56
011-00149-02GA 26Antenna GPS - Garmin GA 26
S67-1575-39Antenna GPS - Sensor Systems Inc
CI 405-8Antenna GPS - Active - Comant Industries
CI 401-8Antenna GPS - Active - Comant Industries
AT 575-9Antenna GPS - AeroAntenna Tech
011-00134-00Antenna GPS - GA 56
GA 26C011-00149-04Antenna GPS - Garmin
GA 56011-00134-00Antenna GPS - Garmin GA 56
CI 403Antenna GPS - Passive - Comant Industries
071-01545-0200Antenna GPS L1 Active - Bendix King Comant Industries
npnAntenna Nav/Com - Narco
3101-80A4565Antenna Rayan VOR
3101-80A4565Antenna Rayan VOR
78-8041-7905-5Antenna Stormscope -3M
npnAntenna Transmission
VTP-17451 272Antenna Transmit
1302-80AAntenna VHF Comm
npnAntenna VHF Communication
npnAntenna VOR
40ARM300-93Antenna VOR
npnAntenna VOR - Narco
24AWSArapaho Windshield Kit - Knots 2U
32350-FARC Course Indicator
551 920XW21559-1Arm - LH
551 923XW21559-2Arm - RH
41794-08Arm Assembly NLG door actuator - LH
41794-09Arm Assembly NLG door actuator - RH
44386-00Arm Assy NLG steering
1414082-20Armrest Assy (door pull)
1414082-20Armrest Assy (door pull)
1414082-20Armrest Assy (door pull)
96-534024-45Armrest Cabin Door Handle
96-534024-65Armrest LH Pilot
96-534024-34 CArmrest RH AFT Side Panel
2622246-1Attach Fitting
2622246-2Attach Fitting
23-501-06-16Attitube Gryo
305-2BC5040033933Attitude Indicator - BFGoodrich ***Non Serv from 5Y-BUC Damaged connector
IU284-001-15000L-8Attitude Indicator - Edo Aire
23-501-06-95000B-20Attitude Indicator - Edo Aire
5000E-823-501-04-2Attitude Indicator - Edo-Aire
5000B-20Attitude Indicator - Edo-Aire - Core Only
5000E23-501-04Attitude Indicator - Edo-Aire cracked glass
C661076-0103Attitude indicator - From FZEL**NON SERVICE CORE ONLY
4300-203E07-10177Attitude Indicator - Mid Continent - From GFYD ****NON SERVICE, CORE, DAMAGED REAR AND CONNECTOR
4300-203Attitude Indicator - Mid Continent Inst.
4300-213B823-19Attitude Indicator - Mid Continent Inst.
656768Attitude Indicator - Vintage 4"
S1309N1Attitude Indicator - Vintage 4"
KAA 455071-2007-00Audio Control Module - King
TMA 350D0900-0409-00Audio Panel - Marker Beacon Receiver - Intercom - Terra Corp
0570115-6-28Audio Panel - MPI - No Mkr Beacon
AA12S-002Audio Panel - Northern Airborne
KMA 24H066-1055-71Audio Panel KMA 24H - Bendix/King
PMA6000MAudio Panel with marker beacon- PS Engineering
XA92Audio Power Amplifier -Audio - Jensen
UREM40EAutolite Spark Plugs (quantity 6)
KC 192065-0042-15Autopilot - Flight Computer for KFC 150 - Bendix/King
Autopilot - KFC 150 - Bendix King
npnAutopilot - Stec - Complete with computer, Turn Coordinator
npnAutopilot Components - Brittain
42660-1000Autopilot Computer - 300A - Novamatic
0142-2Autopilot Control - S-Tec
1C363-1-306RAutopilot Servo Assy
D247-2Aux Fuel Tank Bulkhead
1114213Aux Power Contactor

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