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We have a growing inventory of many different aircraft types including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft to name a few. We also offer engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Items not currently listed in our inventory are possibly still on the aircraft. If we don’t have something in stock, we know where to find it. Please call us for any of your parts needs.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


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Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription
23426-8Fuel Cell Access Plate Assy - RH I/B
366-00Fuel Check Valve - Dukes Astronautics
D251-1Fuel Check Valves - Vent - Rollover - Set of 2
3244786-5DP-F2Fuel Control Unit - Allied
631427A32IO-470-NFuel Distributor Valve - Teledyne
SA53SFuel Drain Valve - SAF-AIR
F-441251165-00Fuel Filter Assembly with mount bracket
51175-00Fuel Filter Assy
912001Fuel Flow Indicator - Shadin
JPIFuel Flow System
3268011-0101Fuel Flow Transmitter
201Fuel Flow Transmitter - Flowscan Model 201
D205-30Fuel Hose Assembly (Drain Aux Tank)
655303AFuel Injector Line Set from IO-470-M
D252-2Fuel Level Sender Aux Tank
D2562-1Fuel Level Sender Main Tank
A550-1M7740-00393/707090531Fuel Level Transmitter
169-380066-1Fuel Level Transmitter
C550-1E7740-00405/710230021Fuel Level Transmitter
95-380012-13Fuel Level Transmitter
169-380066-4B7740-25Fuel Level Transmitter
D252-17740-00563Fuel Level Transmitter - Main tank
68101-02Fuel Level Transmitter - Stewart Warner
0726110-1Fuel Level Transmitter - Stewart Warner
C726110-1390G-M1Fuel Level Transmitter - Stewart Warner
C774087M94Fuel Level Transmitter LH
95-380012-7Fuel Level Transmitter outboard RH
C774043M94Fuel Level Transmitter RH
C741-1Fuel Line Assembly
22-869BFuel Pressure Gauge - Garwin
D321-1Fuel Pressure Relief Valve
k-2406-SAE-1Fuel Primer - Kohler
K-2402-2Fuel Primer - Kohler
51076-1Fuel Pump
4140-00-17Fuel Pump - Dukes Inc. (core only)
C-8100-JFuel Pump - Weldon Pump
D743-319001-BFuel Pump Assembly
2062655243-4Fuel Pump Assy - Mechanical
D8187-BFuel Pump Assy - Weldon
0716129-1Fuel Pump Bracket - for aux electric pump
481 666478 360Fuel Pump Electric - Bendix
CA 35328-800EFuel Pump PMA Products
025323-1013031709Fuel Pump Rotary Power Driven - Sundstrand
4140-00-39 NVFuel Pump- Dukes
51010Fuel Quantity Indicator - Dual - Lbs
63832-00Fuel Selector Plate
0516024-9Fuel Selector Shaft and Bracket - Cessna 172
0716613-4Fuel Selector Valve
0311070-1Fuel Selector Valve
9851096-5Fuel Selector Valve Assy - Cessna 172
491 9476S122Fuel Selector Valve with handle
C670-172D6CFuel Shut Off Valve - AVI with mount bracket C798-3
C348-1Fuel Shut Off Valve Anchor Bracket
C499-1Fuel Shut Off Valve Knob and Knob Shaft C791-3
C791-2Fuel Shut Off Valve Torque Tube
492 111Fuel Shut-off and Crossfeed Valve
72D6CFuel Shut-off Valve
35-921155-60345-920036-1Fuel Strainer & Selector Valve Assy
45-920036-135-921155-603Fuel Strainer & Selector Valve Assy NO selector knob H & E 833
0500315-2Fuel Strainer Control Wire Stabilizer Brackets
AN 741Fuel Strainer Drain Control Bracket (bent) UMPCO
0756005-2Fuel Strainer Top Assembly
0721303-31Fuel Tank Adapter Assy T310R
0721306-1Fuel Tank Adapter Assy with cap
20328-002Fuel Tank Adapter Assy with Cap LH PA24-250
A374-5Fuel Tank Angle Support
D043-5Fuel Tank Aux
66817-00Fuel Tank Cap
431-9Fuel Tank Cap - Shaw Aero Devices
96-380035431-40Fuel Tank Cap 2 OF 2
A689-6R7295Fuel Tank Cap 2 of 2
0311360-4Fuel Tank Cap non vented
967B1AFuel Tank Drain - 2 of 2
0523520Fuel Tank LH
0426508-9Fuel Tank LH
0526000-58Fuel Tank Long Range RH
0626100-14Fuel Tank Metal - Unknown Origin
0426508-10Fuel Tank RH
0523520-1Fuel Tank RH
63998-17Fuel Tank RH
B254-3Fuel Tank Stainer - 2 of 2
0720007-20720007-8Fuel Tank Strainer 90 degree forward
63998-16Fuel Tank, LH
716612Fuel Valve Handle
3623-00-3Fuel Valve Solenoid
10R-022492Garmin GPSmap 296
62301-03Gascolator - Fuel Strainer Assembly
62302-03Gascolator / Fuel Pump Cover Assy
A666-1Gascolator Assembly
63834-00Gascolator Mount Bracket
62303-00Gascolator Support Brace
D745-1V500-3Gascolator Vacuum Switch
4000-041Gate Keeper Controller
066-1063-00KN-75Glide Slope
D278-2Governor Controller Assembly
800430-6004-006GPS - Flybuddy Plus II Morrow Apollo
GPS 100GPS 100 - Garmin
430-6014-000GPS II Morrow Apollo
C058-9Grip Co-Pilot
0750137Ground Straps X2

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