Miscellaneous Inventory

Miscellaneous parts not from one of our project aircraft.

Part Number Description AircraftPriceEnquire
01261-0-4Salvage AircraftEnquire
0452003-3Salvage Aircraft480.00 USDEnquire
0752012-2Salvage AircraftEnquire
2613184-134H Duct Assembly HeaterSalvage Aircraft160.00 USDEnquire
WING RIB AFT LIP LH62115-002Salvage Aircraft200.00 USDEnquire
4764HDA/C CompressorSalvage AircraftEnquire
1936T100-9A/C Receiver DryerSalvage Aircraft250.00 USDEnquire
2601412-4A/C Seal Assembly - InbdSalvage Aircraft260.00 USDEnquire
2601412-3A/C Seal Assembly - OtbdSalvage Aircraft260.00 USDEnquire
2601412-2A/C Seal Assembly -AftSalvage Aircraft220.00 USDEnquire
2601412-1A/C Seal Assembly -FwdSalvage Aircraft220.00 USDEnquire
2622231-3Access Cover AssemblySalvage Aircraft300.00 USDEnquire
npnAccessory Plugs and Circuit BreakerSalvage AircraftEnquire
49415-06Actuator Assembly and RodSalvage Aircraft100.00 USDEnquire
KI 227ADF - IndicatorSalvage Aircraft250.00 USDEnquire
KI 227ADF - IndicatorSalvage Aircraft250.00 USDEnquire
KR 87ADF - Receiver - Bendix/KingSalvage Aircraft695.00 USDEnquire
KR 87ADF - Receiver - Bendix/KingSalvage Aircraft695.00 USDEnquire
071-1133-00ADF Antenna - KingSalvage Aircraft150.00 USDEnquire
C315-9Aft Control Support AssemblySalvage Aircraft1,300.00 USDEnquire
169-130005-1Aileron - LHSalvage Aircraft700.00 USDEnquire
0523800Aileron - LHSalvage Aircraft1,000.00 USDEnquire
33-130000Aileron - LHSalvage Aircraft2,000.00 USDEnquire
60714-2Aileron - LH - PiperSalvage Aircraft800.00 USDEnquire
0523800-1Aileron - RHSalvage Aircraft650.00 USDEnquire
169-130005-2Aileron - RHSalvage Aircraft500.00 USDEnquire
33-130000Aileron - RHSalvage Aircraft2,000.00 USDEnquire
0523800-18Aileron - RH - C185Salvage Aircraft1,000.00 USDEnquire
KS 271AAileron Autopilot Servo - Bendix/KingSalvage Aircraft1,100.00 USDEnquire
0422430-1Aileron Bellcrank - LHSalvage Aircraft295.00 USDEnquire
0523223Aileron Bellcrank - LHSalvage Aircraft295.00 USDEnquire
0422430-2Aileron Bellcrank - RHSalvage Aircraft295.00 USDEnquire
0523223-1Aileron Bellcrank - RHSalvage Aircraft295.00 USDEnquire
0422430-2Aileron Bellcrank - RHSalvage Aircraft295.00 USDEnquire
2660032-7Aileron Quadrant Assembly - LowerSalvage Aircraft750.00 USDEnquire
2660032-5Aileron Quadrant Assembly - UpperSalvage Aircraft400.00 USDEnquire
085-0030Aileron Servo Mount - King Radio CorpSalvage Aircraft90.00 USDEnquire
49763-02Aileron Servo Mount Brackets for King Autopilot KAP-200 or KFC-200Salvage Aircraft240.00 USDEnquire
2661615-1Aileron Trim Tab ActuatorSalvage Aircraft3,200.00 USDEnquire
2601352-3Air Conditioning Grill AssemblySalvage Aircraft500.00 USDEnquire
35-550518-28Air Duct Section 1Salvage Aircraft150.00 USDEnquire
35-550518-30Air Duct Section 2Salvage Aircraft150.00 USDEnquire
35-550040-20Air Duct Section 3Salvage Aircraft150.00 USDEnquire
35-550040-18Air Duct Section 4Salvage Aircraft150.00 USDEnquire
C371-1Air Duct SplitterSalvage Aircraft20.00 USDEnquire
NPNAir Intake Belly PanelSalvage Aircraft180.00 USDEnquire
2621010-11Air Scoop Assembly - LHSalvage Aircraft750.00 USDEnquire
2621010-12Air Scoop Assembly - RHSalvage Aircraft750.00 USDEnquire
G4000BAir/Oil Separator Assy - GarwinSalvage Aircraft100.00 USDEnquire
D057-2Airbox Assembly - Cover PlateSalvage Aircraft75.00 USDEnquire
0750111-14Airbox BracketSalvage Aircraft350.00 USDEnquire
0552181-1Airbox Cable SupportSalvage Aircraft125.00 USDEnquire
0550180-13Airbox CollarSalvage Aircraft150.00 USDEnquire
0552169-6Airbox Valve FlapperSalvage Aircraft430.00 USDEnquire
169-380009-7Airspeed indicator - BeechcraftSalvage Aircraft200.00 USDEnquire
C661065-0209Airspeed Indicator - Edo AireSalvage Aircraft300.00 USDEnquire
EA-5175-52-CESAirspeed Indicator - Sigma TekSalvage Aircraft300.00 USDEnquire
EA-5172-45-CESAirspeed Indicator - Sigma Tek - 200 KnotsSalvage Aircraft300.00 USDEnquire
8000Airspeed Indicator - United InstrumentsSalvage Aircraft400.00 USDEnquire
8000Airspeed Indicator - United InstrumentsSalvage Aircraft400.00 USDEnquire
AW-23/4-16-BL4F35Airspeed Indicator - US GaugeSalvage Aircraft200.00 USDEnquire
2013142-1Alternate Static ValveSalvage AircraftEnquire
DOFF10300B0595000Alternator - Electrosystems IncSalvage Aircraft190.00 USDEnquire
ALU-8521-9Alternator - Hartzell - 24VSalvage Aircraft350.00 USDEnquire
ASG12000-2Alternator - Hartzell Engine TechSalvage Aircraft750.00 USDEnquire
DOFF10300JRAlternator - Kelly AerospaceSalvage Aircraft150.00 USDEnquire
ALY6408Alternator - Prestolite - 12VSalvage Aircraft250.00 USDEnquire
2601072-8Alternator ArmSalvage Aircraft900.00 USDEnquire
2601072-14Alternator BracketSalvage Aircraft1,750.00 USDEnquire
2618510-10Alternator Control UnitSalvage Aircraft1,700.00 USDEnquire
EA401AAltimeter - Encoding - ARCSalvage Aircraft400.00 USDEnquire
G371-01-1BAltimeter - GarwinSalvage Aircraft250.00 USDEnquire
5035P-P45Altimeter - United InstrumentsSalvage Aircraft400.00 USDEnquire
5934PAM-1Altimeter - United InstrumentsSalvage Aircraft295.00 USDEnquire
463803Altimeter - United Instruments from C-GYFD**NON SERVICE**Salvage AircraftEnquire
SSD120-XXAAltitude DigitizerSalvage Aircraft200.00 USDEnquire
SSD120Altitude Digitizer - EncoderSalvage Aircraft250.00 USDEnquire
8800-TAltitude Encoder - Trimble/GarminSalvage Aircraft240.00 USDEnquire
A-30Altitude Encoder -ACKSalvage Aircraft95.00 USDEnquire
C662504-0101Ammeter - Volts and Amps IndicatorSalvage Aircraft1,250.00 USDEnquire
069-30644Anchor BoltSalvage Aircraft95.00 USDEnquire
2611211-3Angle ReinforcementSalvage Aircraft180.00 USDEnquire
MD41-1328Annunciator Control Unit - GPSSalvage Aircraft225.00 USDEnquire
CI 405-2Antenna - Active GPSSalvage Aircraft100.00 USDEnquire
CI 405-2Antenna - Active GPSSalvage Aircraft100.00 USDEnquire
071-1234-01Antenna - ADFSalvage Aircraft250.00 USDEnquire
KA 42BAntenna - ADF - King - Bent connectorSalvage Aircraft60.00 USDEnquire
21-4BAntenna - CheltonSalvage Aircraft300.00 USDEnquire
A-109AAntenna - DME - Aircraft Radio CorpSalvage Aircraft80.00 USDEnquire
npnAntenna - ELTSalvage Aircraft80.00 USDEnquire
3117-82Antenna - Glide Slope - CheltonSalvage Aircraft300.00 USDEnquire
S67-1575-39Antenna - GPS - Active - Sensor Systems IncSalvage Aircraft80.00 USDEnquire
AT 575-9Antenna - GPS - AeroAntenna TechSalvage Aircraft60.00 USDEnquire
AT575-93W-TNCF-000-05-23-NMAntenna - GPS - AeroAntenna TechSalvage Aircraft70.00 USDEnquire
KA 92Antenna - GPS - Bendix KingSalvage Aircraft120.00 USDEnquire
KA 92Antenna - GPS - Bendix KingSalvage Aircraft120.00 USDEnquire
CI 405-7Antenna - GPS - Comant IndustriesSalvage Aircraft80.00 USDEnquire
S67-1575-39Antenna - GPS - Sensor Systems IncSalvage Aircraft50.00 USDEnquire
CI 405-8Antenna - GPS - Active - Comant IndustriesSalvage Aircraft80.00 USDEnquire
CI 401-8Antenna - GPS - Active - Comant IndustriesSalvage Aircraft100.00 USDEnquire

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