Cessna C185E C-FZEL

Introducing the FZEL - C185F, a remarkable aircraft manufactured by Cessna in 1971. With an Airframe Total Time Since New (TSN) of 3864.8, this aircraft has a fascinating history and is now available for discerning buyers seeking valuable airframe parts and components.

The FZEL - C185F encountered a fuel starvation mishap, colliding with trees during an approach to a lake, resulting in the float detachment and a water landing in 4ft of water. As a consequence, the aircraft sustained severe damage throughout.

However, amidst the damage, you'll discover an array of valuable airframe parts, making the FZEL - C185F an ideal source for replacement components and repair solutions. The cabin seats are among the salvageable items, presenting an opportunity for refurbishment and restoration.

Furthermore, this aircraft features the Atlee Dodge Firewall Battery Mod, enhancing its structural integrity and resilience. Notably, the landing gear boxes, forward door posts, and associated structure remain mostly undamaged, providing a solid foundation for your restoration efforts.

While the horizontal elevators require some repairs, a complete set of cowls is available, although they may be mismatched from the 180 lower cowls. To explore the diverse range of airframe parts and the potential for restoration, contact us today.

  • Model C185E
  • Serial # 185 02061
  • Reg C-FZEL
  • Year 1971
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Airframe 3864.8
  • Date of Last Flight Sep 2018
  • Propeller Manufacturer McCauley
  • Propeller Model D3A34C-401-C
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Sold Items


Atlee Dodge Jump Seat, and co-pilot seat

Horizontal Stabilizer

Tail Fin Assy/Vertical Fin And Rudder

Induction air duct adaptor and door


Upper Engine Cowl



Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
0523800-19Aileron - LH900.00 USD
0523800-18Aileron - RH400.00 USD
0523223Aileron Bellcrank - LH295.00 USD
0523223-1Aileron Bellcrank - RH295.00 USD
0523218Aileron Push Pull Rod45.00 USD
NPNAir Filter Housing Grate30.00 USD
1414082-20Armrest Assy (door pull)50.00 USD
0717000-13Baggage Door400.00 USD
0711111-1Baggage Door Lock Cylinder Cam50.00 USD
C253001-0101Baggage Door Lock Cylinder NO KEY50.00 USD
0513006-103Bulkhead Aft400.00 USD
0513006-24Bulkhead Aft Angle Reinforcement320.00 USD
0713495-13Bulkhead Aft Plate Reinforcement - LH500.00 USD
0713495-14Bulkhead Aft Plate Reinforcement - RH500.00 USD
0713495-9Bulkhead Aft Stiffener - LH330.00 USD
0713495-10Bulkhead Aft Stiffener - RH500.00 USD
0513006-46Bulkhead Assembly - Doorpost Aft LH400.00 USD
0513006-74Bulkhead Assembly - Doorpost Aft RH400.00 USD
0711023-105Cabin Door - LH - Damaged700.00 USD
0711203-104Cabin Door - RH - Damaged700.00 USD
0711063-6Cabin Door Latch Bracket Assembly150.00 USD
0711037-1Cabin Door Upper Aft Hinge Half - LH450.00 USD
0711037-2Cabin Door Upper Aft Hinge Half RH - Damaged - With pin S1426-2100.00 USD
S1483-2Cabin Door Window Frame Latch80.00 USD
0711050-5Cabin Door Window Frame LH250.00 USD
0711050-6Cabin Door Window Frame RH with hinges250.00 USD
0753011-3Cabin Heat Control Valve350.00 USD
1560001-13Control Wheel / Yoke300.00 USD
0752628-1Cowl Access Door Assembly with hinge550.00 USD
0752015-19Cowl Flap Hinge Bracket LH420.00 USD
0752015-39Cowl Flap Hinge Bracket RH420.00 USD
0711037-3Door Hinge Lower LH AFT300.00 USD
0711037-4Door Hinge Lower RH AFT300.00 USD
0711037-5Door Hinge Upper LH FWD250.00 USD
0711037-10Door Hinge Upper LH FWD250.00 USD
1511205-16Door Latch Assy LH950.00 USD
1511205-17Door Latch Assy RH800.00 USD
0711699-1Door Latch Clutch LH with Escutcheon Plate 0711698-3250.00 USD
0711699-2Door Latch Clutch RH with Escutcheon Plate 0711698-4250.00 USD
0511116-8Door Sill LH425.00 USD
0511116-9Door Sill RH425.00 USD
0511000-36Door Sill Support LH280.00 USD
0511000-37Door Sill Support RH280.00 USD
0513006-144Doorpost Assembly RH4,000.00 USD
0513006-8Doorpost Splice Plate -LH120.00 USD
0513006-22Doorpost Splice Plate -RH370.00 USD
0513006-62Doubler - Gear Box150.00 USD
0513006-61Doubler - Gear Box165.00 USD
0513006-62Doubler - Gear Box FWD150.00 USD
0513006-61Doubler - Gear Box FWD165.00 USD
0734600-21Elevator - LH900.00 USD
npnEngine Baffle Kit for Continental 10-520-D250.00 USD
Engine Exhaust system450.00 USD
0751003-31Engine Mount - Floatplane1,200.00 USD
3107-23Eyebot - EDO - 1 of 2298.00 USD
3107-23Eyebot - EDO - 2 of 2298.00 USD
0753023-4Firewall - Sheet750.00 USD
0523901-35Flap Assembly LH800.00 USD
0523901-38Flap Assembly RH400.00 USD
0523535Flap Bellcrank - LH295.00 USD
0523535-1Flap Bellcrank - RH295.00 USD
0523537Flap Push Pull Rod45.00 USD
2960Float - Edo RH only
36652Float Fitting Rear Fuselage LH65.00 USD
36653Float Fitting Rear Fuselage RH65.00 USD
4140-00-17Fuel Boost Pump - Dukes500.00 USD
0720007-7Fuel Line Aft - Straight150.00 USD
0716613-4Fuel Selector Valve
0716613-4Fuel Selector Valve1,200.00 USD
0716623-2Fuel Selector Valve Handle50.00 USD
0716111-1HE757Fuel Shutoff Valve600.00 USD
0756005-3Fuel Stainer Assy250.00 USD
0756005-3Fuel Strainer Assembly425.00 USD
0716109-1Fuel Valve800.00 USD
0513006-144Fuselage Doorpost Assembly RH3,500.00 USD
0715015-12Interior Panel - RH Aft Lwr50.00 USD
0713495-7Landing Gear Support Bracket Inboard LH1,000.00 USD
0513006-103Landing Gear Support Bulkhead Aft450.00 USD
0513006-9Landing Gear Support Bulkhead Forward450.00 USD
0523118-1Landing Light Bulb - GE - 1 of 2150.00 USD
0523118-1Landing Light Bulb - GE - 2 of 2150.00 USD
NPNLanding Light Window - Horton STOL150.00 USD
0752022-1Lower Engine Cowl Stiffner350.00 USD
0752626-1Oil Door Upper Engine Cowl220.00 USD
0713495-17Plate100.00 USD
0713495-15Plate - FWD bulkhead Reinforcement LH - Gear Box625.00 USD
0713495-16Plate - FWD bulkhead Reinforcement RH - Gear Box625.00 USD
ATG21 0760PCU5000Propeller Governor
0710110-2Rear Window Retainer RH150.00 USD
0710111-2Rear Window Retainer RH110.00 USD
0710112-2Rear Window Retainer RH80.00 USD
S1668-1Relay35.00 USD
npnRudder Pedal Assembly - C185E580.00 USD
1260458-7Rudder Stow Cable controls400.00 USD
Rudder Trim Assembly with bungee, dial an pulleys in cabin only1,200.00 USD
0713851-10Rudder Trim Bracket700.00 USD
0515001Seat - Infinite Adjust - Pilot850.00 USD
S-1746 CC27 (x3) , S2275 CC103 (x1)Seat Belts - Rear Lap only120.00 USD
Ski Fittings Kit - 4 front Fuselage Fittings400.00 USD
0713495-55Spacer190.00 USD
Spinner backing plate with forward support600.00 USD
0712213Stabilizer Stop340.00 USD
NPNStall Fence- Horton STOL80.00 USD
1510041-4961510041-2Step Pad - Cabin - LH180.00 USD
1510041-4961510041-1Step Pad - Cabin - RH180.00 USD
0713495-11Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD LH - Gear Box750.00 USD
0713495-12Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD RH - Gear Box750.00 USD
0712001-1Tail Fin Support Bracket - Aft300.00 USD
0761205Trim Wheel Assembly330.00 USD
1394T100-3Z2003-358Turn Coordinader - Mid Continent
RA216CWVacuum Pump - Dry125.00 USD
0450314-1Vent Tube Elbow60.00 USD
0711021-7Window Latch Plates from LH door (x2)50.00 USD
Wing - LH2,500.00 USD
Wing - RH2,500.00 USD
0710109-2Wing Fillet Bottom Piece only250.00 USD

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