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We have a growing inventory of many different aircraft types including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft to name a few. We also offer engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Items not currently listed in our inventory are possibly still on the aircraft. If we don’t have something in stock, we know where to find it. Please call us for any of your parts needs.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


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Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription
0711029-1Cabin Door RH Handle Shaft Assembly
0711020-8Cabin Door RH Latch Assembly
0511280-4Cabin Door RH Lower Aft hinge half
0711037-11Cabin Door RH LOWER FWD Airframe HINGE Half
0711040-4Cabin Door RH Stop Arm Assembly
0711039-2Cabin Door RH Stop Arm Hinge Assembly
0511238-2Cabin Door RH Upper Aft hinge half
1217050-5Cabin Door Shaft Assembly LH
1217050-6Cabin Door Shaft Assembly RH
0517023-1Cabin Door spring stop
0517018-4Cabin Door Stop Spring
A1663-028-1A1663-022-1Cabin Door Top Door Stop Catch
63050-00Cabin Door Top Hinge
0515040-55Cabin Door Upholstery Panel LH - Grey
0515040-54Cabin Door Upholstery Panel RH - Grey
0711037-1Cabin Door Upper Aft Hinge Half LH
0711037-2Cabin Door Upper Aft Hinge Half RH - Damaged - With pin S1426-2
0511237-1Cabin Door Upper Hinge Half LH - Airframe Half
0511106-51Cabin Door Window Assembly RH
0711050-18Cabin Door Window Frame
0417008-14Cabin Door Window Frame - Clear
0417008-200Cabin Door Window Frame - Tinted Green
S1483-2Cabin Door Window Frame Latches x 2
0711050-5Cabin Door Window Frame LH
0711050-6Cabin Door Window Frame RH with hinges
1217065-3Cabin Door Window Stiker Plate LH
1217065-4Cabin Door Window Stiker Plate RH
63914-04Cabin Heat Control Knob #233 Black
0513238-1Cabin Heat Union
1253032-4Cabin Heater Valve Body
464 0221312641Cabin Interior Door Handle
62973-05Cabin Vent Disk
653 076188-5073Cap - Heater reset switch
554 28812PA5-RCap - Switch Fuel Pump (red)
554 28912PA5-YCap - Switch starter/generator (yellow)
CG602U025V...A-178Capacitor - Mallory - Big Blue
47989-00Capacitor Assy 100V
471 084Carb Heat Control Knob #233 Black
2A3-1Carb Temp Indicator - Westberg MFG Inc
K30 2A3-1Carb Temp Indicator with wires - Westburg
MA-4SPA10-5135Carburetor for 0-320
33-530003-62133-530003-62Centre Arm Rest
628122Cessna 150 Airbox - Parts only
50968-00Channel Assy - Battery roll out inner LH
50968-01Channel Assy - Battery roll out inner RH
50965-00Channel Assy - Battery roll out LH
50965-01Channel Assy - Battery roll out RH
C387-2Channel Assy RH
45541-00Channel Spar Attachment
40624-00Channel Spar Attachment
454 615Chimes Assy - Seat Belt Warning
454 62495000115Chimes Assy - Seat Belt Warning
M800A064-4Chronometer - Davtron
LC-2Chronometer Quartz - Digital - AstroTech LC-2
AT 4220R0LC-2Chronometer Quartz - Digital - AstroTech LC-2
46151CHT Indicator - Alcor
3080-38CHT Probe
46126CHT/EGT Indicator
0513039-7Cigar Lighter
35-324058-8Circuit Breaker Cover LH
35-324058-7Circuit Breaker Cover RH
AT4220R0A064-4Clock - Chronometer LC2 - Digital - AstroTech
C664506-0102W33-7510-10ETClock Cessna - Panel mount
C051-2102A1544Clutch Actuator 28V
C018-2Clutch Assembly - Core only
C680-1A678-1Co Pilot Collective Control Cover and Boot
C696-1CO2 Detector Unit
487 084124-314111Coil - Heated Windshield
C012-6Collective Control Stick
1731248623Combustion Monitor
C2400L4Compass - Airpath Instr. Co - Lighted w/ case
C2300L41Compass - Airpath Lighted
C2300Compass - Airpath NON LIGHTED
338F-71DCompass - Directional Indicator - Kollsman Instrument Corp
AY 538 0307Compass - lighted
PAI-700Compass - Vertical Card - Precision Aviation Inc.
C660501-0202Compass Lighted - Airpath
C660501-0103C-2200Compass lighted - Cessna
CCompass with Light - Airpath - Cannot read part number
C2300 L4Compass, Airpath Housing and Mounting Brkt - Lighted
SD5H1453126-14Compressor Assy - Sanden - Damaged Mounts Core Only
50980-305Cone -Tip tank fwd
55896-10Cone Assembly - tip tank aft
67330-03Console Cover
0500233-4Console Cover Cessna 172 - Black
455 2116041H202AContactor
A918-7Control Bungee
35-524040-6Control Column Assy
62858-02Control Column Chains with Turnbuckle
69077-00Control Column Main Sprocket Assy
35-524087Control Column Single Wheel Arm
62839-00Control Column Sprocket assy
62703-24Control Column T Bar Assembly with sprockets and u joints
62834-02Control Column Universal Joint
CA62834-802Control Column Universal Joint - Belden
1260463-1Control Lock Assy
26809-00Control Quadrant Assy
D212-1Control Servo Assy - Hydraulic
D204-8 , D203-1Control Servo Mount Supports - Aft
0513311-1Control Tube Support Assy LH

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