Piper PA-24-260 C-GHJG

Gear failure during landing. Damage to propeller, engine, fuselage, gear doors and landing gear.

  • KX-155/KI-209

  • Autopilot – Piper Autocontrol III with STec Pitch Servo

  • JP EGT 701 Engine Monitor – JP FS450 Fuel Flow Indicator

  • dorsal fin, rudder gap seals, flap actuator warning, wing fillets, wing root fairings, Arapaho one piece Windshield, luggage door kit

  • Rudder/Stabilator Balance Weights

  • LoPresti Wheel Hub Caps

  • All AD’s complied with

  • Model PA-24-260
  • Serial # 24-4839
  • Reg C-GHJG
  • Year 1969
  • Manufacturer Piper
  • Airframe 4508
  • Date of Last Flight Feb 2018
  • Propeller Manufacturer Hartzell
  • Propeller Model HC-E2YR-1BF
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Sold Items

Engine, radios, gps, fuel selector, ctrl yokes, MLG assy, knots 2u parts, MLG doors, LG motor, ffl gauge, fuel pump, and fuel cell.

Aileron RH

Pilot and Co-Pilot side windows

Flap hinges

Stabilator assys

Interior Upholstery and seats

Engine Cowl


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