Beechcraft M35 Bonanza C-FINV

Discover the remarkable Beechcraft M35 Bonanza, boasting the serial number D6470, skillfully crafted by Beechcraft in 1960. With an airframe total time since new of 4,429 hours and powered by a Continental IO-470C engine, this aircraft offers a glimpse into aviation history.

During a VFR flight from Penticton, BC (CYYF) to Porcupine Plain, SK (CKD2), the pilot encountered challenges sighting the airstrip, leading to a high and unstable approach. The aircraft touched down short of the runway and pitched over, resulting in substantial damage to its propeller and forward fuselage due to a propeller strike.

This Beechcraft M35 Bonanza has undergone significant modifications, repairs, and improvements, showcasing its versatility and enhanced features:

  • Wing Vortexx Generators - STC SA00785SE - Aug-2020
  • Stainless Steel Battery Box - STC SA00423SE
  • Flap, Aileron Gap Seals - STC SA421GL
  • Wing Tip Fuel Tanks - 20gal/ea Aux - STC SA4-1629 - Oct-1975
  • Cleveland Wheel/Brake Conversion Kit 199-49 - STC SA11GL
  • JPI - Fuel Flow System - Jun-1991
  • Electronic Intn’l Oil P/T, Digital Tach, Volt/Amp Meter, Mp Ind, CHT Ind, Dual Fuel Lvl Ind - May-1996
  • JPI Instrument EGT/CHT System STC SA2586NM - Jun-1991
  • GAMI Injectors STC SE09217SC
  • D’Shannon Baffle Mod STC SA01165CH
  • InterAv Alternator
  • D’Shannon Sloped Windshield - STC SA997SO - Grey tint cabin side windows (Pilot/Co-pilot ctr opening) - Nov-2007
  • D’Shannon Fiberglass Scoops - STC SA838SO - Nov 2007
  • BAS Shoulder Harness Inertia Reel and lap belts, pilot/co-pilot
  • Lord NLG Shimmy Damper STC SA 00609-DE
  • Rosen Sun Visors STC SA3598NM
  • Aft Bulkhead Mod

This Beechcraft M35 Bonanza also received significant avionics upgrades in 2010/2011, including:

  • GI 106A Indicator PN 013-00049-01
  • GMA 35 Audio Panel - PN 011-02299-00
  • GTX 327 PN 010-00188-03
  • GPS ACU & GI 106A Indicator PN 013-00049-01
  • S-Tec Autopilot Roll/Pitch - Incl 4000C DG, S-Tec Turn Coordinator 01260-1-0-14 - Sep-2006
  • KX 170A PN 069-1017-00 (MAC-1700) Nav/Com + KI203 Indicator

Additional features include dual controls, an aft bench seat, new main fuel bladders, a refreshed cabin interior, seats, side panels, and Skandia soundproofing, as well as well-maintained main gear doors.

For aviation enthusiasts and collectors alike, this aircraft offers a chance to own a piece of history with its unique modifications and enhancements. Reach out to our team for more information and explore the possibilities of this exceptional aircraft.

  • Model M35 Bonanza
  • Serial # D6470
  • Reg C-FINV
  • Year 1960
  • Manufacturer Beechcraft
  • Airframe 4429
  • Date of Last Flight Oct/2020
  • Engine Manufacturer Continental
  • Engine Model IO-470C
  • TSO/TSN 687.4
  • Year of OH/NE 2019
  • Prop Strike Yes
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Sold Items

Elevators/Ruddervators, Front access doors, nose grill

GTN 750 GPS/Nav/Com – PN 011-02282


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
066-1038-00KR 86ADF - Combo Unit - King300.00 USD
22-696-014Airspeed Indicator - Garwin145.00 USD
015-01237Alternator - InterAv INC360.00 USD
015-01240Alternator Bar250.00 USD
MD41-1512Annunciation Control Unit - Garmin350.00 USD
KA-42BAntenna - ADF - King195.00 USD
npnAntenna - VOR - Narco195.00 USD
23-501-06-95000B-20Attitude Indicator - Edo Aire550.00 USD
npnAutopilot - Stec - Complete with computer, Turn Coordinator3,500.00 USD
E47523Aux Power Cord - Noma20.00 USD
RG-35AXCBattery - Concorde200.00 USD
35-410462-60135-410462-3Battery Box - Aviation Research Systems400.00 USD
30-54Brake Caliper - Cleveland - LH450.00 USD
30-54Brake Caliper - Cleveland - RH450.00 USD
35-825087-14Braze Assy595.00 USD
35-550055Cabin Cold Air Inlet190.00 USD
35-550054Cabin Fresh Air Vent225.00 USD
C-1PCHT Indicator180.00 USD
C-1PCHT Indicator - Electronics International150.00 USD
M877Clock - Davtron M877300.00 USD
npnCompass Lighted100.00 USD
npnComplete Beechcraft Bonanza Interior Including Seats/Side panels6,000.00 USD
35-590081-3Control Lock40.00 USD
A-30Digitizer - ACK Tech95.00 USD
066-1069-00KDI 572DME Indicator - King Radio995.00 USD
201C101-2Door Steward Kit - Mtn View Aviation150.00 USD
50-534201-39Door Strip50.00 USD
C589511-0113ELT - Dorne + Margolin400.00 USD
35-939180-1Engine Breather Oil Seperator100.00 USD
Engine Exhaust3,000.00 USD
EGT-100-610-02927Engine Monitor - JPI - 6 Cylinder750.00 USD
Engine Pre Heater with Fan, Outlet and Cord300.00 USD
45-521212-SA445-521212-604Flap Actuator - LH595.00 USD
45-521212-SA545-521212-605Flap Actuator - RH - w/ Cable700.00 USD
35-165050-7835-165050-605Flap Assembly - LH1,500.00 USD
35-165050-7935-165050-606Flap Assembly - RH1,300.00 USD
STC SA997SOFront Sloped Window - D'Shannon1,800.00 USD
4032AFuel Boost Pump - Weldon Tool500.00 USD
450000-P680501AFuel Flowmeter + Transducer890.00 USD
5643086Fuel Gauge - Wing Tip100.00 USD
22-869-03Fuel Pressure Gauge - Garwin100.00 USD
FL-2RA-12Fuel Quantity Indicator - Electronics International250.00 USD
FL-2RFuel Quantity Indicator - Electronics International250.00 USD
35-924256-3Fuel Selector Cover - Grey150.00 USD
HE825-135-921154-602Fuel Selector Valve - H&E770.00 USD
Glare Sheild/Extend - D'Shannon Kit500.00 USD
013-00049-01Glide Slope Indicator - Garmin - GI 106A1,500.00 USD
HBL4716Ground Power Receptacle - Hubbell25.00 USD
Headliner Center Section500.00 USD
NPNInstrument Panel - D'shannon Custom1,500.00 USD
A-8970B-2-327Instrument Post light500.00 USD
151Lift Detector - Stall Warning Vane250.00 USD
G80ZR296M-1Manifold Pressure Indicator - Electronics International Inc260.00 USD
35-815196-1MLG Assy - LH1,400.00 USD
35-815196-2MLG Assy - RH1,400.00 USD
35-815055-56MLG Door Assy - LH Inbd1,000.00 USD
35-815055-64MLG Door Assy - LH Otbd1,200.00 USD
35-815055-57MLG Door Assy - RH Inbd1,200.00 USD
35-815055-65MLG Door Assy - RH Otbd1,200.00 USD
35-815007-4MLG Door Link Assembly115.00 USD
40-83MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - LH400.00 USD
40-83MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - RH400.00 USD
01-0770509-0270509Nav Light Beacon - Whelen160.00 USD
70509-0211-03231Nav Light Becon - Whelen - Lens100.00 USD
35-825107NLG Complete Drag Brace Assembly950.00 USD
35-825072NLG Drag Brace V Brace only600.00 USD
35-825087-16NLG Forward Rod650.00 USD
35-825173NLG Steering Link Assembly1,000.00 USD
35-820045NLG Steering Rod200.00 USD
35-825100-6NLG Strut Assembly1,500.00 USD
95321029532669NLG Wheel Assembly400.00 USD
35-410446-173Nose Bowl Web1,500.00 USD
35-82516135-825160 SA2Nose Wheel Steering Link450.00 USD
OPT-1Oil Pressure and Temp Indicator230.00 USD
OPT-1Oil Temp and Pressure Indicator - Electronics International450.00 USD
2024-1-391-8013Seat Belt Assembly - Amsafe120.00 USD
NpnSkeg550.00 USD
95-344010-7Speaker + Light Unit250.00 USD
ZFSC-2-1Splitter - Mini Circuits50.00 USD
35-650005-601Stabilizer Assembly LH850.00 USD
35-650005-602Stabilizer Assembly RH850.00 USD
Model RStall Warning Horn With Light - Safe Flight395.00 USD
C668509-01015001ASuction Indicator - Cessna Brand130.00 USD
R-1-6Tachometer - Digital Electronics International Inc250.00 USD
35-380001-3Tail Cone Assembly - Shorty Fiberglass with Nav light500.00 USD
01260-1-0-14Turn Coordinator - S-Tec - Autopilot1,200.00 USD
22-998-03Vertical Speed Indictator - Garwin250.00 USD
VA-1AVolt Amp Indicator200.00 USD
R1224BVoltage Regulator - Plane Power135.00 USD
013-00049-01MD200-206VOR Indicator - Garmin1,695.00 USD
066-3034-00VOR Indicator - King - KL 203550.00 USD
PKB5-3A0Warning Buzzer - muRata20.00 USD
35-364134Warning Horn Buzzer150.00 USD

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