Mooney M20C C-GNNM

Discover the potential of GNNM - Mooney M20C Salvaged Aircraft, a captivating restoration project for aviation enthusiasts and skilled restorers. This 1969 Mooney M20C, despite its salvaged status, offers an exciting opportunity to bring it back to its former glory.

Key Highlights:
- Salvaged Mooney M20C, year 1969, waiting for restoration and revitalization.
- Ideal for aircraft restoration enthusiasts seeking a rewarding project.
- Alluring vintage aircraft, rich with history and character.
- Flight controls removed, tail cut off aft of the cabin, and wings scrapped.
- Components and accessories available for re-sale.
- Engine already sold, paving the way for customization and upgrades.
- Contact us now to inquire about GNNM - Mooney M20C Salvaged Aircraft.

With components and accessories available for re-sale, don't miss this unique opportunity.

  • Model M20C
  • Reg C-GNNM
  • Year 1969
  • Manufacturer Mooney
Sold Items

Gear up landing - Aircraft delapetated, flight controls removed and tail cut off aft of cabin, wings cut off and scrapped. All components and accessories removed for re-sale. Engine sold.


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
230015-503Aileron - LH1,500.00 USD
600246-901600246-003Air Box Assy550.00 USD
EA-5171C661060-0101Airspeed - Edo Aire225.00 USD
ALY-8520RAlternator - Kelly450.00 USD
CI 121Antenna - Com - Comant - 1 of 2150.00 USD
CI 121Antenna - Com - Comant - 2 of 2150.00 USD
350090-507Baggage Door800.00 USD
30-56ABrake Caliper - Cleveland - 1 of 2350.00 USD
30-56ABrake Caliper - Cleveland - 2 of 2285.00 USD
340124-503Cabin Door Assembly1,000.00 USD
3080-38CHT Probe85.00 USD
KI-201CCourse Selection Indicator - King250.00 USD
650060-515Cowl Assembly - Lower1,500.00 USD
650074-501Cowl Assembly - Upper1,000.00 USD
650061-003Cowl Lower - LH465.00 USD
650061-004Cowl Lower - RH465.00 USD
RCA11-RDirectional Gyro - RC Allen395.00 USD
2617087-32Door - Passenger Upper4,500.00 USD
430026-001Elevator - LH1,300.00 USD
430026-002Elevator - RH1,300.00 USD
LA-730005-1Elevator/Aileron Control Link - LH - Laser350.00 USD
LA-730006-000Elevator/Aileron Control Link - RH - Laser350.00 USD
660148-000Engine Instrument Cluster550.00 USD
PFS-16101Exhaust - Power Flow System -2,500.00 USD
240014-505Flap - LH2,000.00 USD
240014-506Flap - RH2,000.00 USD
610168-001Fuel Level Transmitter - 1 of 2150.00 USD
610168-001Fuel Level Transmitter - 1 of 2150.00 USD
610168-001Fuel Level Transmitter - 2 of 2150.00 USD
4140-00-21AFuel Pump - Dukes400.00 USD
431-9431-21AFuel Tank Cap - Shaw Aero Devices - 1 of 2200.00 USD
431-9431-21AFuel Tank Cap - Shaw Aero Devices - 2 of 2200.00 USD
R-5438B36440Glideslope Receiver - Aircraft Radio Corporation250.00 USD
GPS Map 396 - Garmin500.00 USD
VI-15-625CH850078-901Master Brake Cylinder250.00 USD
850078-901Master Brake Cylinder250.00 USD
LA11C2114MLG Actuator - ITT AeroSpace3,500.00 USD
520000-513MLG Assembly - LH1,500.00 USD
520000-514MLG Assembly - RH1,500.00 USD
550003-001MLG Door - LH450.00 USD
550003-002MLG Door - RH500.00 USD
560034-000MLG Link Assy Retracting150.00 USD
950095-001MLG Shaft250.00 USD
520006-501MLG Truss - LH350.00 USD
520006-502MLG Truss - RH350.00 USD
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - 1 of 2450.00 USD
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - 2 of 2450.00 USD
A-1285-G-12Navigation Light With Strobe - Green200.00 USD
A-1285-R-12Navigation Light With Strobe - Red200.00 USD
540000-521NLG Assembly2,500.00 USD
40-87NLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland360.00 USD
620036-0002002AOil Cooler350.00 USD
660115-00034-828-014Propeller Governer - Garwin300.00 USD
KX175BRadio - Nav/Comm - King395.00 USD
MX300Radio - Nav/Comm - TKM1,000.00 USD
460043-000Rudder1,750.00 USD
140153-507Seat - Co Pilot1,000.00 USD
140153-507Seat - Pilot1,000.00 USD
BI-70620424-0-1Servo Assy, Aileron350.00 USD
C-88510358F2Spinner Bulkhead350.00 USD
720095-001Steering Horn Assembly400.00 USD
HD,T2Strobe Power Supply - Whelen175.00 USD
660011-001Tachometer150.00 USD
480005-507Tail Assembly3,500.00 USD
Tire 6.00 - 660.00 USD
A2475-2Turn and Bank - RC Allen200.00 USD
7000-C32C661080-0101Vertical Speed Indicator - United Instuments195.00 USD

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