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Part Number Description AircraftPriceEnquire
0511282-6Engine Mount Upper LH Mount PlateCessna 170A C-GXZZ380.00 USDEnquire
0511282-3Engine Mount Upper RH Airframe StringerCessna 170A C-GXZZ380.00 USDEnquire
0511282-6Engine Mount Upper RH Mount PlateCessna 170A C-GXZZ380.00 USDEnquire
C593-3Engine Mounts ForwardMiscellaneous65.00 USDEnquire
C593-3Engine Mounts Forward - Damaged from impact, bad vibration isolatorsMiscellaneous20.00 USDEnquire
NPNEngine Pre Heater - Coil Element StyleCessna 172M C-GFWK350.00 USDEnquire
TE02650-115/120Engine Pre Heater Complete - Tanis - for lycoming IO-540-N1A5Piper PA-24-260 C-GHJG450.00 USDEnquire
Engine Pre Heater with Fan, Outlet and CordBeechcraft M35 Bonanza C-FINV300.00 USDEnquire
Engine STC PartsMiscellaneousEnquire
0711006-1Entrance Step - LHCessna 180 N4652B300.00 USDEnquire
0711006-2Entrance Step - RHCessna 180 N4652B300.00 USDEnquire
2656011-2EPA Can AssemblyMiscellaneous800.00 USDEnquire
2656011-18EPA/Oil Can AssemblyMiscellaneous600.00 USDEnquire
1250200-23Evaporator Assembly - AFTMiscellaneous1,500.00 USDEnquire
2601141-61Evaporator Duct AssemblyMiscellaneous500.00 USDEnquire
1134380-5Evaporator Module Assembly - LH WingMiscellaneous1,200.00 USDEnquire
1134380-4Evaporator Module Assembly - RH WingMiscellaneous1,200.00 USDEnquire
PFS-16101Exhaust - Power Flow System -Mooney M20C C-GNNM2,500.00 USDEnquire
C169-5Exhaust Collector LHMiscellaneous350.00 USDEnquire
C169-6Exhaust Collector RHMiscellaneous350.00 USDEnquire
2654014-7Exhaust Duct Assembly - PrimaryMiscellaneous3,500.00 USDEnquire
2654006-10Exhaust Flange - PrimaryMiscellaneous500.00 USDEnquire
2650121-31Exhaust Forward PanelMiscellaneous500.00 USDEnquire
ELO099001-716 , ELO099001-717Exhaust Muffler and Shroud for Cessna 152Miscellaneous360.00 USDEnquire
0454002-11Exhaust Riser Cessna 152Miscellaneous170.00 USDEnquire
0454002-4Exhaust Riser Cessna 152Miscellaneous170.00 USDEnquire
0454002-10Exhaust Riser Cessna 152Miscellaneous180.00 USDEnquire
0454002-2Exhaust Riser Cessna 152Miscellaneous170.00 USDEnquire
1754009-1Exhaust Riser - LH FWD (Cyl 2)Miscellaneous150.00 USDEnquire
1754008-1Exhaust Riser - LH Rear (Cyl 4)Miscellaneous50.00 USDEnquire
1754010-1Exhaust Riser - RH FWD (Cyl 1)Miscellaneous150.00 USDEnquire
1754007-1Exhaust Riser - RH Rear (Cyl 3)Miscellaneous150.00 USDEnquire
0454010-1Exhaust Shroud Cessna 152 - RepairedMiscellaneous1,000.00 USDEnquire
0750238-47Exhaust Stack AssyCessna A185E C-FZRF360.00 USDEnquire
2650010-13Exhaust Upper Panel AssemblyMiscellaneous850.00 USDEnquire
35-410147-1Exterior Cabin Assist HandleBeechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMK120.00 USDEnquire
Eye Brow Glare Shield DashBeechcraft P35 Bonanza C-FOZZEnquire
3107-23Eyebot - EDO - 1 of 2Cessna C185F C-FZEL298.00 USDEnquire
3107-23Eyebot - EDO - 2 of 2Cessna C185F C-FZEL298.00 USDEnquire
Fabric Flap Actuator Cover RHBeechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMKEnquire
0741624-17FairingMiscellaneous350.00 USDEnquire
0720613-1Fairing - Aft wing to Fuselage LHCessna 182L C-FWOK45.00 USDEnquire
0720613-2Fairing - Aft wing to Fuselage RHCessna 182L C-FWOK45.00 USDEnquire
101-980027-11Fairing Angle AFT Wing and NACMiscellaneous387.00 USDEnquire
46218-00Fairing Assy - FinPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE300.00 USDEnquire
51102-05Fairing Assy - Fuselage tailPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
46344-02Fairing Assy - Stabilizer - LHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE300.00 USDEnquire
46344-03Fairing Assy - Stabilizer - RHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE300.00 USDEnquire
50155-38Fairing Assy - tip tank LH aftPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
50155-40Fairing Assy - tip tank LH fwdPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
50155-39Fairing Assy - tip tank RH aftPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
50155-41Fairing Assy - tip tank RH fwdPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
0732615-1Fairing Stabilizer LHCessna 182L C-FWOK150.00 USDEnquire
0732615-2Fairing Stabilizer RHCessna 182L C-FWOK150.00 USDEnquire
0541218-1Fairing stiffener and mounting plate - LHMiscellaneous460.00 USDEnquire
0541218-2Fairing stiffener and mounting plate - RHMiscellaneous460.00 USDEnquire
20404-00Fairing, FinPiper PA-24-260 C-GHJG75.00 USDEnquire
21786-03Fairing, TailPiper PA-24-260 C-GHJG300.00 USDEnquire
0433133-1FAIRLEADMiscellaneous130.00 USDEnquire
0412168-1FAIRLEADMiscellaneous65.00 USDEnquire
C236-2Fan Scroll Assembly LowerMiscellaneous800.00 USDEnquire
C236-1Fan Scroll Assembly UpperMiscellaneous600.00 USDEnquire
C007-5Fan Shaft and Bearing Assembly - damagedMiscellaneous2,500.00 USDEnquire
D174-2Fanwheel AssemblyMiscellaneous1,400.00 USDEnquire
D174-2Fanwheel AssyRobinson R 44 Raven II C-GHZN1,300.00 USDEnquire
C007-5Fanwheel Shaft and Bearing AssemblyMiscellaneous500.00 USDEnquire
42342-00Fillet - Wing Root Rear LHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE150.00 USDEnquire
42342-01Fillet - Wing Root Rear RHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE150.00 USDEnquire
0720615-1Fillet - Wing to Fuselage Leading Edge LHCessna 182L C-FWOK120.00 USDEnquire
0720615-2Fillet - Wing to Fuselage Leading Edge RHCessna 182L C-FWOK120.00 USDEnquire
42274-00Fillet Assy - Wing Root Centre LHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
42274-01Fillet Assy - Wing Root Centre RHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
460 635Filter Assy - OilPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE100.00 USDEnquire
572760Filter elementMiscellaneousEnquire
038493-12Filter element assyMiscellaneousEnquire
0731000-41Fin AssemblyCessna 180 N4652B3,500.00 USDEnquire
51095-00Fin Assembly - TailPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE7,000.00 USDEnquire
62445-00Final Tail Bulkhead Assembly with fittingsPiper Cherokee PA28-180 C-FXXQ800.00 USDEnquire
30104100Fire Bottle LH- HTLPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE500.00 USDEnquire
30104100Fire Bottle RH- HTLPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE500.00 USDEnquire
NPNFire Ext Bracket AssyCessna 182L C-FWOK75.00 USDEnquire
344Fire Extinguisher with Bracket - HalonCessna 150E C-FPDOEnquire
0753023-3Firewall - SheetCessna A185E C-FZRF750.00 USDEnquire
0753023-4Firewall - SheetCessna C185F C-FZEL750.00 USDEnquire
35-415330-602Firewall Assy, LowerBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUOEnquire
35-415330-662Firewall Assy, UpperBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUOEnquire
2622017-1Fitting - AFT LHMiscellaneous600.00 USDEnquire
2622017-3Fitting - Fwd LHMiscellaneous600.00 USDEnquire
2622021-9Fitting - Rear Spar Attach Aft LHMiscellaneous350.00 USDEnquire
262201-11Fitting - Rear Spar Attach FWD LHMiscellaneous350.00 USDEnquire
0523614-1Fitting - Wing Strut UpperCessna 182L C-FWOK200.00 USDEnquire
45155-00Fitting Main Spar AttachmentPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
40319-02Fitting Main Spar attachment - Lower aftPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
40329-02Fitting Main Spar attachment - Lower fwdPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
20304-42Flap - LeftPiper PA24-250 Comanche C-FKYZ1,500.00 USDEnquire
0426901Flap - LHMiscellaneous600.00 USDEnquire
240014-505Flap - LHMooney M20C C-GNNM2,000.00 USDEnquire

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