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We have a growing inventory of many different aircraft types including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft to name a few. We also offer engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Items not currently listed in our inventory are possibly still on the aircraft. If we don’t have something in stock, we know where to find it. Please call us for any of your parts needs.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription
487 084124-314111Solenoid - Flap Motor Control
487 167Solenoid
DR1466487 152Solenoid
762 426Socket Assy - Navigation Light tail position
24BCN260-ASlimline Strobe Kit, Vert Stab Mt - Knots 2U
484 597Slide Control - Instrument Panel Lights
764 807W-20362Sleeve - Splined Wiper Arm
0411174-3Skylight Window Frame - BAD EDGE
0411174-3Skylight Window Frame
SK2003ASkybolt Plate Mounts for cowel (4)
0512100-4Skin - Saddle RH
0512100-3Skin - Saddle LH
C014-12Skid Tube Assembly RH Standard with aft extention and top strips
C014-12Skid Tube Assembly RH Standard with aft extention
Ski Fittings Kit - 4 front Fuselage Fittings
54839-02Shunt Assy - Ammeter
A9954100-3Shroud (1 of 2 piece shroud)
99801-00299801-02Shoulder Harness Cover Forward RH
456-010Shock Absorber NLG
486599Shimmy Dampner - Maeco
0442147-1Shimmy Damper Support
0442512-1Shimmy Damper Assy
35-825146Shimmy Damper Assembly
48659921701-05Shimmy Damper - Maeco
0842400-13Shimmy Damper
0743622Shimmy Damper
0842400-8Shimmy Damper
0511130Shield Front Cabin Spar
0413484-22Shield Assy - LH Door Post w/ Map Light
0513058-1Shield - Rudder Bar RH - C-FMEK
29318-02Shield - Light
29318-02Shield - Light
49565-05Shelf Assy - Relay
29540-02Shelf Assy - Electrical Accessory
50731-00Shelf Assy - Battery
C493-1Sheave Assy Lower
C493-1Sheave Assy Lower
C493-1Sheave Assy Lower
0711794-1Shear Plate
C022-3BServo Sub-Assy Fwd
C022-3BServo Sub-Assy Fwd
C022-3AServo Sub-Assy Aft
4000240-5101Servo Amp Indicator - Bendix
50946-03Sensor Assy - fuel tank
486 3987236-1-200Sensor - Overload
51062-00Sector Assy - rudder
505590-403Seat Stop - Amsafe - Parts only
0410323-1Seat Stop
Seat set front and rear , Grey
0400118-66Seat RH
Seat RH
0514183-1Seat Rear Reclining Bench C172P
0514183-1Seat Rear Reclining Bench C172
0514183-1Seat Rear Reclining Bench C172
1514307-9Seat Rear Reclining
0711702-6Seat Rear Divided RH bottom and back
0711702-5Seat Rear Divided LH bottom and back
C928-9Seat Rear Bottom RH
C928-9Seat Rear Bottom RH
35-534360Seat Rear Bottom
C003-10Seat Rear Back RH with panel C465-2 slight damage to backing
C003-11Seat Rear Back LH with panel C465-1
35-534360Seat Rear Back
1514312-51514312-4Seat Rear - Camera Mod
0500104-50Seat Rear - Bottom
0714032-22Seat Rear - Bench
0500104-50Seat Rear - Bench
0500104-51Seat Rear - Back
0410236-1Seat Rail Stiffner
MC0511293-10511293-1Seat Rail Pilot RH - McFarlane
MC0511293-30511293-3Seat Rail Pilot LH - McFarlane
0511293-4Seat Rail Co-Pilot RH
0511293-2Seat Rail Co-Pilot LH
35-534369-1Seat Pilot LH
0714025-39Seat Pilot
0400118-65Seat LH
0700630Seat Front Vertiacally Adjustable - PARTS ONLY U/S
0700114-40Seat Front Utility - PARTS ONLY U/S
0414071-2Seat Front RH Cessna 152 C-GIMH - Parts only
C928-9Seat Front Bottom RH
C930-9Seat Front Bottom LH
F936-1 TNLSeat Front Back RH
F936-1 TNLSeat Front Back LH
Seat Covers - Qnty 4
Seat Covers
35-534369-2Seat Co-Pilot RH
0500104-55Seat Co-Pilot - RH
0500104-54Seat Co-Pilot - LH
0414040-5Seat Bottom Rail - Cessna 150 - Repaired like new
1514312-5Seat Bottom
50-534269-15Seat Belts Rear Lap
C628-4710290861Seat Belts Rear
4076-1-311-8044Seat Belts Front Lap
C628-4709121244Seat Belts Front
Seat Belts Front
S-1746 CC27 (x3) , S2275 CC103 (x1)Seat Belts - Rear Lap only
HH 300102Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Restraint - Hooker - Set of LH and RH

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