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Part Number Description AircraftPriceEnquire
PH502Pitot Tube Assy - HeatedBeechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMK250.00 USDEnquire
Pitot Tube Assy - Heated - Nozzle blocked, non servicableMiscellaneous100.00 USDEnquire
PH502-12Pitot Tube Assy - Heated 12 VoltGrumman AA-5B C-GEAB250.00 USDEnquire
Type 782-01Pitot Tube Heated With mount bracket - KollsmanBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO250.00 USDEnquire
0721115-1Pitot Tube Mount Connector and DoublerCessna 182L C-FWOK140.00 USDEnquire
0505007-1PLACARDMiscellaneous40.00 USDEnquire
0405068-2PLACARD (LIMITATIONS)Miscellaneous40.00 USDEnquire
0405058-2PLACARD (LIMITATIONS)Miscellaneous45.00 USDEnquire
0405069-1PLACARD Maneuver SpeedMiscellaneous20.00 USDEnquire
0713495-17PlateCessna A185E C-FZRF100.00 USDEnquire
0713495-15Plate - FWD bulkhead Reinforcement LH - Gear BoxCessna C185F C-FZEL625.00 USDEnquire
0713495-16Plate - FWD bulkhead Reinforcement RH - Gear BoxCessna C185F C-FZEL625.00 USDEnquire
49964-02Plate - Insulator LH and RHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
512146Plate - Reinforcement - LHCessna A185-F 5H-MRF70.00 USDEnquire
0512146-1Plate - Reinforcement - RHCessna A185-F 5H-MRF70.00 USDEnquire
0413195-5Plate Assembly - Door ShaftCessna 180H C-FCDQ100.00 USDEnquire
1511208-12Plate Assembly Door - RHCessna 180H C-FCDQ150.00 USDEnquire
29371-02Plate Assy - Circuit protector mounting LHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
29453-02Plate Assy - Circuit protector mounting LH aftPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
29372-02Plate Assy - Circuit protector mounting RHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
82042-02Plate Assy - Circuit protector mounting RH aftPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
43021-00Plate Assy - Landing LightPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
43022-00Plate Assy - Landing Light FacePiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE150.00 USDEnquire
42211-14Plate Assy Wing Fillet - bottom access LHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
42211-13Plate Assy Wing Fillet - bottom access RHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
42130-00Plate Assy Wing Fillet - Bottom Centre LHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
47054-03Plate Assy Wing Fillet - Bottom Centre RHPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
1217046-10Plate Assy With Shaft - LHCessna 172M C-GHBM400.00 USDEnquire
1217046-5Plate Assy With Shaft - RHCessna 172M C-GHBM400.00 USDEnquire
50052-00Plate Main Spar Attachment lowerPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
50049-00Plate Main Spar Attachment upperPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
063-04700Plate PressureMiscellaneousEnquire
19803-04Plate Wing Fillet reinforcementPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
20-3220-00-22PLUG, FORK, NLGMiscellaneous50.00 USDEnquire
2670036-16Pod AssemblyMiscellaneous3,500.00 USDEnquire
021214-1Power Line Filter - VHF - TechnisonicMiscellaneous250.00 USDEnquire
A569-10Power RelayMiscellaneous50.00 USDEnquire
6041H105APower RelayPiper PA-24-260 C-GHJG225.00 USDEnquire
B395-2Power RelayMiscellaneous50.00 USDEnquire
B415-2Power RelayMiscellaneous300.00 USDEnquire
604IH105APower Relay - Cutler-HammerPiper PA24-250 Comanche C-FKYZ225.00 USDEnquire
AR7-41H11Power Relay - MEC - 24VDC 70 AmpMiscellaneous20.00 USDEnquire
Vf7-41H11Power Relay - Tyco - 24VDCMiscellaneous20.00 USDEnquire
DR1464Power Relay SolenoidPiper Cherokee PA28-180 C-FXXQ30.00 USDEnquire
HD T3Power Supply - Strobe Light - WingMiscellaneous250.00 USDEnquire
51212-04Power Supply - Strobe Light, tailPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE430.00 USDEnquire
481 214Power Supply - Strobe Light, tailPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE500.00 USDEnquire
481 214Power Supply - Strobe Light, wingPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
51212-04Power Supply - Strobe Light, wingPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE175.00 USDEnquire
481 180Power Supply - Strobe Light, wingPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
481 166PowerPak Assy - Ozone OAS2930-7Piper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
481 171PowerPak Assy - Weibel 2135-1Piper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
B30024Pressure plate (BRAKES)Miscellaneous50.00 USDEnquire
87-07Pressure Sensor with light - MPL Vac SystemBeechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMK40.00 USDEnquire
3D3535-15Pressure switchCessna 208 C-FSKF820.00 USDEnquire
G50-2005-73-3-10LP-587851-48237Pressure Switch - RANCOMiscellaneous50.00 USDEnquire
PT-100GAPressure TransducerCessna 180H C-FCDQ90.00 USDEnquire
ALX9425BPrestolite - Altenrator 12VMiscellaneous300.00 USDEnquire
065-0060-01Primary ServoMiscellaneous1,000.00 USDEnquire
KS-271APrimary ServoMiscellaneous1,000.00 USDEnquire
Primer LinesCessna 150E C-FPDO100.00 USDEnquire
A2513-78Prop BoltsMiscellaneous75.00 USDEnquire
2606014-1Prop RPM Indicator - RC AllenMiscellaneous600.00 USDEnquire
29473-2Prop RPM Indicator - The Bendix Corp.Piper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE425.00 USDEnquire
C4383Propeller Bulkhead - FWDCessna 210A C-FMKYEnquire
MCS1223-17444-301000-001Propeller Control Assy - McFarlaneCessna 210A C-FMKY250.00 USDEnquire
660115-000Propeller Governer - GarwinMooney M20C C-GNNM300.00 USDEnquire
MS9144-01Propeller Governer GasketMiscellaneous20.00 USDEnquire
DC290 D1Propeller GovernorCessna 172 C-FKXV525.00 USDEnquire
34-82-01Propeller GovernorMiscellaneousEnquire
210345/BPropeller GovernorCessna 210A C-FMKY400.00 USDEnquire
P-880-5Propeller GovernorSteen Skybolt C-GWBD400.00 USDEnquire
ATG21 0760Propeller GovernorCessna C185F C-FZELEnquire
C290-D2C/T 9Propeller Governor - McCauleyCessna A185E C-FCDN50.00 USDEnquire
C290-D2C/T9Propeller Governor - McCauleyCessna A185E C-FZRF500.00 USDEnquire
C290-D2D/T1Propeller Governor - McCauleyCessna 182L C-FWOK650.00 USDEnquire
210345Propeller Governor - WoodwardCessna Cessna 180 N77NP450.00 USDEnquire
210346Propeller Governor - WoodwardMiscellaneous450.00 USDEnquire
80.LBS.S14Propeller Governor - Woodward type 210175 HBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO380.00 USDEnquire
278-204-21Propeller Hub - BeechcraftBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO400.00 USDEnquire
Propeller Hub AssySteen Skybolt C-GWBDEnquire
2622228-3Pulley Bracket - LH AFTMiscellaneousEnquire
26802-11PumpPiper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE850.00 USDEnquire
26802-08Pump - 1213-HBG type 310Piper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE1,000.00 USDEnquire
481 717Pump - Hand (Ozone OAS2950-9)Piper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
481 771Pump - Hand (Weibel 2112-1)Piper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODEEnquire
D500-1Pump AssemblyMiscellaneous1,500.00 USDEnquire
D500-1Pump Assembly - HydraulicMiscellaneous1,500.00 USDEnquire
0395Pump out SocketCessna A185E C-FCDN80.00 USDEnquire
35-944009Push Pull Knob - Cabin Heat, Parking Brake, Cowl FlapsBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO35.00 USDEnquire
0510111-10Push Pull Rod - ElevatorCessna 180H C-FCDQ100.00 USDEnquire
2634027-3Push Rod - ElevatorMiscellaneous450.00 USDEnquire
2622080-1Push Rod Assy INBDCessna 208 C-FSKF170.00 USDEnquire
2622080-2Push Rod Assy OTBDCessna 208 C-FSKF240.00 USDEnquire
1552122-2R/H COWL FLAP - REARMiscellaneousEnquire
KRA-10Radar Alitmeter SystemMiscellaneous4,000.00 USDEnquire
KNI 415Radar Altimeter Indicator - King - KNI 415Piper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE725.00 USDEnquire
066-1072-00Radio - ADF - Bendix/King KR 87 - With Indicator KI 227Miscellaneous850.00 USDEnquire
KR 85Radio - ADF - KingMiscellaneous350.00 USDEnquire

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