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Part Number Description AircraftPriceEnquire
1414230-1Seat - Back Adjust CamCessna A185E C-FZRF225.00 USDEnquire
1514223-28Seat - Back Adjust LinkCessna A185E C-FZRF195.00 USDEnquire
0514043-1Seat - Back Adjust PawlCessna A185E C-FZRF280.00 USDEnquire
140153-507Seat - Co PilotMooney M20C C-GNNM1,000.00 USDEnquire
21746-07Seat - Co PilotPiper PA24-250 Comanche C-FKYZ500.00 USDEnquire
0700102-16Seat - Co-PilotCessna 180 N4652B250.00 USDEnquire
Seat - Divided Middle Assy RHCessna A185E C-FCDN200.00 USDEnquire
2614075-1Seat - Double RH Caravan PassengerMiscellaneous3,500.00 USDEnquire
0511301-104Seat - FrontCessna 170A C-GXZZ450.00 USDEnquire
1200605-35Seat - Front - regular adjustableCessna A185E C-FZRF850.00 USDEnquire
1200605-35Seat - Front - regular adjustable with Amsafe Stop Reel but damaged legs and rollersCessna A185E C-FZRF500.00 USDEnquire
0514181-1Seat - Front Bottom Only standard C172 - Parts only Missing partsMiscellaneous180.00 USDEnquire
Seat - Front co pilot Back CoverCessna A185E C-FCDN90.00 USDEnquire
1200605-35Seat - Front Seat BottomCessna A185E C-FCDN350.00 USDEnquire
0514181-1Seat - Front standard C172 - Parts onlyMiscellaneous220.00 USDEnquire
0514181-1Seat - Front standard C172 - Parts only broken legMiscellaneous220.00 USDEnquire
0514181-1Seat - Front standard C172 C-GPFW - NEEDS NEW PIN HANDLEMiscellaneous350.00 USDEnquire
0514094-1Seat - Infinite Adjust - PilotCessna 172M C-GOTC1,500.00 USDEnquire
0514204-1Seat - Infinite Adjust - PilotMiscellaneous1,500.00 USDEnquire
0515001Seat - Infinite Adjust - PilotCessna C185F C-FZEL850.00 USDEnquire
0515001Seat - Infinite Adjust - Pilot - PARTS ONLYCessna A185E C-FCDN700.00 USDEnquire
0514204-5Seat - Infinite adjust back assy for C-172Miscellaneous130.00 USDEnquire
0514051-2Seat - Infinite Adjust BaseCessna 172M C-GHBM1,200.00 USDEnquire
0514204-1Seat - Infinite adjust bottom assembly for C-172 - missing partsMiscellaneous650.00 USDEnquire
0700102-43Seat - PilotCessna 180 N4652B350.00 USDEnquire
140153-507Seat - PilotMooney M20C C-GNNM1,000.00 USDEnquire
21746-06Seat - PilotPiper PA24-250 Comanche C-FKYZ500.00 USDEnquire
21744-04Seat - Rear BenchPiper PA24-250 Comanche C-FKYZ500.00 USDEnquire
0700678-7Seat - Rear Cessna 182 split backCessna 182L C-FWOK650.00 USDEnquire
1200504-3Seat - Recline Adjust Arm HandleCessna A185E C-FZRF400.00 USDEnquire
2614029-21Seat - Single LH Caravan PassengerMiscellaneous7,500.00 USDEnquire
1414223-34Seat - Torque Tube AssemblyCessna A185E C-FZRF195.00 USDEnquire
Seat -Divided Middle Assy LHCessna A185E C-FCDN140.00 USDEnquire
1414231-4Seat Adjustment Pawl - 1 of 2Cessna 180H C-FCDQ300.00 USDEnquire
1414231-4Seat Adjustment Pawl - 2 of 2Cessna 180H C-FCDQ300.00 USDEnquire
0400118-65Seat Assembly LH Pilot - RecliningMiscellaneous425.00 USDEnquire
0400118-66Seat Assembly RH Pilot - RecliningMiscellaneous425.00 USDEnquire
Seat Assy - Passenger FrontRobinson R 44 Raven II C-GHZNEnquire
Seat Assy - Passenger RearRobinson R 44 Raven II C-GHZNEnquire
Seat Assy - PilotRobinson R 44 Raven II C-GHZNEnquire
1414230-1Seat Back Adjustment CamCessna 180H C-FCDQ250.00 USDEnquire
1414111-2Seat Back Adjustment CamCessna 180H C-FCDQ480.00 USDEnquire
0710312-2Seat Back Adjustment LeverCessna 180H C-FCDQ80.00 USDEnquire
1414231-4Seat Back Adjustment PawlCessna 180H C-FCDQ260.00 USDEnquire
206442Seat belt - lap harness restraint - HookerCessna 182L C-FWOK250.00 USDEnquire
H-702-300 and 90-91R60Seat Belt - Pilot and Co Pilot Shoulder and Lap harnesses Aero FabricatorsPiper PA28-140 C-GAGZ200.00 USDEnquire
1106222-01Seat Belt - Piper Inertia Restraint - Pacific ScientificPiper Cherokee PA28-180 C-FXXQ50.00 USDEnquire
Seat Belt - Shoulder Harness Kit- BASBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO700.00 USDEnquire
504082-401-2251Seat Belt - Single - Clip StyleMiscellaneous30.00 USDEnquire
2024-1-391-8013Seat Belt Assembly - AmsafeBeechcraft M35 Bonanza C-FINV120.00 USDEnquire
90-91R60Seat Belt Assembly - Front - Aero Fabricators - 1 of 2Cessna 172 C-FKXV150.00 USDEnquire
90-91R60Seat Belt Assembly - Front - Aero Fabricators - 2 of 2Cessna 172 C-FKXV120.00 USDEnquire
0415010-1SEAT BELT COVERMiscellaneous5.00 USDEnquire
0711083-1Seat Belt Latch AssemblyCessna A185E C-FZRF185.00 USDEnquire
0711083-1Seat Belt Latch Assembly - Attach assemblyCessna A185E C-FCDN185.00 USDEnquire
500531Seat Belt Rear - PairCessna 172 C-FKXV180.00 USDEnquire
504082-401-2251Seat Belt Rear LapCessna 172M C-GHBM220.00 USDEnquire
HH 300102Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Restraint - Hooker - Set of LH and RHCessna 182L C-FWOK460.00 USDEnquire
S-1746 CC27 (x3) , S2275 CC103 (x1)Seat Belts - Rear Lap onlyCessna C185F C-FZEL120.00 USDEnquire
C628-4Seat Belts FrontMiscellaneous340.00 USDEnquire
Seat Belts FrontCessna 170A C-GXZZ100.00 USDEnquire
4076-1-311-8044Seat Belts Front LapBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO250.00 USDEnquire
C628-4Seat Belts RearMiscellaneous350.00 USDEnquire
50-534269-15Seat Belts Rear LapBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO200.00 USDEnquire
0414040-5Seat Bottom Rail - Cessna 150 - Repaired like newMiscellaneous450.00 USDEnquire
0500104-54Seat Co-Pilot - LHCessna 172 C-FKXV550.00 USDEnquire
0500104-55Seat Co-Pilot - RHCessna 172 C-FKXV550.00 USDEnquire
35-534369-2Seat Co-Pilot RHBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO300.00 USDEnquire
Seat CoversMiscellaneousEnquire
Seat Covers - Qnty 4Robinson R 44 Raven II C-GHZNEnquire
0414071-2Seat Front RH Cessna 152 C-GIMH - Parts onlyMiscellaneous250.00 USDEnquire
0700114-40Seat Front Utility - PARTS ONLY U/SCessna 180H C-FCDQ450.00 USDEnquire
0700630Seat Front Vertiacally Adjustable - PARTS ONLY U/SCessna 180H C-FCDQ380.00 USDEnquire
0400118-65Seat LHCessna 150E C-FPDO390.00 USDEnquire
0714025-39Seat PilotCessna A185-F 5H-MRN200.00 USDEnquire
35-534369-1Seat Pilot LHBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO300.00 USDEnquire
2414002-1Seat RailMiscellaneous279.00 USDEnquire
2414002-2Seat RailMiscellaneous279.00 USDEnquire
0511293-2Seat Rail Co-Pilot LHCessna 172 C-FKXV220.00 USDEnquire
0511293-4Seat Rail Co-Pilot RHCessna 172 C-FKXV150.00 USDEnquire
1211514-1Seat Rail Fwd Outboard LHMiscellaneous250.00 USDEnquire
0410235-1Seat Rail LH Outboard for C152Miscellaneous200.00 USDEnquire
MC0511293-3Seat Rail Pilot LH - McFarlaneCessna 172 C-FKXV150.00 USDEnquire
MC0511293-1Seat Rail Pilot RH - McFarlaneCessna 172 C-FKXV250.00 USDEnquire
0410236-1Seat Rail StiffnerMiscellaneous300.00 USDEnquire
40456-10-144Seat RailsMiscellaneous200.00 USDEnquire
0500104-51Seat Rear - BackCessna 172 C-FKXV450.00 USDEnquire
0500104-50Seat Rear - BenchMiscellaneous150.00 USDEnquire
0714032-22Seat Rear - BenchCessna A185-F 5H-MRN200.00 USDEnquire
0500104-50Seat Rear - BottomCessna 172 C-FKXV450.00 USDEnquire
35-534360Seat Rear BackBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO250.00 USDEnquire
35-534360Seat Rear BottomBeechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO350.00 USDEnquire
0514183-1Seat Rear Reclining Bench C172Miscellaneous250.00 USDEnquire
0514183-1Seat Rear Reclining Bench C172PMiscellaneous325.00 USDEnquire
0414054-10SEAT RELEASE PINMiscellaneous380.00 USDEnquire
Seat RHCessna 172H C-FFTB1,200.00 USDEnquire
0400118-66Seat RHCessna 150E C-FPDO390.00 USDEnquire
Seat set front and rear , GreyMiscellaneous2,600.00 USDEnquire
0410323-1Seat StopMiscellaneous95.00 USDEnquire
505590-403Seat Stop - Amsafe - Parts onlyCessna 180H C-FCDQ150.00 USDEnquire

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