Cessna 210A C-FMKY

Cessna 210A, a classic aircraft that has undergone a remarkable transformation. This Cessna has been meticulously restored, recapturing its former airborne elegance and offering you the opportunity to own a piece of aviation heritage.

A Glimpse of the Past: Manufactured in 1961, FMKY - Cessna 210A represents an era of aviation that continues to capture the imagination of enthusiasts worldwide.

Damages: It's essential to note that FMKY - Cessna 210A faced adversity when it suffered a loss of engine power, leading to a forced landing in deep snow. During this incident, the aircraft flipped and the propeller struck the ground, resulting in significant damage to the wings and flaps/ailerons.

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  • Model 210A
  • Serial # 210 57626
  • Reg C-FMKY
  • Year 1961
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Airframe 2440.7
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Sold Items


Various avionics


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
066-3017-00KI-225ADF - Indicator - King Radio50.00 USD
0523800-17Aileron - RH - REPAIRABLE500.00 USD
0523218Aileron Control Rod115.00 USD
1250300-5Airbox Assembly550.00 USD
22-696-04Airspeed Indicator - Garwin145.00 USD
1234000-3Elevator - LH1,000.00 USD
1234000-2Elevator - RH1,000.00 USD
1234029-1Elevator Arm (pylon) Assembly400.00 USD
1280116N002514Flap Actuator Assembly400.00 USD
0523901-11Flap Assembly LH650.00 USD
0523901-12Flap Assembly RH DAMAGED BEYOND REPAIR, CORE ONLY200.00 USD
Flap Panels - 3" diameter
S-1318-1Flap Position Indicator375.00 USD
Flap Push Rod
Fuel Level Transmitter
C726110-1Fuel Level Transmitter140.00 USD
C156003-0101Fuel Tank Cap75.00 USD
0750137Ground Straps X235.00 USD
1232000Horizontal Stabilizer2,200.00 USD
1213201-3Instrument Panel220.00 USD
1231023-1Lower Rudder Hinge Bracket425.00 USD
1211123-1MLG Door Spring Well LH500.00 USD
1211123-2MLG Door Spring Well RH500.00 USD
1211185-1MLG Door Wheel Well LH500.00 USD
1211185-2MLG Door Wheel Well RH500.00 USD
1250200-11250201-1Muffler System and exhaust - Hanlon and Wison240.00 USD
9532096NLG Wheel Assembly - Goodyear180.00 USD
C4383Propeller Bulkhead - FWD
MCS1223-17444-301000-001Propeller Control Assy - McFarlane250.00 USD
210345/BPropeller Governor400.00 USD
MK 12DRadio - Mounting Tray100.00 USD
D-7511Spinner Backing Plate Bulkhead600.00 USD
1232144-1Stabilizer (Horizontal) Bracket Assy LH320.00 USD
1232144-2Stabilizer (Horizontal) Bracket Assy RH320.00 USD
1232134-1Stabilizer (Horizontal) Front Attach Brackets SET OF 2425.00 USD
Stall Horn
1212423-1Tail Cone with Light160.00 USD
1231000-11Tail Fin Assembly1,800.00 USD
0310293-2Trim Tab Actuator300.00 USD
1J7-1Vacuum inlet Filter Assy - Parker30.00 USD
G455Vacuum Pump - Wet125.00 USD
22-220-03Vertical Speed Indicator - Garwin195.00 USD
J-3049Vibration Isolators - Engine Mounts - LORD80.00 USD
1220002-33Wing - LH2,500.00 USD
1220002-32Wing - RH2,500.00 USD
Wing Fresh Air Duct
1227000-1Wing Strut LH700.00 USD
1227000-2Wing Strut RH700.00 USD
1223000-2Wing Tip - RH300.00 USD

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