Piper Cherokee PA28-180 C-GOMP

This 1969 Piper Cherokee 180, despite experiencing damage in a hangar fire, holds a wealth of salvageable items.

Key Highlights:

  • Year 1969 Piper Cherokee 180: A vintage model perfect for sourcing high-quality aircraft parts.
  • Ideal for Restoration: Tailored for aviation enthusiasts seeking rare components for restoration projects.
  • Salvageable Components: Wings, flight controls, and a Stec 30 autopilot are available for repurposing.
  • Well-Maintained Landing Gear: The landing gear and fuselage are in good condition and ready for reuse.
  • Exterior Paint Survives: While exterior paint shows smoke stains, it remains undamaged.
  • Deformed Plastic Parts: Plastic components, including windows, lenses, and the dorsal fin cover, have deformations from heat exposure.
  • Electrical Equipment Galore: Uncover a wide array of valuable electrical equipment suitable for reuse.
  • Contact Us: Reach out now to inquire about GOMP - Cherokee 180 Salvaged Aircraft and access a treasure trove of valuable aircraft parts.

GOMP - Cherokee 180 Salvaged Aircraft beckons to discerning individuals and aviation enthusiasts seeking quality aircraft parts at an affordable price. Salvageable wings, flight controls, autopilot, landing gear, fuselage, and electrical equipment make this aircraft a valuable resource for your restoration and repurposing endeavors. Contact us today to embark on your aircraft salvage journey.

  • Model Cherokee PA28-180
  • Serial # 28-5031
  • Reg C-GOMP
  • Year 1969
  • Manufacturer Piper
  • Airframe 4860
  • Date of Last Flight Oct 2016
Sold Items



Autopilot pitch computer, S-Tec


Brake Master cylinder

Engine cowl, lower

Spinner and backing plates

Rudder pedal pads

Wing Root fairings

Step assy


Wing Tip Assys


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
701BADF Frequency Display Unit - Davtron30.00 USD
68129-2Aileron - LH - DAMAGED400.00 USD
AR-850Altitude Reporter - Narco150.00 USD
VMA-15Antenna - Marker Beacon - Narco550.00 USD
VTP-17451 272Antenna - Transmit40.00 USD
RG-35AXCBattery - Concorde200.00 USD
63355-09Brake Fluid Reservoir240.00 USD
10-30Brake Master Cylinder - Cleveland - CORE ONLY90.00 USD
17000Brake Master Cylinder - Gar Kenyon200.00 USD
17000Brake Master Cylinder - Gar Kenyon200.00 USD
65727-00Cabin Door Holder Assembly210.00 USD
67330-03Console Cover70.00 USD
62834-02Control Column Universal Joint90.00 USD
CA62834-802Control Column Universal Joint - Belden90.00 USD
46150EGT Indicator - Alcor150.00 USD
63579-2Elevator Balance Weight80.00 USD
62922-03Engine Cowl Assy Upper850.00 USD
Engine Exhaust Muffler Assy750.00 USD
436389Engine Instrument Cluster
436739Engine Instrument Cluster
65591-00Flap Assembly LHC594501-0203800.00 USD
01-028111-00Flap Handle/Trim Wheel Cover
Fresh Air Valve
68101-02Fuel Level Transmitter - Stewart Warner180.00 USD
66817-00Fuel Tank Cap - Vented140.00 USD
62303-00Gascolator Support Brace60.00 USD
63357-00Hand Brake Handle Assy425.00 USD
455 93810-22Hand Brake Master Cylinder180.00 USD
10-357210-1 MIgnition Switch - Teledyne Continental250.00 USD
78033-0063306-2Main Gear Torque Link500.00 USD
35644-902MLG Assy LH1,600.00 USD
35644-903MLG Assy RH1,600.00 USD
MLG Strut Fairing - LH
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland350.00 USD
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland350.00 USD
NT-1ANavigation / Glide Slope Antenna Splitter40.00 USD
99479-02OAT Indicator120.00 USD
Oil Drain Valve - Fits Lycoming 0-36060.00 USD
Oil Pressure Switch for Hour Meter50.00 USD
Outside air temp gauge - Window Style40.00 USD
68129-3Piper R/H Aileron250.00 USD
Rate of Climb Indicator
Rear Seat back and bottom340.00 USD
4000240-5101Servo Amp Indicator - Bendix150.00 USD
1G10-1Suction Indicator (2 - 6" of Mg) - Airborne70.00 USD
Tail Cone Assy200.00 USD
63500-08Tail Fin Assy700.00 USD
RA 157-1Vaccum Inlet Filter Assy - RAPCO40.00 USD
133A4Vaccum Regulator Valve - Airborne MFG80.00 USD
1302VHF Comm/NAV tray50.00 USD
J-7401Vibration Isolators - LORD80.00 USD
PKB5-3A0Warning Buzzer - muRata20.00 USD

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