Cessna 172H C-FFTB

Explore the timeless charm of the Cessna 172H, a classic model with the serial number 172-55055, proudly crafted by Cessna in 1967. With an airframe total time since new of 4,251.8 hours, this aircraft carries a rich history and represents a true gem in the aviation world.

Please note that this aircraft experienced a forced landing into a farmer's field, which resulted in a prop strike during a subsequent attempted take-off from the field. While some parts sustained severe damage during disassembly by local farmers, several components remain salvageable.

Aviation enthusiasts will appreciate the intact avionics, instruments, vertical fin, stabilizer, elevators, wheels, brakes, and doors. However, the fuselage, wings, and tail suffered damage during the incident.

Despite the damage, this aircraft presents an excellent opportunity for restoration and refurbishment. Our team is available to provide additional details and assist you with any inquiries.

  • Model 172H
  • Serial # 172-55055
  • Reg C-FFTB
  • Year 1967
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Airframe 4251.8
  • Date of Last Flight Aug 2017
Sold Items


Brake calipers


Elevators RH and LH

Fuel Tank LH

MLG axle and wheels

Horizontal Stabilizer

NLG steering arms

Wheel assemblies


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
8781-212V Contactor Relay30.00 USD
0512123Accentric Cam Bushing50.00 USD
066-1038-00KR 86ADF - Combo Unit - King300.00 USD
0413163-18Air Outlet Assy50.00 USD
0413163-18Air Outlet Assy with Thermometer100.00 USD
BA-5110Airbox Air Filter Housing Assembly - BAF40.00 USD
0550197-1Airbox Assembly750.00 USD
071-1006-11Antenna - ADF KA42 King Radio70.00 USD
GA 26011-00149-02Antenna - GPS - Garmin60.00 USD
PMA6000MAudio Panel - with marker beacon- PS Engineering600.00 USD
UREM40EAutolite Spark Plugs (quantity 6)120.00 USD
AN2552-3AAuxilary Power Recepticle with base 0513229-370.00 USD
RG25XCBattery - Concorde130.00 USD
K30 2A3-1Carb Temp Indicator with wires - Westburg130.00 USD
npnCHT Probe60.00 USD
0513311-1Control Tube Support Assy LH140.00 USD
0513311-2Control Tube Support Assy RH120.00 USD
0513239-1Control Wheel - Yoke120.00 USD
0513239-1Control Wheel - Yoke120.00 USD
0513390-9Cover Engine Instrument RH Panel70.00 USD
DME890DME Interrogator - Narco400.00 USD
EGT-100-4EGT / CHT Scanner - J.P.I.600.00 USD
Elevator Trim
0532001-47Elevator Trim Tab Channel Rod Push Pull50.00 USD
ELT 10ELT Narco ELT 1050.00 USD
0552010-62Engine Cowl Lower1,900.00 USD
Engine Exhaust Mufflers and Down Pipes and Risers from 0-300D489.00 USD
0513132-3Engine Mount Stringer Upper LH800.00 USD
0311360-4Fuel Tank Cap non vented85.00 USD
0311360-4Fuel Tank Cap vented85.00 USD
0513309-10513456-1Heater Outlet Assembly225.00 USD
0513309-10513456-1Heater Outlet Assembly200.00 USD
Heater Outlet Hose Connector40.00 USD
Heater Outlet Hose Connector40.00 USD
A-510-243595Ignition switch ACS Products60.00 USD
Instrument Panel
0513390-11Instrument Panel Cover LH30.00 USD
Interior Panels , (Doors , rear plastic and tops of forward panels)250.00 USD
0511071-3Landing Gear Fillet Plate and Seal LH30.00 USD
0511071-4Landing Gear Fillet Plate and Seal RH30.00 USD
GE 4416Landing Lamp GE23.00 USD
0423542-6Landing Light Channel100.00 USD
0423542-6Landing Light Channel100.00 USD
0523115Landing Light Window Assy120.00 USD
0513320-8Map Case Assembly90.00 USD
0513390-12Map Case Door Assy40.00 USD
1470089-14Map Light Assembly - doulbe bulb model120.00 USD
0543008-2NLG Strut Tube594.00 USD
AN5-51ANLG Tow Bar Bolt and Spacers25.00 USD
S1258-1Pitot Static Line Sump Assy10.00 USD
0512032-1Rear Glass Retainer40.00 USD
0512040-3Rear Window Retainer600.00 USD
A-39RF Filter25.00 USD
0513057-1Rudder Bar Shield LH30.00 USD
0513058-1Rudder Bar Shield RH30.00 USD
1460320-1Rudder Pedal Co-Pilot LH685.00 USD
1460320-1Rudder Pedal Co-Pilot RH685.00 USD
0411565Rudder Pedal Dual Brake Control Tube LH80.00 USD
0411565Rudder Pedal Dual Brake Control Tube RH80.00 USD
S1675-1Rudder Pedal Torque Tube Bearing - Double Hole7.00 USD
S1675-1Rudder Pedal Torque Tube Bearing - Double Hole7.00 USD
S1674-1Rudder Pedal Torque Tube Bearing - Single Hole5.00 USD
S1674-1Rudder Pedal Torque Tube Bearing - Single Hole5.00 USD
0411306-14Rudder Pedal Weld Assembly LH700.00 USD
0411306-13Rudder Pedal Weld Assembly RH700.00 USD
Seat RH1,200.00 USD
0442512-1Shimmy Damper Assy300.00 USD
0512100-3Skin - Saddle LH450.00 USD
0512100-4Skin - Saddle RH450.00 USD
SK2003ASkybolt Plate Mounts for cowel (4)60.00 USD
0530010-5Stabilizer Fairing LH60.00 USD
0530010-6Stabilizer Fairing RH60.00 USD
0700122-13Sun Visor LH100.00 USD
0700122-12Sun Visor RH100.00 USD
0531009-1Light C621001-0106Tail Fin Assy with Flashing Becon Light120.00 USD
1260074-1Trim Tab Actuator - Elevator350.00 USD
04FF-10316-CAC611001-0101Voltage Regulator - Ford - 14v60.00 USD
CL 1125VOR/Glide Slope Antenna Splitter40.00 USD
ID-825VOR/Glide slope Indicator - Narco700.00 USD
0741048-2Wheel Cap - Hubcap 1 of 260.00 USD
0741048-2Wheel Cap - Hubcap 2 of 275.00 USD
0520008Wing Fairing LH Lower100.00 USD
0522150-1Wing Strut Fairing - Lower LH25.00 USD
0523606-18Wing Strut RH650.00 USD

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