Beechcraft Debonair 35-C33 C-GRMK

  • Model Debonair 35-C33
  • Reg C-GRMK
  • Year 1965
  • Manufacturer Beechcraft


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescription
70-111224-5A12v Power Relay Solenoid White Rodgers
8025-1913Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments
101420-01205Altimeter - Aerosonic Altitude Reporting
GA 56Antenna - GPS - Garmin
96-534024-45Armrest Cabin Door Handle
96-534024-65Armrest LH Pilot
96-534024-34 CArmrest RH AFT Side Panel
1C363-1-306RAutopilot Servo Assy
35-410070-93Baggage Door
RG-35AXCBattery - Concorde
35-410462-3Battery Box Assy
36-8001-9Brake Caliper - Cleveland
36-8001-9Brake Caliper - Cleveland
npnComm and Navigation Rack
CCompass with Light - Airpath - Cannot read part number
35-524040-6Control Column Assy
35-550055Copilot Cold Air Valve Assy
35-910108Cowl Support Rod Assy
35-910108Cowl Support Rod Assy
35-550566-3Defroster Valve Body
RA164-02504Disk Brake Rotor - Rapco - 1 of 2
RA164-02504Disk Brake Rotor - Rapco - 2 of 2
DME890DME Interrogator - Narco
535-521242-13Elevator Bob Weight
701-3Engine Exhaust and Muffler Assy
35324-4015Engine Instrument Cluster
35-410147-1Exterior Cabin Assist Handle
Fabric Flap Actuator Cover RH
45-524561Flap Actuator
45-524561Flap Actuator
5-521213Flap Actuator - LH
5-521213Flap Actuator - RH
Flap Actuator Rod
Flap Assembly RH
Flap Horn
Flap Horn
35-364151-55Flap Motor Beech Aircraft Corp
1B495-1Flux Detector Model FD01-0101-1
95-380007Fresh Air Control Assy Push Pull
35-550562-57Fresh Air Pan Assembly
35-550562-51Fresh Air Scoop Assy
366-00Fuel Check Valve - Dukes Astronautics
912001Fuel Flow Indicator - Shadin
201Fuel Flow Transmitter - Flowscan Model 201
95-380012-13Fuel Level Transmitter
4140-00-39 NVFuel Pump- Dukes
45-920036-1Fuel Strainer & Selector Valve Assy NO selector knob H & E 833
96-380035Fuel Tank Cap 1 OF 2
96-380035Fuel Tank Cap 2 OF 2
Gear Door Outboard - LH
Gear Door Outboard - RH
IC714Gyro Slaving Amplifier - Dual Channel
Handheld radio switch
10-1266904-AIgnition Switch Assy with Battery and Alternator
34CB759Interior Assist Handle RED SET OF TWO
45-815003-3Landing Gear Door Actuator Assembly LH
45-815003-1Landing Gear Door Actuator Assembly RH
35-810094Landing Gear Hand Crank Assy
Landing Gear Limit Switch Assy
GE 4313Landing Lamp GE
22-262-017Manifold Pressure Guage and Fuel Flow Indicator - Garwin
066-1021-01Marker Beacon Receiver - King
35-815118MLG Door Idler Arm Assy
35-815118MLG Door Idler Arm Assy
MLG Upper Drag Brace Assy LH
MLG Upper Drag Brace Assy RH
36-8001-3MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - 1 of 2
36-8001-3MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - 2 of 2
AD-9Nav Glide Slope Antenna Splitter- Antenna Development Co
NLG Assembly
NLG Wheel Assembly - Goodyear
35-910160-50Oil Filler Door
1C707-1Omni/Localizer Converter
M301COutside Air Temp Indicator - Davtron
35-550561-35Overhead Panel Assy
A53-TParking Brake Valve HOOF Products Co
35-550082Pilot Cold Air Diffuser Assy
PH502Pitot Tube Assy - Heated
87-07Pressure Sensor with light - MPL Vac System
33-630000-13Rudder Bracket Lower
33-630000-15Rudder Bracket Upper
35-524011Rudder Pedal
35-524011Rudder Pedal
Spinner - 3 Blade - McCauley Hub
885/K40Switch - Flap
8859K44Switch - Landing Gear
33-410031-41Tail Access Door
33-600012-1Tail Fin Fairing FWD Skin
35-410446-277Taxi / Passing Light Retainer Cover Assy
1J7-1Vacuum Inlet Filter Assembly - Parker
Visor Assembly
Visor Assembly / Partial
Zulu Time Clock - 14 Volt - Davtron

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