Beechcraft M35 FINV

While conducting a VFR flight from Penticton, BC (CYYF) to Porcupine Plain, SK (CKD2), pilot had difficulty sighting the airstrip, which resulted in a high and unstable approach. The aircraft touched down short of the runway and pitched over. The aircraft sustained substantial damage to its propeller and forward fuselage. Propeller strike. Heavily modified - GTN 750, GMA 35 Audio Panel, GTX327, Ruddervators, gr doors, dual ctrls, aft bench sts.....See Spec Sheet on file for more details.

  • Model M35
  • Reg FINV
  • Year 1960
  • Manufacturer Beechcraft


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescription
066-1038-00ADF - Combo Unit - King
22-696-014Airspeed Indicator - Garwin
015-01237Alternator - InterAv INC
015-01240Alternator Bar
MD41-1512Annunciation Control Unit - Garmin
KA-42BAntenna - ADF - King
npnAntenna - VOR - Narco
23-501-06-9Attitude Indicator - Edo Aire
npnAutopilot - Stec - Complete with computer, Turn Coordinator
E47523Aux Power Cord - Noma
RG-35AXCBattery - Concorde
35-410462-601Battery Box - Aviation Research Systems
30-54Brake Caliper - Cleveland - LH
30-54Brake Caliper - Cleveland - RH
35-825087-14Braze Assy
35-550055Cabin Cold Air Inlet
35-550054Cabin Fresh Air Vent
C-1PCHT Indicator
C-1PCHT Indicator - Electronics International
M877Clock - Davtron M877
npnCompass Lighted
npnComplete Beechcraft Bonanza Interior Including Seats/Side panels
35-590081-3Control Lock
A-30Digitizer - ACK Tech
066-1069-00DME Indicator - King Radio
201C101-2Door Steward Kit - Mtn View Aviation
50-534201-39Door Strip
C589511-0113ELT - Dorne + Margolin
35-939180-1Engine Breather Oil Seperator
Engine Exhaust
EGT-100-6Engine Monitor - JPI - 6 Cylinder
Engine Pre Heater with Fan, Outlet and Cord
45-521212-SA4Flap Actuator - LH
45-521212-SA5Flap Actuator - RH - w/ Cable
35-165050-78Flap Assembly - LH
35-165050-79Flap Assembly - RH
Front Sloped Window - D'Shannon
4032AFuel Boost Pump - Weldon Tool
450000-PFuel Flowmeter + Transducer
5643086Fuel Gauge - Wing Tip
22-869-03Fuel Pressure Gauge - Garwin
FL-2RA-12Fuel Quantity Indicator - Electronics International
FL-2RFuel Quantity Indicator - Electronics International
35-924256-3Fuel Selector Cover - Grey
HE825-1Fuel Selector Valve - H&E
Glare Sheild/Extend - D'Shannon Kit
013-00049-01Glide Slope Indicator - Garmin - GI 106A
HBL4716Ground Power Receptacle - Hubbell
Headliner Center Section
NPNInstrument Panel - D'shannon Custom
A-8970B-2-327Instrument Post light
151Lift Detector - Stall Warning Vane
G80ZR296Manifold Pressure Indicator - Electronics International Inc
35-815196-1MLG Assy - LH
35-815196-2MLG Assy - RH
35-815055-56MLG Door Assy - LH Inbd
35-815055-64MLG Door Assy - LH Otbd
35-815055-57MLG Door Assy - RH Inbd
35-815055-65MLG Door Assy - RH Otbd
35-815007-4MLG Door Link Assembly
40-83MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - LH
40-83MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - RH
01-0770509-02Nav Light Beacon - Whelen
70509-02Nav Light Becon - Whelen - Lens
35-825107NLG Complete Drag Brace Assembly
35-825072NLG Drag Brace V Brace only
35-825087-16NLG Forward Rod
35-825173NLG Steering Link Assembly
35-820045NLG Steering Rod
35-825100-6NLG Strut Assembly
9532102NLG Wheel Assembly
35-410446-173Nose Bowl Web
35-825161Nose Wheel Steering Link
OPT-1Oil Pressure and Temp Indicator
OPT-1Oil Temp and Pressure Indicator - Electronics International
2024-1-391-8013Seat Belt Assembly - Amsafe
95-344010-7Speaker + Light Unit
ZFSC-2-1Splitter - Mini Circuits
35-650005-601Stabilizer Assembly LH
35-650005-602Stabilizer Assembly RH
Model RStall Warning Horn With Light - Safe Flight
C668509-0101Suction Indicator - Cessna Brand
R-1-6Tachometer - Digital Electronics International Inc
35-380001-3Tail Cone Assembly - Shorty Fiberglass with Nav light
01260-1-0-14Turn Coordinator - S-Tec - Autopilot
22-998-03Vertical Speed Indictator - Garwin
VA-1AVolt Amp Indicator
R1224BVoltage Regulator - Plane Power
013-00049-01VOR Indicator - Garmin
066-3034-00VOR Indicator - King - KL 203
PKB5-3A0Warning Buzzer - muRata
35-364134Warning Horn Buzzer

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