Global Aircraft has a growing inventory of propellers of various makes and models. Often, our propellers are completely undamaged, removed from serviceable aircraft. Some propellers have been involved in a propeller strike but still have good hubs.

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McCauley 3GFR34C703 5Y-BUC

4600 hours of total time.  Last used in 2015...


McCauley D2A34C58N C-FZRF

Water submersion, prop strike. Aircraft dug a float on landing, cartwheeled and partially sank.v...


McCauley B3D36C429 C-FBPO

New in 2016. Prop strike, no hub damage, like new. Comes with spinner and backing plate....


McCauley D3A34C-401-C C-FZEL

New in 1999. Two blades severly damaged. Aircraft hit lake and submerged. Spinner: no....


McCauley B3D36C432 C-FDTM

No Damage, Government surplus, removed due to calendar expired and liquidated - in otherwise serviceable condition.  Removed from T206H.&nbs...


McCauley 2A34C66-NP C-FWOK

Severe prop strike in rollover, blades badly bent back...


Sensenich M76A M-2 5Y-HAE

74"Dia, 57 Pitch - No corrosion - no log book -appears to be clean and straight...


Sensenich M76A K-2 5Y-HAE

74" Dia, 42 Pitch - No corrosion - no log book - appears to be clean and straight....


McCauley D2A34C33-EG 5H-TBL

88.5" DIA - Minor scuff on 1 blade root - no other apparent damage - Blade SNs LJ145YS & LJ156YS - Appears to have not been used - s...


McCauley 2A34C66-0 5Y-TBL

82" Dia - No apparent damage - Blade SNs K107991YS & K107993YS - Log book from 1991 to 2002, logs end on last page, possibly missing...


McCauley D2A34C58-NO 5H-TBL

80" Dia - Appears to have had minor prop strike through brush, one blade very slightly deflected - No other apparent damage.  - Log bo...


McCauley D2A34C58-0 5H-TBL

82" Dia - No apparent damage - Blade SNs B12964YS & B12968YS - Log book from 2009 - 2010 - Removed from 5H-TBL due to Time Expired...


McCauley 1A170 5Y-BAH

74" Dia - No corrosion, some imperfections and nicks, unusual gummy stuff in bolt holes.  - No log books - No other signs of p...


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