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Welcome to our inventory of high-quality used aircraft parts and cheap airplanes for sale. We are proud to offer a growing selection of parts for a variety of aircraft types, including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft, among others. Our inventory includes engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Don't see what you need listed in our inventory? No problem. We have access to many other parts that may still be on the aircraft and are happy to help you locate the parts you need. Simply give us a call, and we'll do our best to assist you.

We understand the importance of quality and reliability in aviation, which is why we conduct thorough inspections of all our parts before offering them for sale. However, we also understand that the purchaser has a responsibility to inspect the goods prior to their first use, to ensure that they are defect-free and suitable for their intended use.

At our company, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and service. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and how we can help you find the parts you need to keep your aircraft running smoothly.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.

Diamond DA 20-C1 GDDP

2005 Diamond DA20-C1 GDDP for Sale | Low Hours & Continental IO-240-B17B Engine Explore our 2005 Diamond DA20-C1 GDDP aircraft for sale. With o...


Cessna A185-F 5H-MRF

Ground loop on landing. LH gear leg ripped out, LH wing bent, LH door damaged....


Beechcraft M35 Bonanza C-FINV

While conducting a VFR flight from Penticton, BC (CYYF) to Porcupine Plain, SK (CKD2), pilot had difficulty sighting the airstrip, which resulted in a...


Robinson R44 Raven II C-GFYD

While attempting to land on a trailer, helicopter suffered a dynamic rollover resulting in M/R and T/R strikes and sudden stoppage. The helicopter suf...


Cessna 208B Caravan 5Y-BUC

Fuselage Sold.  Runway overshoot during takeoff .  Damage to nose gear structure, Horizontal stabilizer….. minor damage to ML ge...


Cessna A185E C-FZRF

Continental IO-520D S/N 563335 1226 hrs TSO New in '76 - Prop struck (hit float and water) and water submerged - engine immediately draine...


Cessna 182L C-FWOK

During grass runway landing at owners farm, MLG touched into soft ground and pulled aircraft off runway into soft field, flipped aircraft over - tail ...


Cessna 172 C-FKXV

Controlled flight into terrain, no injuries. Aircraft very clean, no corrosion, recent major upgrades and paint. Aircraft sustained severe struct...


Piper PA24-250 C-FKYZ

Gear-up landing. Gear extension after landing caused additional damage to retraction mech. Rough looking airplane, no apparent upgrades, basic avionic...


Cessna A185E C-FZEL

Fuel starvation - Aircraft hit trees on approach to lake, ripped floats off, landed in 4ft of water. Severe damage throughout. Cabin seats Lots ...


Cessna 337G C-GPZL

Fuselage Sold.  Aircraft disassembled several years ago and stored covered in Revelstoke - some minor corrosion throughout - no accident, some mi...


Beechcraft P35 Bonanza C-FOZZ

Owners vehicle rolled off ramps and impacted fwd fuselage of aircraft pushing it into hangar.  Propeller removed at time of impact.  Damage ...


Beechcraft Sierra A24R C-FBPO

Gear-up landing - Prop Strike and belly damage....


Piper Cherokee PA28-180 C-GOMP

Good parts include wings; flight ctrls, Stec 30 autopilot, landing gear, good fuselage, electrical equipment. Aircraft damaged in hangar fire. Exterio...


Piper Cheyenne PA-31T-620 I-CODE

Aircraft is complete except engines, propellers, and heated windshields. No damage history. Purchased from Africa, disassembled to a degree necessary ...


Beechcraft H35 Bonanza CF-ZOS

No damage history, aircraft inoperative since 2000, engine converted to IO, stabilators corroded through, wheels corroded....


Cessna 150F C-FUPF

Nose gear failure, flipped inverted. NLG broken from ac, damaged lwr cowl, vert fin/rudder, wings etc....


Beechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO

Aircraft struck a fence post with RH wing during landing. The ac left the strip and the NLG collapsed in soft ground resulting in prop strike. - some ...


Cessna 170A C-GXZZ

Ground loop landing - prop strike - left wing bent at wing root, fuselage buckled, LH gear leg ripped out, good RH wing, good tail feathers....


Cessna 150E C-FPDO

While parked, aircraft struck by a large conduit spool. Damage to LH wing and cowl....


Piper PA-24-260 C-GHJG

Gear failure during landing. Damage to propeller, engine, fuselage, gear doors and landing gear. KX-155/KI-209 Autopilot – Pipe...


Cessna 210 A C-FMKY

Aircraft suffered a loss of engine power and the pilot carried out a forced landing in deep snow. The aircraft flipped inverted. The propeller struck ...


Cessna 172H C-FFTB

Forced landing into farmers field, prop strike during subsequent attempted take-off from field, severly damaged throughout during disassembly by local...


Cessna 172M C-GHBM

During an aborted takeoff, the pilot lost directional control of the A/C. The A/C exited the runway, breached the perimeter fence and tumbled down an ...


Piper PA28-140 C-GAGZ

While attempting to land with a quarterly tail wind at Green Lk, BC, the pilot aborted the landing approximately 20 feet off the ground and executed a...


Piper Cherokee PA28-180 C-FXXQ

Overshot runway, severe impact with soft dirt - tail section cut off - good cabin parts and flight controls....


Robinson R 44 Raven II C-GHZN

This aircraft suffered a very heavy landing due to subsiding air. The main rotor struck the tail boom during landing. The aircraft remained upright ho...


Cessna 185E C-FCDN

Aircraft severely damaged - airframe, wings, stabilizers destroyed - engine/prop sold - Vertical Stabilizer repairable. L/R Wings bundled, severely da...


Cessna 180H C-FCDQ

At take-off from Tyaughton Lake, BC there were 3 persons on board for a photography flight.  The aircraft was climbing through approxim...


Lycoming O-235C1B

No Mags, no logs, no accessories...


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