Piper Cherokee PA28-180 C-FXXQ

Introducing the FXXQ - Cherokee 180 - Villeneuve, a timeless classic crafted by Piper in 1965. This vintage aircraft boasts a fascinating history and is now available for enthusiasts and restorers seeking a cherished project.

During an unfortunate incident of overshooting the runway, the FXXQ experienced a severe impact with soft dirt, resulting in the tail section being cut off. However, among the aftermath, you'll find a treasure trove of valuable cabin parts and flight controls.

With its Airframe Total Time Since New (TSN) standing at 3000, this Cherokee 180 has a wealth of potential for those who appreciate vintage aviation. Whether you're in search of specific cabin components or flight controls, the FXXQ - Cherokee 180 - Villeneuve holds promise for restoration enthusiasts.

To discover more about the FXXQ - Cherokee 180 - Villeneuve and how it can become a centerpiece of your aviation endeavors, contact us today.

  • Model Cherokee PA28-180
  • Serial # 28-2472
  • Reg C-FXXQ
  • Year 1965
  • Manufacturer Piper
  • Airframe 3000
  • Date of Last Flight Apr 2016
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Sold Items

Brake caliper assy


MLG assy

Seat belts

Step assy

Panel cover

Nose gear fork


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
6041H105A12v Relay Solenoid Cuttler Hammer120.00 USD
066-3063-00KI 227ADF - Indicator - King KI 227200.00 USD
KR 87066-1072-00ADF - Reciever - Bendix/King500.00 USD
65355-01Aileron - RH1,300.00 USD
63994-07Air Vent Deflector30.00 USD
EA5173-0216-CESAirspeed Indicator - Cessna240.00 USD
S67-1575-39Antenna - GPS80.00 USD
npnAntenna - VHF Communication30.00 USD
656768Attitude Indicator - Vintage 4"120.00 USD
62657-00Baggage Door Assembly250.00 USD
63888-00Battery Box Assy WITH LID250.00 USD
63901-17Brake Line Hose30.00 USD
761 077Cabin Assist Handle40.00 USD
65307-00Cabin Door Assy1,000.00 USD
65727-00Cabin Door Holder Assembly210.00 USD
npnCabin Head Liner Cessna 172 Early model100.00 USD
63914-04Cabin Heat Control Knob #233 Black30.00 USD
npnCabin Interior Panel Set - Piper PA28-180650.00 USD
62973-05Cabin Vent Disk45.00 USD
471 084Carb Heat Control Knob #233 Black30.00 USD
62479-00Channel - Front Window - Top - LH100.00 USD
65426-01Channel - Upper - Center Cockpit110.00 USD
62481-00Channel - Upper - Center Fuselage - LH250.00 USD
62676-00Channel - Upper - Center Fuselage - RH250.00 USD
M800Clock - Chronometer Digital - Davtron Model 800130.00 USD
62858-02Control Column Chains with Turnbuckle100.00 USD
62703-24Control Column T Bar Assembly with sprockets and u joints640.00 USD
63902-10Defroster Air Control Cable50.00 USD
62952-00Defroster Air Outlet Assembly150.00 USD
RCA11A-15J8000-11Directional Gyro - RC Allen450.00 USD
754 535164-20Disk Brake Rotor50.00 USD
66632-00Dome Light Reflector Assembly40.00 USD
63012-00Door Latch Trim Plate45.00 USD
63579-2Elevator Balance Weight85.00 USD
63426-00Engine Instrument Cluster380.00 USD
62445-00Final Tail Bulkhead Assembly with fittings800.00 USD
Flap and Aileron Gap Seals
62320-02Flap Assembly RH1,150.00 USD
62706-00Flap Control Lever Assembly300.00 USD
65224-02Flap Handle Cover Brown30.00 USD
62705-00Flap Torque Tube Assy Complete280.00 USD
62820-00Flap Torque Tube Return Spring10.00 USD
62844-00Forward Stabilator Trim Pully and Brackets120.00 USD
551 435FDC6400-120-5Front Lap Belt Latch side only - Davis40.00 USD
551 435FDC6400-120-5Front Lap Belt Latch side only - Davis40.00 USD
68101-02Fuel Level Transmitter - Stewart Warner - 1 of 2180.00 USD
68101-02Fuel Level Transmitter - Stewart Warner - 2 of 2180.00 USD
481 666478 360Fuel Pump Electric - Bendix150.00 USD
63832-00Fuel Selector Plate30.00 USD
491 9476S122Fuel Selector Valve with handle160.00 USD
492 022Fuel Tank Drain Valve - Petcock style10.00 USD
63998-16Fuel Tank, LH250.00 USD
63998-17Fuel Tank, RH250.00 USD
NPNGap Seal Kit - Flap and Aileron150.00 USD
62301-03Gascolator - Fuel Strainer Assembly220.00 USD
62301-03Gascolator Assembly with mount bracket250.00 USD
430-6014-000GPS II Morrow Apollo 820950.00 USD
63357-00Hand Brake Handle Assembly60.00 USD
455 93810-22Hand Brake Master Cylinder - Cleveland120.00 USD
Horizontal Stabilizer Tip LH - fibreglas
63460-00Horizontal Stabilizer/Stabilator2,500.00 USD
752 89210-357290-1Ignition Switch no keys60.00 USD
11902Intercom PM 1000 II - Engineering Inc300.00 USD
Interior Trim Pieces
066-1065-00Marker Beacon Receiver - King KR-22200.00 USD
471 084Mixture Control Knob #233 Black30.00 USD
63338-00MLG Fairing Assy80.00 USD
63338-00MLG Fairing Assy40.00 USD
63339-00MLG Fairing Plate LH60.00 USD
63339-01MLG Fairing Plate RH60.00 USD
63306-2MLG Torque Link Assy400.00 USD
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland285.00 USD
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland350.00 USD
AD-9Nav Glide Slope Antenna Splitter40.00 USD
A-1285-R-12AN-3042-2Navigation Light Assy Green RH90.00 USD
A-1285-L-12AN-3042-1Navigation Light Assy Red LH90.00 USD
A610Navigation Light STROBE BULB NO LENS50.00 USD
63133-00Overhead Console Speaker Grill Assy with wire harness50.00 USD
NPNOverhead Red Instrument Light Assembly30.00 USD
NPNPiper 180 Number Badge, two sets for left and right100.00 USD
DR1464Power Relay Solenoid30.00 USD
90-91R60Rear Lap Restraints - Aero Fabricators60.00 USD
63182-02Rear Seat Back Assy170.00 USD
65074-03Rear Seat Bottom Assy170.00 USD
63540-2Rudder Assembly - Core Only250.00 USD
63459-03Rudder Pedal Assy with toe brake on left side only1,000.00 USD
62829-00Rudder Trim Control Assembly200.00 USD
63295-02Rudder Trim Cover Brown100.00 USD
20868-00Safety Belt Attach Cables Rear Side (2)50.00 USD
1106222-01Seat Belt - Piper Inertia Restraint - Pacific Scientific50.00 USD
99801-00299801-02Shoulder Harness Cover Forward RH40.00 USD
62540-00Spar Box Bottom Channel300.00 USD
62539-00Spar Box Top Channel300.00 USD
62645-00Stabilator Fitting Assembly80.00 USD
62645-00Stabilator Fitting Assembly80.00 USD
464 02380A-3Stabilator Trim Handle40.00 USD
63585-00Stabilator Trim Tab LH400.00 USD
63585-01Stabilator Trim Tab RH400.00 USD
Stabilizer Trim Actuator & Brkt Assy
464023SOA-3Stabilizer Trim Handle80.00 USD
67422-04Stall Warning Light100.00 USD
487 84491100Starter Switch50.00 USD
65896-00Storm / Vent Window140.00 USD
AW-1?-21-QSuction Indicator140.00 USD
764 114Sun Visor Assy200.00 USD
764-11463229-02Sun Visor Assy350.00 USD
450 646Tachometer120.00 USD
Tail Cone Assy - Lower100.00 USD
Tail Cone Assy - Upper100.00 USD
63500-08Tail Fin Assy700.00 USD
63517-00Tail Fin Fairing80.00 USD
66769-00Tail Skid Assembly60.00 USD
63940-04Tee Bar Control Column Cover Brown120.00 USD
756 818Torque Plate Assy70.00 USD
460 88866673-00Vaccum Inlet Filter Assembly40.00 USD
133A4492 065Vacuum Regulating Valve80.00 USD
1625-1Q-C1Vertical Speed Indicator - Pioneer95.00 USD
65359-00Voltage Regulator Filter Assembly40.00 USD
069-1010-04VOR Course Selector Indicator300.00 USD
66601-05Wing - RH4,000.00 USD
62023-01Wing Rib from RH Wing leading edge180.00 USD
18457-00Wing Tie Down Eyelet60.00 USD
Wing Tip - RH - fibreglas

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