Grumman AA-5B C-GEAB

  • Model AA-5B
  • Reg C-GEAB
  • Year 1975
  • Manufacturer Grumman


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescription
KR 86ADF - Combo Unit - King
5202035-502Aileron - RH
5202305-501Balance Weight Assy - Aileron LH
30-56BBrake Caliper - Cleveland
30-56BBrake Caliper - Cleveland
npnCentre Column Plastic Fairings - Grumman Tiger
C2300Compass Panel Mount - Airpath
DME890DME Interrogator - Narco
35-815055-56Door Assy - LH Inbd
35-815055-57Door Assy - RH Inbd
EL099001-042Engine Exhaust Muffler Assy - Elano Corp
Amps/Oil T/Oil P/Fuel PEngine Instr. Cluster
5203018-502Flap Assembly RH
SA53SFuel Drain Valve - SAF-AIR
Fuel Level Transmitter LH
Fuel Level Transmitter RH
Fuel Tank Cap
1J7-1Instr. Air Filter Manifold
804003-503Landing Light Bulb Retaining Ring
164Lift Detector - Stall Warning Vane - Safe Flight Instruments
40-88EMLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland
40-88CMLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland
10-1550Outside Air Temp Probe/Gauge Assy - Scott
PH502-12Pitot Tube Assy - Heated 12 Volt
Rear Seats
OR95 - 1.5nResistor Tail Power
RH O/B Wing Assy
5302038-502Rudder Assy
Spinner - 2 blade
Spinner backing plate and forward support
5804017-501Step LH Pilots Side
5804017-501Step Pilots Side LH with two shims
150-0002RBStrobe Light Power Supply
1G10-4Suction Indicator (2 - 6" of Mg) - Airborne
S1305Tachometer - Stewart Warner
Torque Plates
NPNTow Bar - Grumman Tiger
2H3-12Vacuum Regulating Valve
DGR6-1Voltage Regulator-Lamar-14V
Wheel Axle Assy
Wheel Axle Assy
C0-REZYN1194Wing Tip - LH
D10N 6604TWing Tip - RH

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