Cessna 170A GXZZ

Ground loop landing - prop strike - left wing bent at wing root, fuselage bukled, LH gear leg ripped out, good RH wing, good tail feathers.

  • Model 170A
  • Reg GXZZ
  • Year 1951
  • Manufacturer Cessna


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescription
0523218-2Aileron Push Pull Rod
530852 ???Airbox Assembly
8000Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments
337B1 E9Ammeter - SW
S1309N1Attitude Indicator - Vintage 4"
npnBendix P Leads and Capacitors
0511106-55Cabin Door - RH - Damaged
511227Cabin Door Handle Shaft
0411579-4Cabin Door Hinge Lower
0511112-6Cabin Door Latch Assembly
0511106-45Cabin Door Panel Inteior Tan RH
0511106-51Cabin Door Window Assembly RH
C660501-0202Compass Lighted - Airpath
npnControl Column Universal Joint - Cessna
npnControl Column Universal Joint - Cessna
JH 5500Directional Gyro - Vintage - Jack and Heintz
413142Dome light
511116Door Sill LH
0511116-1Door Sill RH
0334109-2Elevator Trim Arm Tube
Engine Baffle Set - fits Continental C-145-2
0552000-52Engine Cowl Lower - Damaged
0550157-34Engine Exhaust Pieces - Hanlon and Wilson
551000Engine Mount
40044Engine Mount Bracket Left Front
40043Engine Mount Bracket Left Rear
40043Engine Mount Bracket Right Front
40044Engine Mount Bracket Right Rear
0511282-2Engine Mount Upper LH Airframe Stringer
0511282-6Engine Mount Upper LH Mount Plate
0511282-3Engine Mount Upper RH Airframe Stringer
0511282-6Engine Mount Upper RH Mount Plate
523225Flap Link Assembly
511130Front Door Post Upper Cover Shield LH
523520Fuel Tank LH
0523520-1Fuel Tank RH
0332000-10Horizontal Stabilizer
10-51104-12AIgnition Switch - Bendix
0541124-1MLG Axle 1 of 2 - Solid Core Heavy Duty
0541124-1MLG Axle 2 of 2 - Solid Core Heavy Duty
2525-5-168Oil Pressure Indicator - Rochester
Outside Air Thermometer with wing insert
533000Rudder Assembly
0533000-11Rudder Bellcrank
1460320-1Rudder Pedals - Co Pilot - Set of 2
0511301-104Seat - Front
0511301-104Seat - Front
Seat Belts Front
Stall Warning Horn With Light - Safe Flight
0512000-75Tailwheel Bracket Assembly
5-40512Temperature Indicator - Rochester
622-2092-001Transponder - Collins - TDR-950
Wing - LH
0523606-1Wing Strut Assembly - RH

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