Cessna 182L FWOK

During grass runway landing at owners farm, MLG touched into soft ground and pulled aircraft off runway into soft field, flipped aircraft over - tail section completely broken off, NLG folded under, wings wrinkled throughout, fuselabe wrinkled throughout, cabin interior average, no value in avionics, factory reman engine (1993).

  • Model 182L
  • Reg FWOK
  • Year 1968
  • Manufacturer Cessna


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescription
312V Relay Contactor - Starter
551AADF - Indicator - Servo Amp - Bendix
0523800-16Aileron - LH - Damaged on underside
523218Aileron Control Rod
0413163-18Air Outlet Assy
8100Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments
C611501-0102Alternator - Autolite
32350-FARC Course Indicator
0512167-30Battery Box Assembly with Bracket
C621001-0106Beacon Light Strobe Red Assy
0541138-3Brake Master Cylinder
0711674-3Bulkhead Assembly STA 92
1200231-2Cabin Air Vent - RH
0511229-2Cabin Assist Handle
0710620-217Cabin Door - LH - Damaged
0413195-5Cabin Door Handle Bearing Plate
0711037-17Cabin Door Hinge Half LH Upper Aft
0711037-19Cabin Door Hinge Half Upper LH Forward
0711037-18Cabin Door Hinge Half Upper RH Forward
0711037-21Cabin Door Hinge Lower LH Aft
0711037-19Cabin Door Hinge Lower LH Forward
1511205-13Cabin Door Latch Assembly LH
0711050-18Cabin Door Window Frame
C660501-0103Compass lighted - Cessna
1260463-1Control Lock Assy
1200756-7Cover Assy - Console - Lighted
5225-4Cover Plates - Inspection Plates
0700734-3Cowl Cover - Winterization - LH
0700734-4Cowl Cover - Winterization - RH
S1244-3Cowl Flap Cable - Pilot
164-26ADisc Brake Rotor - Cleveland
164-26ADisc Brake Rotor - Cleveland
46150EGT Indicator - Alcor
1234608-3Elevator Tip - Stene Aviatioin - LH
1234608-4Elevator Tip - Stene Aviation - RH
0734110-1Elevator Torque Tube LH
0734110-2Elevator Torque Tube RH
0760133-1Elevator Trim Push Pull Tube
1260074-1Elevator Trim Tab Actuator Assy
0752600-202Engine Cowl Upper - Damaged
Engine Ex haust manifolds only
C669502-0201Engine Instrument Cluster
0720613-1Fairing - Aft wing to Fuselage LH
0720613-2Fairing - Aft wing to Fuselage RH
0732615-1Fairing Stabilizer LH
0732615-2Fairing Stabilizer RH
0720615-1Fillet - Wing to Fuselage Leading Edge LH
0720615-2Fillet - Wing to Fuselage Leading Edge RH
NPNFire Ext Bracket Assy
0523614-1Fitting - Wing Strut Upper
0523901-33Flap Assembly LH
0523901-34Flap Assembly RH
C726110-1Fuel Level Transmitter - Stewart Warner
0716613-1Fuel Selector Valve
0716623-2Fuel Selector Valve Handle
1220022-3Fuel Tank Cover Plate - Blank
1220022-3Fuel Tank Cover Plate - Blank
800GPS - Flybuddy Plus II Morrow Apollo
SA1232604-1Horizontal Stabilizer Tip
0713278-1Instrument Panel Cover LH
0713866-6Instrument Panel Cover RH
150Lift Detector - Stall Warning Vane - Heated
0713778-4Map Compartment
0541124-1MLG Axle - Solid
0541124-1MLG Axle - Solid
0741601-1MLG Spring - LH
0741601-2MLG Spring - RH
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - 1 of 2
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - 2 of 2
0741046-7MLG Wheel Fairing Mounting Plate Assy LH
0741046-8MLG Wheel Fairing Mounting Plate Assy RH
0543013-1NLG Fitting - Upper
743604NLG Steering Torque Arm
0442506-8NLG Stop Lug
0743607-1NLG Strut Tube Assembly
1241156-12NLG Wheel Assembly
5-50140Oil Pressure Guage - Scott Aviation
C165001-0102Oil Separator - Cessna
C668507-0101Outside Air Temp Guage and wing insert
1213243-3Panel Light Cover
0721105-15Pitot Tube - Heated
0721115-1Pitot Tube Mount Connector and Doubler
C290-D2D/T1Propeller Governor - McCauley
201CRadio - ADF Receiver T-12C - Bendix
0700678-7Seat - Rear Cessna 182 split back
206442Seat belt - lap harness restraint - Hooker
HH 300102Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Restraint - Hooker - Set of LH and RH
743622Shimmy Damper
0732614-2Stabilizer - Forward Fairing RH
0741014-495Step - Main Gear LH
0741014-496Step - Main Gear RH
S1414-1Suction Indicator - Cessna
RT-7Tachometer - AC
0712628-2Tail Section Assembly
0712615-1Tail Section Bulkhead Sta 209
0712616-1Tail Section Bulkhead Sta 230.187
0712617-2Tail Section Horizontal Bulkhead
606C61-6Tire 6.00 - 6 Flight Special 2
606C61-6Tire 6.00 - 6 Flight Special 2
75-37Torque Plates (2)
SPO-40Transcom 4-Way - Sigtronics
G455PMVacuum Pump - Wet - Weston/Garwin
51392-N2Vertical Speed Indicator - Cessna
04FF-10316-BAVoltage Regulator - Ford
KI208VOR/LOC Converter/Indicator - King
52077-5Warning Horn Buzzer
0720601-210Wing - LH - w/ extended range tank - Damaged
0720601-207Wing - RH with extended range tank - Damaged
523230Wing Rib Trailing Edge LH Station 100.5
0523230-1Wing Rib Trailing Edge RH Station 100.5
0723612-4Wing Strut Fairing Lower RH
0723605-4Wing Strut Fairing Upper RH
0723610-6Wing Strut RH

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