Cessna 185E FCDN

  • Model 185E
  • Reg FCDN
  • Year 1970
  • Manufacturer Cessna


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescription
NPN12V Relay / Solenoid - Cole-Hersee
38-753-3Access Cover for Edo Float
NPNAir inlet, instrument cooling
NPNAir inlet, instrument cooling
0750162-10Airbox Assembly - Damaged
0750166-4Airbox Control Cable Support Bracket
0750038-4Airbox Filter Assembly
1414082-20Armrest Assy (door pull)
1414082-20Armrest Assy (door pull)
0711101-10Baggage Door Hinge Bracket - Lower door jamb
0711101-11Baggage Door Hinge Bracket - Upper door jamb
NPNBaggage Door Hinge Doublers
711102Baggage Door Hinges (2)
NPNBaggage Door Interior Grab Handle
S1359-8Baggage Door Latch Assembly
0512167-25Battery Box Base Assembly
0712661-1Battery Shield
0541138-22Brake Master Cylinder
0713624-2Brake Master Cylinder Anchor
1511212-6Cabin Door Shaft - RH
0513238-1Cabin Heat Union
1253032-4Cabin Heater Valve Body
npnCHT Probes (set of 5)
0513039-7Cigar Lighter
0513311-7Control Tube Support Assy LH, no gromet
1560001-13Control Wheel / Yoke
0713128-1Cowel Flap Control Lever Assembly
npnCowl Fastners Standard Stock Style
0752020-1Cowl Filter Mount Assembly
0713307-1 and 2Cowl Flap Control Line Mount (clamp) set of 2
0752014-15cowl flap hinge
0713019-94Defrost Valve Assembly
0711037-1Door Hinge Upper LH Rear
1511205-16Door Latch Assembly LH
1511205-17Door Latch Assembly RH
0711699-1Door Latch Clutch LH with Escutcheon Plate 0711698-3
0711699-2Door Latch Clutch RH with Escutcheon Plate 0711698-4
npnDoor Panels Interior - Cessna 185
0513006-62Doubler - Gear Box
0513006-61Doubler - Gear Box
0513006-62Doubler - Gear Box FWD
0513006-61Doubler - Gear Box FWD
5036-9Edo Float Step
38947EDO Front Float Attachment bracket LH
38948EDO Front Float Attachment bracket RH
npnEGT Probes (set of 6)
0734600-21Elevator - LH
0734600-23Elevator - RH
1234029-1Elevator Arm (Pylon) Assembly
0734110-1Elevator Torque Tube Assembly LH
0734110-2Elevator Torque Tube Assembly RH
Engine Baffle Set - Partial
38-3059Float Bumper Assembly
68395-1Float Fitting Aft LH with Blocks
NPNFloat Hatch Kit for Edo 582-3430
0712660-10Floor Pan Assembly
366-00Fuel Check Valve - Dukes Astronautics
4140-00-17Fuel Pump - Dukes Inc. (core only)
0716613-4Fuel Selector Valve
Fuel Strainer Bracket
0500315-2Fuel Strainer Control Wire Stabilizer Brackets
AN 741Fuel Strainer Drain Control Bracket (bent) UMPCO
Fuel Strainer Drain Knob
0756005-2Fuel Strainer Top Assembly
0721306-1Fuel Tank Adapter - Flush - 1 of 2
0721306-1Fuel Tank Adapter - Flush - 2 of 2
416-50Fuel Tank Cap - Shaw Aero Devices - 1 of 2
416-50Fuel Tank Cap - Shaw Aero Devices - 2 of 2
C156003-0101Fuel Tank Cap - Vented
C156003-0101Fuel Tank Cap - Vented
1220022-3Fuel Tank Cover Plate - Blank
1220022-3Fuel Tank Cover Plate - Blank
AN2552-3AGround Service Power Receptacle Kit
0713191-1Handle Assembly
Headliner front half with zipper, front only see pics
0411718-5Headliner Retainers with Stiffners
0513309-1Heater Outlet Assy
Horizontal Stabilizer
0732101-5Horizontal Stabilizer Attach Bracket Lower X2
0732101-6Horizontal Stabilizer Attach Bracket Upper X2
0732101-6Horizontal Stabilizer Attache Bracket Upper and Lower together
0752016-13Intake Boot Expander Assembly
0713495-7Landing Gear Support Bracket Inboard LH
0713495-8Landing Gear Support Bracket Inboard RH
H-702-200 shoulderLap and Shoulder Belts , Pilot and Co-pilot Aero Fabricators
1470089-14Map Light Assembly - doulbe bulb model
339Mooring Cleat
0752626-1Oil Door Assy - Cowl
BJ1000AH3D0Oil Drain Valve
0813150-55Parking Brake Handle Assy
0713495-15Plate - FWD bulkhead Reinforcement LH - Gear Box
0713495-16Plate - FWD bulkhead Reinforcement RH - Gear Box
C290-D2C/T 9Propeller Governor - McCauley
395Pump out Socket
395Pump out Socket
0710013-5Rear Air Vent Assy 1 of 2
0710013-5Rear Air Vent Assy 2 of 2
0711083-1Rear Seat Belt Latch Assy
RF Filter
0733110-1Rudder - Damaged
0731000-6Rudder Lower Rib
npnRudder Pedal Assy
0713906-1Rudder Pedal Disengage Bracket
733100Rudder Torque Tube
Seat - Divided Middle Assy RH
Seat - Front co pilot Back Cover
1200605-35Seat - Front Seat Bottom
515001Seat - Infinite Adjust - Pilot - PARTS ONLY
Seat -Divided Middle Assy LH
0711083-1Seat Belt Latch Assembly - Attach assembly
511130Shield Front Cabin Spar
0752043-1Spinner Backing Plate Lugs (set of 3)
712213Stabilizer Stop
0712500-1Stabilizer Trim Actuator Assembly LH - Parts only
0712500-2Stabilizer Trim Actuator Assembly RH - Parts only
0732102-8Stabilizer Upper Seal Assy RH with stiffner
0732102-7Stabilizer Upper Seal Assy RH with stiffner
0713495-11Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD LH - Gear Box
0713495-12Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD RH - Gear Box
0712400-13Stinger Tail Cone Fairing Assembly
STOL kit - Robertson
C713011-12Sun Visor Bracket 1 of 2
C713011-12Sun Visor Bracket 2 of 2
0712307-1Tail / Empennage Fairing LH
0712307-2Tail / Empennage Fairing RH
0712400-13Tail Cone / Stinger Fairing Assembly
0712305-3Tail Gear Mount LH
0712305-4Tail Gear Mount RH
Tail Section - Cessna 185
0712205-10Tailcone Bulkhead STA 230.187
0712207-1Tailcone Reinforcement Angle LH
0712207-2Tailcone Reinforcement Angle RH
0713019-86Upholstery Retainer from firewall
0713019-86Upholstery Retainer from firewall
0713019-86Upholstery Retainer from firewall
PES00 194Vacuum Pump - Wet
Vibration Isolator Engine Mount Bolts - 570 D
38-3042RWater Rudder RH - Damaged
0711050-5Window Frame LH Cabin door with hinges
0711021-7Window Latch Plate 1 of 2
0711021-7Window Latch Plate 2 of 2
Wing - LH
Wing - RH
0720002-12Wing Root Fairing - Forward RH
0520008-1Wing Root Fairing - Lower RH

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