Engines purchased from Global Aircraft have been carefully removed from serviceable aircraft, aircraft that have not operated for extended periods of time, or aircraft involved in some form of accident (often, but not always, involving a propeller strike), for parts. Engines are carefully crated to ensure safe transport anywhere in the world.

We will provide data to the best of our knowledge on the crankshaft run-out, log book information, overall condition of the engine and mechanism of accident if any. We will not carry out any detailed inspection of the engines.

Please contact us with any questions about our engines or other products.

Continental IO-470F(3) 5Y-TBL

Factory OH'd in 1982 - 2083 TSN - Removed from C180 5Y-TBL for upgrade to IO-550 - Last operated Jun-2006 - Incl logs & fuel system - No mags,...


Rolls Royce C90-14F

Incl logs, mags, starter. No log books...


Lycoming O-235C1B

No Mags, no logs, no accessories...


Continental IO-470C C-FINV

Engine in good physical condition, Includes accessories, mags, fuel injection system, starter (no alternator). 76-78-77-77-74-72. GAMI injectors, pain...


Lycoming IO-360-C1C 5Y-BZZ

Includes mags, CSU, starter, fuel system - repair to oil pan - last recorded operation in 5Y-BZZ, Steen Skybolt, year 2005....


Continental O-300A C-FKXV

Engine in good physical condition. Two broken fwd engine mounts, broken induction tube. 75-79-78-78-78-78  Includes log books, mags, carbur...


Pratt & Whitney PT6A-15AG C-FWAS

Beyond economical repair. Parts only. Fuel system components....


Pratt & Whitney JT8D-15

- Engine comes complete as shown in pictures including engine stand - Option to borescope by certified JT8-15D person - $1,500 USD - Option to have ...


Continental IO-360-GB C-GPZL

Removed from C-GBEW rear position in Apr-2009 - 77-74-74-70-70-74. Includes log books and accessories (no alternator) Factory OH'd in 2000 ...


Continental O-200A C-FUPF

Original engine, no OH's since new. 60-74-72-69. New Slick 4301 mags & ignition system (85hrs ago)....


Continental O-470R C-FCDQ

Severely damaged, water submerged, not preserved and sat outside for 2yrs.  Includes accessories....


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