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We have a growing inventory of many different aircraft types including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft to name a few. We also offer engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Items not currently listed in our inventory are possibly still on the aircraft. If we don’t have something in stock, we know where to find it. Please call us for any of your parts needs.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription
885/K40MS25/25-2Switch - Flap
688 100AML 21CBA2AASwitch - Fire Extinguisher
587 817C3100-L-5Switch - Door Warning
487 978C200L-5Switch - Door Warning
587 817C3100-L-5Switch - Door Warning
587 788J4004-WSwitch - Dome Light
487 846SS-36-1-C5Switch - Cabin Temp Control
587 84930-1Switch - Cabin Call
587 967SC2CXL191-96Switch - Belt and No Smoking Lights
487 8602FA54-73Switch - Auxiliary Heat Control
47664-03487 772Switch
47664-02487 772Switch
47664-03487 773Switch
487 804MS25253-1Switch
C204-2Swashplate Lower Arm
C174-1Support Bracket
35-825166Support Assy, Nose wheel steering
D201-5Support Assy - Servo
C174-1Support Assy
1515033-18Sunvisor - RH
1515033-19Sunvisor - LH
0514163-1Sun Visors - Set
0700122-12Sun Visor RH
0700122-13Sun Visor LH
C713011-12Sun Visor Bracket 2 of 2
C713011-12Sun Visor Bracket 1 of 2
764 114Sun Visor Assy
NPNSun Shade Set - Cee Baileys
SL1001-005-1C668540-0102Suction/Vacuum Indicator - Superior Labs
6704-38250-320106Suction Indicator - Manning, Max and Moore
3-310-2Suction Indicator - Gyro Pressure
C668509-01015001ASuction Indicator - Cessna Brand
S1414-1Suction Indicator - Cessna
50-384042-1Suction Indicator - Beechcraft - Standard Precision
1G2-22C668542-0102Suction Indicator - Airborne MFG (3 - 6" of Hg)
1G10-4Suction Indicator (2 - 6" of Mg) - Airborne
1G10-1Suction Indicator (2 - 6" of Mg) - Airborne
1G3-4Suction Indicator (2 - 6" of Mg)
550 629Suction Indicator
AW-1?-21-QSuction Indicator
6704-38250-320106Suction Indicator
AN5771-5Suction Indicator
C668540 -0101SL1001-001-1Suction Indicator
D046-3Strut Weldment RH
D046-1Strut Weldment LH
D046-1Strut Weldment LH
1521001-24Strut Fairing - RH
1521002-25Strut Fairing - LH Upper
1521002-23Strut Fairing - LH Lower
1521001-23Strut Fairing - LH
01-0770028-05Strobe Light Power Supply - Whelen
A490ATSCF01-0770062-03Strobe Light Power Supply - Whelen
A490 , T-DF-14Strobe Light Power Supply - Whelen
01-0770028-05Strobe Light Power Supply - Whelen
A490ATS-DF-14Strobe Light Power Supply
A490ATS-DF-14Strobe Light Power Supply
150-0002RBStrobe Light Power Supply
757 762Strobe Light - Tail Fin - Red Assy
C364-6Strip RH (Cowl)
C380-7Strip LH (Cowl)
2612078-16Stringer - RH
2612078-15Stringer - LH
78-8041-7819-8wx-8Stormscope WX-8 - Weather Radar Display
65896-00Storm / Vent Window
0712400-13Stinger Tail Cone Fairing Assembly
0712402-1Stinger Fairing
0712304-10Stinger Attachment Fitting 2 of 2
0712304-10Stinger Attachment Fitting 1 of 2
0713495-12Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD RH - Gear Box
0713495-12Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD RH - Gear Box
0713495-11Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD LH - Gear Box
0713495-11Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD LH - Gear Box
5804017-501Step Pilots Side LH with two shims
1510041-4961510041-1Step Pad - Cabin - RH
1510041-4961510041-2Step Pad - Cabin - LH
5804017-501Step LH Pilots Side
37706Step Assy - Front Strut
2606033-41Step Assembly - Crew Pilot and Co Pilot
0721203-2Step - Wing Strut - RH
0721203-1Step - Wing Strut - LH
35-410241-12Step - Retractable - Chrome
0713194-2Step - Refueling RH
0713194-1Step - Refueling LH
0713194-1Step - Refueling LH
0741014-496Step - Main Gear RH
0741014-495Step - Main Gear LH
0500276-1Step - Cessna 172 wing strut
169-820039Steering Collar Assy NLG
Steering Bungy
Steering Bungy
Steering Bungy
1A250(1B)Static Inverter 250 VA - Avionic Instruments Inc
1A250(1B)Static Inverter 250 VA - Avionic Instruments Inc
2650012-5Starter/Generator Duct
487 84491100Starter Switch
LW16577Starter Ring Gear Assy - Lycoming
LW-13675Starter Ring Gear Assy - Lycoming
3846777579Starter Ring Gear
77579Starter Ring Gear

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