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We have a growing inventory of many different aircraft types including piston and turbine, single and twin engine, Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft to name a few. We also offer engines, propellers, landing gear, and avionics. All items are sold As-Is, Where-Is with a return policy.

Items not currently listed in our inventory are possibly still on the aircraft. If we don’t have something in stock, we know where to find it. Please call us for any of your parts needs.

The purchaser understands the necessity of conducting an inspection of the Goods prior to the Goods’ first use to check for any defect of the Goods and to ensure the Goods are fit for the Purchaser’s intended use.


Part Number Alternate Part NumberDescription
NPNAir Filter Housing Grate
NPNAir inlet, instrument cooling
NPNAir inlet, instrument cooling
NPNAir Intake Belly Panel
0413163-18Air Outlet Assy
0413163-18Air Outlet Assy
0413163-18Air Outlet Assy with Thermometer
2621010-11Air Scoop Assembly - LH
2621010-12Air Scoop Assembly - RH
307FCAir Temp Guage - Davtron
63994-07Air Vent Deflector
G4000BAir/Oil Separator Assy - Garwin
0750144-21Airbox Assy
0552181-1Airbox Cable Support
0550180-13Airbox Collar
0750166-4Airbox Control Cable Support Bracket
0750038-4Airbox Filter Assembly
0552169-60552169-7Airbox Valve Flapper
251500-0141251500-0141-1Airspeed Differential Pressure Switch
16-310-160Airspeed Indicator
169-380009-7Airspeed indicator - Beechcraft
EA5173-0216-CESAirspeed Indicator - Cessna
S1470N9Airspeed Indicator - Edo Aire
C661065-0209EA-5175-24-CESAirspeed Indicator - EDO Aire
22-696-04Airspeed Indicator - Garwin
22-696-014Airspeed Indicator - Garwin
230-40-207Airspeed Indicator - Mc Leod Instrument corp
EA-5175-52-CESC661065-0237Airspeed Indicator - Sigma Tek
EA-5172-45-CESC661064-0237Airspeed Indicator - Sigma Tek - 200 Knots
AW2829AE02Airspeed Indicator - U.S. Gauge
AW2829AE02Airspeed Indicator - U.S. Gauge
35-324248-11AW-2 3/4-16-BL4F35Airspeed Indicator - U.S. Gauge
8100Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments
8025-1913Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments
8000Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments
8000C599-1Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments
8000C599-4Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments
AW-23/4-16-BL4F35Airspeed Indicator - US Gauge
DOFF10300BRAlternator - 28V - 60Amp - Kelly Aerospace
DOFF10300DAlternator - Aero Electric - Rear Engine
C611501-0102Alternator - Autolite
DOFF10300BAlternator - Electrosystems Inc
DOFF10300DAlternator - Electrosytems - Fwd Engine
DOFF10300BRAlternator - Hartzell 28V 60A - Damaged Fan Wheel
ASG12000-2Alternator - Hartzell Engine Tech
015-01237Alternator - InterAv INC
DOFF10300JRAlternator - Kelly Aerospace
DOFF10300JRAlternator - Kelly Aerospace
ALY6408Alternator 12V - Prestolite
ALU-8521-9Alternator 24V - Hartzell
2601072-8Alternator Arm
015-01240Alternator Bar
2601072-14Alternator Bracket
2618510-10Alternator Control Unit
VR515GA-1A942-4Alternator Control Unit 28V - Voltage Regulator - Electrodelta
101420-01205Altimeter - Aerosonic Altitude Reporting
EA401A42540-8128Altimeter - Encoding - ARC
519 28702-551Altimeter - Encoding - Intercontinental Dynamics
G371-01-1B325Altimeter - Garwin
22-377-01S-1313Altimeter - Garwin
C661071-0101Altimeter - United Instruments
C661071-01015934P-1Altimeter - United Instruments
C661071-01015934P-1Altimeter - United Instruments
5934PAM-1Altimeter - United Instruments
5934PAD-1Altimeter - United Instruments
5035P-P45Altimeter - United Instruments
5934PAD-1Altimeter - United Instruments - Dual Adjustment
463803Altimeter - United Instruments from C-GYFD**NON SERVICE**
375B1U171-002-8Altimeter Edo-Aire
ASC-5AAltitiude Alert/Clock - Electronics Intl
SSD120-XXAAltitude Digitizer
SSD120-XXAAltitude Digitizer
SSD120Altitude Digitizer - Encoder
SSD-120Altitude Digitizer Solid State
A-30Altitude Encoder - Mount Bracket - ACK A-30
8800-T14/28 VDCAltitude Encoder - Trimble/Garmin
A-30Altitude Encoder -ACK
AR-850Altitude Reporter - Narco
AR-850Altitude Reporter - Narco
AR-850Altitude Reporter - Narco
AR-850Altitude Reporter - Narco
VA-1AAmmeter - Electronics International
337B1 E9Ammeter - SW
C662504-0101Ammeter - Volts and Amps Indicator
505590-403Amsafe Reel Kit
46168-00Angle Assy Longitudinal Beam Splice LH
46168-01Angle Assy Longitudinal Beam Splice RH
32GAngle of Attack Indicator - Rosemount
861CD2Angle of Attack Sensor Unit
2611211-32611211-5Angle Reinforcement
MD41-1512Annunciation Control Unit - Garmin
950D0102Annunciator Control Module - International Avionics Inc
21-4BAntenna - Chelton
C598501-0104Antenna - Com - Cessna
CI 121Antenna - Com - Comant - 1 of 2
CI 121Antenna - Com - Comant - 2 of 2
CI 139Antenna - Com VHF Communications
3117-82F6175Antenna - Glide Slope - Chelton
CI 2480-201Antenna - GPS/VHF Comm Combo - Comant Industries
VMA-15Antenna - Marker Beacon - Narco

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