Cessna 172 C-FKXV

This aircrafts last flight occurred in September 2020, marking the end of a remarkable journey. FKXV has sustained significant structural damage throughout its history. Severe damage to the wings, with only one salvageable aileron. Roof skins display wrinkles from past encounters. Evidence of a prop strike and Minor damage to the horizontal stabilizer.

Plane Info:

  • Aircraft Model: Cessna 172
  • Serial Number: FKXV
  • Year of Manufacture: 1959
  • Engine: Continental O-300A

Images and Media: Comprehensive Media Packet

Available Parts:

  • Engine: Powered by a Continental O-300A engine, known for its reliability and efficiency.
  • Undamaged Tail Feathers: Remarkably, the tail feathers remain undamaged.
  • Additional Equipment: Equipped with a Garmin radio pack
  • Airglas 6.00 x 6 Nose Wheel
  • Electrical
  • Instruments
  • Fuel System
  • Flight Controls
  • Wings
  • Landing Gear
  • Avionics
  • Cabin
  • Doors/Windows
  • Fairings/Cowlings
  • Airframe
  • Model 172
  • Serial # 46391
  • Reg C-FKXV
  • Year 1959
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Date of Last Flight Sept/2020
  • Engine Manufacturer Continental
  • Engine Model O-300A
  • Prop Strike Yes
Sold Items

Cessna 172 Aircraft Salvage for Sale


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
0523218-2Aileron Push Pull Rod50.00 USD
S1470N9Airspeed Indicator - Edo Aire200.00 USD
A-30Altitude Encoder - Mount Bracket - ACK A-3020.00 USD
VA-1AAmmeter - Electronics International220.00 USD
GA 26C011-00149-04Antenna - GPS - Garmin50.00 USD
IU284-001-15000L-8Attitude Indicator - Edo Aire625.00 USD
0513013-9Baggage Shelf200.00 USD
0511288-1Bulkhead LH (in front of landing gear boxes)300.00 USD
0511288-2Bulkhead RH (in front of landing gear boxes)300.00 USD
0711027-1Cabin Door Handle Interior - 2 of 2190.00 USD
0511112-16Cabin Door Latch Assembly - 1 of 2800.00 USD
0511112-16Cabin Door Latch Assembly - 2 of 2800.00 USD
0413195-3Cabin Door Plate Assembly - 1 of 2800.00 USD
0413195-3Cabin Door Plate Assembly - 2 of 2700.00 USD
0711023-14Cabin Door Upholstery Retainer - LH - 1 of 250.00 USD
0711023-14Cabin Door Upholstery Retainer - LH - 2 of 250.00 USD
0711023-15Cabin Door Upholstery Retainer - RH100.00 USD
0711050-11Cabin Door Window Frame LH200.00 USD
0710103-7Cabin Light Cover Plate100.00 USD
0413362-5Cabin Window Latch Assembly180.00 USD
MC0713302-5CHCarb Heat Control Cable - McFarlane95.00 USD
498522FCHT Guage - Engine Temperatue Indicator - The Lewis Eng Co125.00 USD
PAI-700Compass - Vertical Card - Precision Aviation180.00 USD
0513146-12Control Lock Collar500.00 USD
0513136-4Control Wheel / Yoke - 1 of 2180.00 USD
0513136-4Control Wheel / Yoke - 2 of 2180.00 USD
04110790411257Control Wheel / Yoke Universal Joint - 1 of 280.00 USD
0411257Control Wheel / Yoke Universal Joint - 2 of 280.00 USD
0511280-3Door Hinge Lower - LH150.00 USD
0534124Elevator Bellcrank Assembly400.00 USD
0532001-47Elevator Tab Actuator Channel55.00 USD
0530010-1Empennage Fairing LH75.00 USD
0530010-2Empennage Fairing RH75.00 USD
05501570550157-34Engine Exhaust LH Stack and RH Stack - Hanlon and Wilson400.00 USD
0513144-6Engine Instrument Cluster250.00 USD
40043Engine Mount Bracket LH Rear400.00 USD
40044Engine Mount Bracket RH Rear400.00 USD
0510166-4Flap Control Lever Assembly600.00 USD
0511191-1Fuel Selector Bracket and Handle Assembly250.00 USD
0513120-5Fuel Selector Valve1,200.00 USD
G199-25Fuel Strainer - Garwin250.00 USD
0311360-4Fuel Tank Cap - Vented65.00 USD
0526001-2S2106-2Fuel Tank Drain Valve15.00 USD
0422130Fuel Tank Strainer90.00 USD
15000E-04Hour Meter - Hobbs50.00 USD
0513158-4Instrument Panel200.00 USD
Interior Panels + Carpet350.00 USD
A-790RD0720Mixture Control Cable - ACS Products95.00 USD
0541124MLG - Axle 1 of 2400.00 USD
0541124MLG - Axle 2 of 2400.00 USD
0511281MLG Bulkhead STA 56.70500.00 USD
0511287MLG Bulkhead STA 65.33700.00 USD
0511071-2MLG Fillet Plate RH30.00 USD
051158-3MLG Spring Leg LH500.00 USD
051158-4MLG Spring Leg RH500.00 USD
0541122-1MLG Support Bracket Inboard LH1,000.00 USD
0541122-2MLG Support Bracket Inboard RH1,000.00 USD
0541121-2MLG Support Bracket Outboard RH2,500.00 USD
0541153MLG Ubolt 1 of 2300.00 USD
0541153MLG Ubolt 2 of 2300.00 USD
TC-12711681-22-1512Navigation Light Green, Grimes, missing strobe and strobe lens150.00 USD
0543018-10543018-497NLG Cap Fitting225.00 USD
0543011-7NLG Steering Arm Assembly400.00 USD
0543035-1NLG Torque Link Upper w/ Lower650.00 USD
BJ1000AHS4XOil Drain Valve - Auto Valve60.00 USD
M-4006-4Oil Pressure Switch - Hobbs20.00 USD
DC290 D1Propeller Governor525.00 USD
0511312-1Rear Seat Bracket 1 of 2150.00 USD
0511312-1Rear Seat Bracket 2 of 2150.00 USD
0511301-19 and 0511301-18Rear Seatbelt Brackets LH and RH (2 of each)200.00 USD
0531104Rudder Fairing - Bottom150.00 USD
0543036-1Schrader Valve Assembly - Landing Gear30.00 USD
90-91R60Seat Belt Assembly - Front - Aero Fabricators - 1 of 2150.00 USD
90-91R60Seat Belt Assembly - Front - Aero Fabricators - 2 of 2120.00 USD
500531Seat Belt Rear - Pair180.00 USD
0500104-54Seat Co-Pilot - LH550.00 USD
0500104-55Seat Co-Pilot - RH550.00 USD
0511293-2Seat Rail Co-Pilot LH220.00 USD
0511293-4Seat Rail Co-Pilot RH150.00 USD
MC0511293-30511293-3Seat Rail Pilot LH - McFarlane150.00 USD
MC0511293-10511293-1Seat Rail Pilot RH - McFarlane250.00 USD
0500104-51Seat Rear - Back450.00 USD
0500104-50Seat Rear - Bottom450.00 USD
0842400-8Shimmy Damper400.00 USD
C668540 -0101SL1001-001-1Suction Indicator180.00 USD
567DM0411087-28Tachometer - Cessna 172120.00 USD
0531001-1Tail Fin and Dorsal1,900.00 USD
MCS12222-2SThrottle Cable - McFarlane100.00 USD
0310293-2Trim Tab Actuator - Elevator350.00 USD
1J10-1Vacuum Inlet Filter - Parker40.00 USD
RA2H3-12Vacuum Regulator Valve - Rapco150.00 USD
AN5807-1Venturi Tube80.00 USD
G991-01-1CVertical Speed Indicator - Garwin INC195.00 USD
0713011-13Visor Assembly120.00 USD
0713011-12Visor Bracket60.00 USD
R1224BVoltage Regulator - Plane Power135.00 USD
52077-5Warning Horn Buzzer120.00 USD
0523700Wing Tip - RH- Aluminum250.00 USD

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