Cessna 182L C-FWOK

During a grass runway landing, the Main Landing Gear (MLG) touched down on soft ground, leading to an off-runway veer into a soft field and an overturn. The impact resulted in the tail section being completely broken off. The Nose Landing Gear (NLG) folded under the aircraft. Both the wings and fuselage exhibit significant wrinkling

Plane Info:

  • Model: C182L
  • Manufacturer: Cessna
  • Year: 1968
  • Engine: Factory remanufactured in 1993

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Available Parts:

  • Despite significant damage, the cabin interior remains in average condition.
  • The factory remanufactured engine from 1993 offers potential value for engine components.
  • Wings
  • Cabin
  • Flight Controls
  • Landing Gear
  • Electrical
  • Instruments
  • Avionics
  • Engines
  • Propellers
  • Fairings/Cowlings
  • Fuel System
  • Airframe
  • Doors/Windows
  • Miscellaneous
  • Model 182L
  • Serial # 182-58862
  • Reg C-FWOK
  • Year 1968
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Airframe 5127
  • Date of Last Flight Sept 2017
  • Propeller Manufacturer McCauley
  • Propeller Model 2A34C66-NP
  • TSO/TSN 1031
  • Year of OH/NE 1993
  • Prop Strike YES
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Sold Items
  • RH cabin door assembly
  • Yoke Assembly co-pilot
  • Rudder pedals co-pilot
  • Pilot seat

Cessna 182L Aircraft Salvage for Sale


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
312V Relay Contactor - Starter70.00 USD
551AADF - Indicator - Servo Amp - Bendix175.00 USD
0523800-16Aileron - LH - Damaged on underside500.00 USD
0523218Aileron Control Rod115.00 USD
0413163-18Air Outlet Assy50.00 USD
8100Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments400.00 USD
C611501-0102Alternator - Autolite200.00 USD
32350-FARC Course Indicator175.00 USD
0411030-6Ashtray50.00 USD
0512167-30Battery Box Assembly with Bracket250.00 USD
C621001-0106Beacon Light Strobe Red Assy190.00 USD
0541138-3Brake Master Cylinder210.00 USD
0711674-3Bulkhead Assembly STA 921,300.00 USD
1200231-2Cabin Air Vent - RH210.00 USD
0511229-2Cabin Assist Handle45.00 USD
0710620-217Cabin Door - LH - Damaged1,900.00 USD
0413195-5Cabin Door Handle Bearing Plate120.00 USD
0711037-17Cabin Door Hinge Half LH Upper Aft400.00 USD
0711037-19Cabin Door Hinge Half Upper LH Forward200.00 USD
0711037-18Cabin Door Hinge Half Upper RH Forward200.00 USD
0711037-21Cabin Door Hinge Lower LH Aft200.00 USD
0711037-19Cabin Door Hinge Lower LH Forward200.00 USD
1511205-13Cabin Door Latch Assembly LH800.00 USD
0711050-18Cabin Door Window Frame300.00 USD
C660501-0103C-2200Compass lighted - Cessna100.00 USD
1260463-1Control Lock Assy100.00 USD
1200756-7Cover Assy - Console - Lighted175.00 USD
5225-4Cover Plates - Inspection Plates40.00 USD
0700734-3Cowl Cover - Winterization - LH125.00 USD
0700734-4Cowl Cover - Winterization - RH125.00 USD
S1244-3Cowl Flap Cable - Pilot200.00 USD
164-26ADisc Brake Rotor - Cleveland50.00 USD
164-26ADisc Brake Rotor - Cleveland50.00 USD
46150EGT Indicator - Alcor120.00 USD
1234608-3Elevator Tip - Stene Aviatioin - LH65.00 USD
1234608-4Elevator Tip - Stene Aviation - RH65.00 USD
0734110-1Elevator Torque Tube LH450.00 USD
0734110-2Elevator Torque Tube RH450.00 USD
0760133-1Elevator Trim Push Pull Tube225.00 USD
1260074-10310293-14Elevator Trim Tab Actuator Assy350.00 USD
0752600-202Engine Cowl Upper - Damaged700.00 USD
Engine Ex haust manifolds only500.00 USD
C669502-0201436365-L12Engine Instrument Cluster375.00 USD
0720613-1Fairing - Aft wing to Fuselage LH45.00 USD
0720613-2Fairing - Aft wing to Fuselage RH45.00 USD
0732615-1Fairing Stabilizer LH150.00 USD
0732615-2Fairing Stabilizer RH150.00 USD
0720615-1Fillet - Wing to Fuselage Leading Edge LH120.00 USD
0720615-2Fillet - Wing to Fuselage Leading Edge RH120.00 USD
NPNFire Ext Bracket Assy75.00 USD
0523614-1Fitting - Wing Strut Upper200.00 USD
0523901-33Flap Assembly LH1,000.00 USD
0523901-34Flap Assembly RH880.00 USD
C726110-1390G-M1Fuel Level Transmitter - Stewart Warner140.00 USD
0716613-1Fuel Selector Valve1,200.00 USD
0716623-2Fuel Selector Valve Handle50.00 USD
1220022-3Fuel Tank Cover Plate - Blank400.00 USD
1220022-3Fuel Tank Cover Plate - Blank400.00 USD
800430-6004-006GPS - Flybuddy Plus II Morrow Apollo250.00 USD
SA1232604-1Horizontal Stabilizer Tip50.00 USD
0713278-1Instrument Panel Cover LH75.00 USD
0713866-6Instrument Panel Cover RH75.00 USD
0713778-4Map Compartment75.00 USD
0541124-1MLG Axle - Solid500.00 USD
0541124-1MLG Axle - Solid500.00 USD
0741601-1MLG Spring - LH650.00 USD
0741601-2MLG Spring - RH650.00 USD
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - 1 of 2400.00 USD
40-86MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland - 2 of 2400.00 USD
0741046-7MLG Wheel Fairing Mounting Plate Assy LH190.00 USD
0741046-8MLG Wheel Fairing Mounting Plate Assy RH190.00 USD
0543013-1NLG Fitting - Upper225.00 USD
0743604NLG Steering Torque Arm950.00 USD
0442506-8NLG Stop Lug98.00 USD
0743607-1NLG Strut Tube Assembly2,600.00 USD
1241156-12NLG Wheel Assembly325.00 USD
5-50140Oil Pressure Guage - Scott Aviation100.00 USD
C165001-0102Oil Separator - Cessna80.00 USD
C668507-0101Outside Air Temp Guage and wing insert100.00 USD
1213243-3Panel Light Cover90.00 USD
0721105-15Pitot Tube - Heated525.00 USD
0721115-1Pitot Tube Mount Connector and Doubler140.00 USD
C290-D2D/T1Propeller Governor - McCauley650.00 USD
201C1U022Radio - ADF Receiver T-12C - Bendix175.00 USD
S1668-1Relay35.00 USD
0700678-7Seat - Rear Cessna 182 split back650.00 USD
206442Seat belt - lap harness restraint - Hooker250.00 USD
HH 300102Seat Belt Shoulder Harness Restraint - Hooker - Set of LH and RH460.00 USD
0743622Shimmy Damper600.00 USD
0732614-2Stabilizer - Forward Fairing RH60.00 USD
0741014-495Step - Main Gear LH450.00 USD
0741014-496Step - Main Gear RH450.00 USD
S1414-1Suction Indicator - Cessna150.00 USD
RT-71548713Tachometer - AC65.00 USD
0712628-2Tail Section Assembly3,200.00 USD
0712615-1Tail Section Bulkhead Sta 209900.00 USD
0712616-1Tail Section Bulkhead Sta 230.1871,400.00 USD
0712617-2Tail Section Horizontal Bulkhead270.00 USD
606C61-6Tire 6.00 - 6 Flight Special 295.00 USD
606C61-6Tire 6.00 - 6 Flight Special 295.00 USD
75-37Torque Plates (2)140.00 USD
SPO-40Transcom 4-Way - Sigtronics225.00 USD
G455PMVacuum Pump - Wet - Weston/Garwin125.00 USD
51392-N2Vertical Speed Indicator - Cessna195.00 USD
04FF-10316-BAVoltage Regulator - Ford60.00 USD
KI208066-3056-00VOR/LOC Converter/Indicator - King300.00 USD
52077-5Warning Horn Buzzer120.00 USD
0720601-210Wing - LH - w/ extended range tank - Damaged3,500.00 USD
0720601-207Wing - RH with extended range tank - Damaged2,800.00 USD
0523230Wing Rib Trailing Edge LH Station 100.5180.00 USD
0523230-1Wing Rib Trailing Edge RH Station 100.5180.00 USD
0723612-4Wing Strut Fairing Lower RH90.00 USD
0723605-4Wing Strut Fairing Upper RH90.00 USD
0723610-6Wing Strut RH800.00 USD

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