Beechcraft H35 Bonanza C-FJUO

This aircraft encountered an incident during landing, striking a fence post with its right-hand wing and experiencing a nose landing gear collapse. Some damage to the right-hand wing and forward structure. 

Plane Info:

  • Aircraft Model: H35 Bonanza
  • Serial Number: D5104
  • Year of Manufacture: 1957
  • Engine: Continental IO-470N

Availible Parts:

  • Propellers
  • Engines
  • Landing Gear
  • Instruments
  • Flight Controls
  • Fuel System
  • Wings
  • Fairings/Cowlings
  • Cabin
  • Avionics
  • Airframe
  • Electrical
  • Doors/Windows
  • Model H35 Bonanza
  • Serial # D5104
  • Reg C-FJUO
  • Year 1957
  • Manufacturer Beechcraft
  • Date of Last Flight Aug 2019
  • Engine Manufacturer Continental
  • Engine Model IO-470N
  • TSO/TSN 3735.7
  • Prop Strike Yes
Sold Items
  • Engine, Ruddervators
  • Ailerons, Control Wheel assemnly dual
  • Elevator trim tabs, ELT
  • Engine exhaust, Flap assemblies
  • MLG door assemblies, Strobe light

Beechcraft H35 Bonanza Aircraft Salvage for Sale


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
35-410446-89Access Door Nose Section25.00 USD
KR 86066-1038-00ADF - Combo Unit - King300.00 USD
35-324248-11AW-2 3/4-16-BL4F35Airspeed Indicator - U.S. Gauge75.00 USD
5934PAD-1Altimeter - United Instruments - Dual Adjustment800.00 USD
35-410462 ??Battery Box With Lid - Possibly home made or aftermarket kit150.00 USD
30-66Brake Caliper - Cleveland - LH400.00 USD
30-66Brake Caliper - Cleveland - RH400.00 USD
NPNCHT Probe60.00 USD
35-324058-8Circuit Breaker Cover LH45.00 USD
35-324058-7Circuit Breaker Cover RH45.00 USD
338F-71DCompass - Directional Indicator - Kollsman Instrument Corp100.00 USD
NPNControl Lock30.00 USD
KI-201C066-3008-02Course Select Indicator - King100.00 USD
35-910160-24Cowling Assembly, Engine2,000.00 USD
35-410070-60635-410070-2Door Assy, Baggage185.00 USD
35-410145-612Door Assy, Fuel Strainer Rear
35-415330-108Door, Upper Firewall
35-825072DRAG BRACE ASSY - UPPER - NLG950.00 USD
Engine Crankcase Vent Oil Separator80.00 USD
35-415330-602Firewall Assy, Lower
35-415330-662Firewall Assy, Upper
45-521212-SA545-521212-605Flap Actuator - RH595.00 USD
35-921218-5Fuel Bladder Cell LH550.00 USD
22-869BFuel Pressure Gauge - Garwin100.00 USD
35-410253Fuel Selector Valve Cover150.00 USD
416-25Fuel Tank Cap80.00 USD
416-25Fuel Tank Cap70.00 USD
35-410446-79Fuselage Nose Grill150.00 USD
401Intercom - Flightcom 401120.00 USD
Interior Cabin Door Handle180.00 USD
35-415343-618Keel Assy, Fuselage FWD LH
35-415343-619Keel Assy, Fuselage FWD RH
35-380012AW-2 3/4-25-P2F32Manifold Pressure Gauge - U.S. Gauge70.00 USD
MCI-105CMixture Control Indicator EGT - Alcor75.00 USD
35-815001MLG Assy - LH1,400.00 USD
35-815001-1MLG Assy - RH1,400.00 USD
35-815155-611MLG Brace Assembly - RH800.00 USD
35-815055-64MLG Door Assy - LH Otbd1,000.00 USD
35-815055-65MLG Door Assy - RH Otbd1,200.00 USD
35-815129MLG Leg Assembly - RH100.00 USD
35-810075-5MLG Retract Actuator Assembly1,850.00 USD
35-810075-3MLG Retract Motor Assembly900.00 USD
40-98MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland400.00 USD
40-98MLG Wheel Assembly - Cleveland400.00 USD
35-410446-602Nose Assy, Cowl and bulkhead
35-410000-658Panel Assy, Engine Compartment LH
35-410000-659Panel Assy, Engine Compartment RH
Type 782-01Pitot Tube Heated With mount bracket - Kollsman250.00 USD
80.LBS.S14Propeller Governor - Woodward type 210175 H380.00 USD
278-204-21Propeller Hub - Beechcraft400.00 USD
35-944009Push Pull Knob - Cabin Heat, Parking Brake, Cowl Flaps35.00 USD
35-524061Rudder Pedal System Instalation2,500.00 USD
Seat Belt - Shoulder Harness Kit- BAS700.00 USD
4076-1-311-8044Seat Belts Front Lap250.00 USD
50-534269-15Seat Belts Rear Lap200.00 USD
35-534369-2Seat Co-Pilot RH300.00 USD
35-534369-1Seat Pilot LH300.00 USD
35-534360Seat Rear Back250.00 USD
35-534360Seat Rear Bottom350.00 USD
Spinner - 2 Blade from Beechcraft Hub 278 204 21800.00 USD
35-650005-601Stabilizer Assembly LH850.00 USD
6704-38250-320106Suction Indicator80.00 USD
35-825166Support Assy, Nose wheel steering
D1-112-502398480-23Tachometer - Mitchell Aircraft Products160.00 USD
35-380001-3002-440033-43 ???Tail Cone - Longer Metal style660.00 USD
212CWVacuum Pump - Dry - Airborne220.00 USD
G993-01-1B2059Vertical Speed Indicator - Garwin150.00 USD
J-7530-1Vibration Isolators - LORD - worn out50.00 USD
35-115388-631Wing - LH - w/ Gear5,000.00 USD
35-115388-632Wing - RH w/ Gear3,800.00 USD
11052Wing Tip - LH ___ MET-CO-AIRE400.00 USD
11052Wing Tip - RH ___ MET-CO-AIRE200.00 USD

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