Cessna A185E C-FZRF

This aircraft suffered structural damage due to water submersion and a prop strike from a float impact during landing. Despite the damage, the engine has been drained and preserved, remaining in excellent condition. The incident led to the floats being ripped from the fuselage, with the spreader bars lost in the lake. The aircraft retains good tail feathers and one intact float.

Plane Info:

  • Aircraft Model: Cessna 185E
  • Serial Number: FZRF
  • Manufacturing Year: 1971
  • Airframe Total Time Since New (TSN): 3856 hours
  • Engine: Continental IO-520D (S/N 563335) with 1226 hours Time Since Overhaul (TSO)
  • Propeller: McCauley D2A34C58 (S/N 7144202) with 534 hours TSO

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Available Parts:

  • Landing Gear
  • Airframe
  • Cabin
  • Doors/Windows
  • Flight Controls
  • Avionics
  • Fairings/Cowlings
  • Electrical
  • Fuel System
  • Instruments
  • Engines
  • Propellers
  • Model A185E
  • Serial # 185 01824
  • Reg C-FZRF
  • Year 1971
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Airframe 3856
  • Date of Last Flight Aug 2018
  • Engine Manufacturer Continental
  • Engine Model IO-520D
  • Propeller Manufacturer McCauley
  • Propeller Model D2A34C58N
  • Prop Strike Yes
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Sold Items
  • Engine, Bubble side windows
  • Elevators, Float hatches, struts
  • MLG, axles, Brake calipers
  • Fibreglass interior panel set
  • Rudder assembly, Tail fin
  • Vertical Stabilizer, Windshield, Wing Struts

Cessna A185E Aircraft Salvage for Sale


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
0724115-1Aileron Balance weight80.00 USD
0523223Aileron Bellcrank - LH325.00 USD
0523807Aileron Hinge65.00 USD
0710013-5Air Vent Assembly100.00 USD
0750162-10Airbox Assembly Induction System800.00 USD
0711101-29Baggage Door900.00 USD
0513006-103Bulkhead Aft400.00 USD
0513006-24Bulkhead Aft Angle Reinforcement320.00 USD
0713495-13Bulkhead Aft Plate Reinforcement - LH500.00 USD
0713495-14Bulkhead Aft Plate Reinforcement - RH500.00 USD
0711023-101Cabin Door - LH - Damaged No window frame600.00 USD
0711023-100Cabin Door - RH - Damaged600.00 USD
1511205-16Cabin Door Latch Assembly LH800.00 USD
1511205-17Cabin Door Latch Assembly RH800.00 USD
0711037-4Cabin Door Lower Aft Hinge Half300.00 USD
0711037-1Cabin Door Upper Aft Hinge Half - LH450.00 USD
0711050-5Cabin Door Window Frame - LH250.00 USD
0711050-6Cabin Door Window Frame - RH250.00 USD
0753011-3Cabin Heat Control Valve425.00 USD
0413163-18Cabin Ventilation outlet100.00 USD
Cannot ReadCompass - Airpath70.00 USD
1560001-13Control Yoke / Wheel300.00 USD
0752014-1Cowl Flap LH650.00 USD
0711037-5Door Hinge Upper LH FWD250.00 USD
0711699-1Door Latch Clutch LH with Escutcheon Plate 0711698-3250.00 USD
0711699-2Door Latch Clutch RH with Escutcheon Plate 0711698-4250.00 USD
0511116-8Door Sill LH425.00 USD
0511116-8Door Sill LH425.00 USD
0511116-9Door Sill RH425.00 USD
0511116-9Door Sill RH425.00 USD
0511000-36Door Sill Support LH280.00 USD
05110000-36Door Sill Support LH280.00 USD
0511000-37Door Sill Support RH280.00 USD
0511000-37Door sill Support RH280.00 USD
0513006-8Doorpost Splice Plate -LH120.00 USD
0513006-22Doorpost Splice Plate -RH370.00 USD
npnEdo 2960 Float Hatches x270.00 USD
49136Edo Float Rudder Post LH290.00 USD
49135Edo Float Rudder Post RH290.00 USD
1234029-1Elevator Arm (Pylon) Assembly400.00 USD
453-6603ELT - ME406 - Was Water submerged200.00 USD
ELT Antenna50.00 USD
Engine Baffle Set250.00 USD
0752031-210Engine Cowl - Lower with LH Cowl Flap and "S" Duct2,600.00 USD
Engine Exhaust - RH Manifold250.00 USD
0750161-28Engine Exhaust Muffler225.00 USD
0750238-47Exhaust Stack Assy360.00 USD
0753023-3Firewall - Sheet750.00 USD
0523901-32Flap Assembly RH1,000.00 USD
0523535Flap Bellcrank - LH250.00 USD
0510166-4Flap Control Lever Assembly600.00 USD
0512128Flap Pulley Bracket160.00 USD
36653Float Fitting Rear Fuselage RH65.00 USD
5036 10 RH5036 9 LHFloat Steps , one LH one RH150.00 USD
36813Float Strut Rear RH170.00 USD
2960Floats - Edo - Damaged
0716129-1Fuel Pump Bracket - for aux electric pump350.00 USD
0716613-4737-4Fuel Selector Valve - H&E1,200.00 USD
0716623-2Fuel Selector Valve Handle50.00 USD
0756005-3Fuel Strainer Assembly425.00 USD
C156003-0101Fuel Tank Cap - Vented75.00 USD
1220022-3Fuel Tank Cover Plate - Blank400.00 USD
0510114-500510114-51Fuselage Tunnel Bulkhead LH and RH
0513309-1Heater Duct 1/2200.00 USD
0513309-1Heater Duct 2/2200.00 USD
0713764-13Instrument Panel - Cover200.00 USD
0523118-1Landing Light150.00 USD
0713495-63MLG Landing Gear Support Bracket - LH1,750.00 USD
0713495-64MLG Landing Gear Support Bracket - RH1,750.00 USD
01-0770509-0270509Nav Light Beacon - Whelen160.00 USD
0713495-17Plate100.00 USD
C290-D2C/T9Propeller Governor - McCauley500.00 USD
S1668-1Relay30.00 USD
npnRudder Pedal Assembly - C185E650.00 USD
Rudder Trim Assembly with bungee, dial an pulleys in cabin only1,200.00 USD
S6250Saf-Air - Quick Drain Valve70.00 USD
0732102-4Seal - Stabilizer Lower RH
0732102-3Seal-Stabilizer Lower LH
1200505-1Seat - Adjust Pin180.00 USD
1414230-1Seat - Back Adjust Cam225.00 USD
1514223-28Seat - Back Adjust Link195.00 USD
0514043-1Seat - Back Adjust Pawl280.00 USD
1200605-35Seat - Front - regular adjustable850.00 USD
1200605-35Seat - Front - regular adjustable with Amsafe Stop Reel but damaged legs and rollers500.00 USD
1200504-3Seat - Recline Adjust Arm Handle400.00 USD
1414223-34Seat - Torque Tube Assembly195.00 USD
0711083-1Seat Belt Latch Assembly185.00 USD
0713495-55Spacer190.00 USD
0712500-1Stabilizer Trim Actuator Assembly LH750.00 USD
0712500-2Stabilizer Trim Actuator Assembly RH - parts only560.00 USD
37706Step Assy - Front Strut320.00 USD
0712307-1Tail / Empennage Fairing LH100.00 USD
0712311-15Tail Bulkhead Assembly Station 209.00360.00 USD
0712400-13Tail Cone / Stinger Fairing Assembly380.00 USD
0712305-3Tail Gear Mount LH300.00 USD
0712305-4Tail Gear Mount RH300.00 USD
0742200-5Tail Wheel Steering Spring - Early Short One Piece50.00 USD
0712205-10Tailcone Bulkhead STA 230.187550.00 USD
0712204-5Tailcone Bulkhead Station 215.687425.00 USD
0712207-2Tailcone Reinforcement Angle RH1,099.00 USD
0712304-3Tailcone Reinforcement Panel LH50.00 USD
0712304-4Tailcone Reinforcement Panel RH60.00 USD
0712000-7Tailcone Skin345.00 USD
0742147-41642000-4Tailwheel Spring400.00 USD
0742112Tailwheel Spring Gear Mount Bushings x230.00 USD
0761205-8Trim Wheel Sssembly330.00 USD
0711131-3Upholstery Retainer LH260.00 USD
0711131-4Upholstery Retainer RH260.00 USD
S1483-2Window Handle Assy LH150.00 USD
1217063-1Window Latch Handle Interior LH150.00 USD

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