Cessna 170A C-GXZZ

Plane Info:

  • Model: Cessna C170A
  • Designation: GXZZ
  • Year: 1951
  • Condition: Salvaged aircraft
  • Damages: Ground loop landing resulting in a prop strike, bent left wing, buckled fuselage, and ripped-out left gear leg. Right wing and tail feathers are in good condition.

Availible Parts:

  • Wings
  • Electrical
  • Airframe
  • Flight Controls
  • Cabin
  • Avionics
  • Fuel System
  • Fairings/Cowlings
  • Engines
  • Instruments
  • Landing Gear
  • Doors/Windows
  • Model 170A
  • Serial # 18844
  • Reg C-GXZZ
  • Year 1951
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Airframe 4011.5
  • Prop Strike Yes
Sold Items


Control Yokes

Brake Calipers

Elevator Assembly LH

Front upholstery cover

Instrument panel and cover


Step assembly

Tail fin fairings

Tail wheel assy



Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
0523218-2Aileron Push Pull Rod125.00 USD
530852 ???Airbox Assembly230.00 USD
8000Airspeed Indicator - United Instruments350.00 USD
337B1 E9Ammeter - SW60.00 USD
S1309N1Attitude Indicator - Vintage 4"120.00 USD
npnBendix P Leads and Capacitors90.00 USD
0511106-55Cabin Door - RH - Damaged400.00 USD
0511227Cabin Door Handle Shaft115.00 USD
0411579-4Cabin Door Hinge Lower70.00 USD
0511112-6Cabin Door Latch Assembly275.00 USD
0511106-45Cabin Door Panel Inteior Tan RH120.00 USD
0511106-51Cabin Door Window Assembly RH125.00 USD
C660501-0202Compass Lighted - Airpath130.00 USD
npnControl Column Universal Joint - Cessna90.00 USD
npnControl Column Universal Joint - Cessna90.00 USD
JH 5500Directional Gyro - Vintage - Jack and Heintz100.00 USD
0413142Dome light120.00 USD
0511116Door Sill LH600.00 USD
0511116-1Door Sill RH600.00 USD
0334109-2Elevator Trim Arm Tube150.00 USD
Engine Baffle Set - fits Continental C-145-2125.00 USD
0552000-52Engine Cowl Lower - Damaged400.00 USD
0550157-34Engine Exhaust Pieces - Hanlon and Wilson325.00 USD
0551000Engine Mount425.00 USD
40044Engine Mount Bracket Left Front400.00 USD
40043Engine Mount Bracket Left Rear400.00 USD
40043Engine Mount Bracket Right Front400.00 USD
40044Engine Mount Bracket Right Rear400.00 USD
0511282-2Engine Mount Upper LH Airframe Stringer380.00 USD
0511282-6Engine Mount Upper LH Mount Plate380.00 USD
0511282-3Engine Mount Upper RH Airframe Stringer380.00 USD
0511282-6Engine Mount Upper RH Mount Plate380.00 USD
0523225Flap Link Assembly315.00 USD
0511130Front Door Post Upper Cover Shield LH90.00 USD
0523520Fuel Tank LH450.00 USD
0523520-1Fuel Tank RH450.00 USD
0332000-10Horizontal Stabilizer2,200.00 USD
10-51104-12AIgnition Switch - Bendix60.00 USD
0541124-1MLG Axle 1 of 2 - Solid Core Heavy Duty65.00 USD
0541124-1MLG Axle 2 of 2 - Solid Core Heavy Duty85.00 USD
2525-5-168Oil Pressure Indicator - Rochester40.00 USD
Outside Air Thermometer with wing insert80.00 USD
0533000Rudder Assembly700.00 USD
0533000-11Rudder Bellcrank220.00 USD
1460320-1Rudder Pedals - Co Pilot - Set of 285.00 USD
0511301-104Seat - Front450.00 USD
0511301-104Seat - Front500.00 USD
Seat Belts Front100.00 USD
Stall Warning Horn With Light - Safe Flight200.00 USD
0411087-3Tachometer95.00 USD
0512000-75SK70A52-ATailwheel Bracket Assembly1,700.00 USD
5-40512Temperature Indicator - Rochester250.00 USD
622-2092-001Transponder - Collins - TDR-950500.00 USD
Wing - LH3,500.00 USD
0523606-1Wing Strut Assembly - RH400.00 USD

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