Cessna C185F C-FZEL

This aircraft encountered a fuel starvation mishap, collided with trees during an approach to a lake, resulting in float detachment and a water landing in 4ft of water. Aircraft sustained severe damage throughout.

Plane Info:

  • Aircraft Model: Cessna C185F
  • Year of Manufacture: 1971
  • Manufacturer: Cessna
  • Airframe Total Time Since New (TSN): 3864.8

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Available Parts:

  • Salvageable Parts: Despite the damage, several valuable airframe parts are available.
  • Cabin Seats: Salvageable, offering an opportunity for refurbishment and restoration.
  • Atlee Dodge Firewall Battery Mod: Installed, enhancing structural integrity.
  • Undamaged Components: Landing gear boxes, forward door posts, and associated structure mostly undamaged, providing a solid foundation for restoration efforts.
  • Cowlings: A complete set of cowls available, though they may be mismatched from the 180 lower cowls.
  • Engines
  • Flight Controls
  • Fairings/Cowlings
  • Propellers
  • Cabin
  • Doors/Windows
  • Electrical
  • Airframe
  • Fuel System
  • Landing Gear
  • Avionics
  • Wings
  • Model C185F
  • Serial # 185 02061
  • Reg C-FZEL
  • Year 1971
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Airframe 3864.8
  • Date of Last Flight Sep 2018
  • Propeller Manufacturer McCauley
  • Propeller Model D3A34C-401-C
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Sold Items
  • Engine
  • Atlee Dodge Jump Seat, and co-pilot seat
  • Horizontal Stabilizer
  • Tail Fin Assy/Vertical Fin And Rudder
  • Induction air duct adapter and door
  • Spinner
  • Upper Engine Cowl

Cessna C185F Aircraft Salvage for Sale


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
0523800-19Aileron - LH900.00 USD
0523800-18Aileron - RH400.00 USD
0523223Aileron Bellcrank - LH295.00 USD
0523223-1Aileron Bellcrank - RH295.00 USD
0523218Aileron Push Pull Rod45.00 USD
NPNAir Filter Housing Grate30.00 USD
1414082-20Armrest Assy (door pull)50.00 USD
0717000-13Baggage Door400.00 USD
0711111-1Baggage Door Lock Cylinder Cam50.00 USD
C253001-0101Baggage Door Lock Cylinder NO KEY50.00 USD
0513006-103Bulkhead Aft400.00 USD
0513006-24Bulkhead Aft Angle Reinforcement320.00 USD
0713495-13Bulkhead Aft Plate Reinforcement - LH500.00 USD
0713495-14Bulkhead Aft Plate Reinforcement - RH500.00 USD
0713495-9Bulkhead Aft Stiffener - LH330.00 USD
0713495-10Bulkhead Aft Stiffener - RH500.00 USD
0513006-46Bulkhead Assembly - Doorpost Aft LH400.00 USD
0513006-74Bulkhead Assembly - Doorpost Aft RH400.00 USD
0711023-105Cabin Door - LH - Damaged700.00 USD
0711203-104Cabin Door - RH - Damaged700.00 USD
0711063-6Cabin Door Latch Bracket Assembly150.00 USD
0711037-1Cabin Door Upper Aft Hinge Half - LH450.00 USD
0711037-2Cabin Door Upper Aft Hinge Half RH - Damaged - With pin S1426-2100.00 USD
S1483-2Cabin Door Window Frame Latch80.00 USD
0711050-5Cabin Door Window Frame LH250.00 USD
0711050-6Cabin Door Window Frame RH with hinges250.00 USD
0753011-3Cabin Heat Control Valve350.00 USD
1560001-13Control Wheel / Yoke300.00 USD
0752628-1Cowl Access Door Assembly with hinge550.00 USD
0752015-19Cowl Flap Hinge Bracket LH420.00 USD
0752015-39Cowl Flap Hinge Bracket RH420.00 USD
0711037-3Door Hinge Lower LH AFT300.00 USD
0711037-4Door Hinge Lower RH AFT300.00 USD
0711037-10Door Hinge Upper LH FWD250.00 USD
0711037-5Door Hinge Upper LH FWD250.00 USD
1511205-16Door Latch Assy LH950.00 USD
1511205-17Door Latch Assy RH800.00 USD
0711699-1Door Latch Clutch LH with Escutcheon Plate 0711698-3250.00 USD
0711699-2Door Latch Clutch RH with Escutcheon Plate 0711698-4250.00 USD
0511116-8Door Sill LH425.00 USD
0511116-9Door Sill RH425.00 USD
0511000-36Door Sill Support LH280.00 USD
0511000-37Door Sill Support RH280.00 USD
0513006-144Doorpost Assembly RH4,000.00 USD
0513006-8Doorpost Splice Plate -LH120.00 USD
0513006-22Doorpost Splice Plate -RH370.00 USD
0513006-61Doubler - Gear Box165.00 USD
0513006-62Doubler - Gear Box150.00 USD
0513006-62Doubler - Gear Box FWD150.00 USD
0513006-61Doubler - Gear Box FWD165.00 USD
0734600-21Elevator - LH900.00 USD
npnEngine Baffle Kit for Continental 10-520-D250.00 USD
Engine Exhaust system450.00 USD
0751003-31Engine Mount - Floatplane1,200.00 USD
3107-23Eyebot - EDO - 1 of 2298.00 USD
3107-23Eyebot - EDO - 2 of 2298.00 USD
0753023-4Firewall - Sheet750.00 USD
0523901-35Flap Assembly LH800.00 USD
0523901-38Flap Assembly RH400.00 USD
0523535Flap Bellcrank - LH295.00 USD
0523535-1Flap Bellcrank - RH295.00 USD
0523537Flap Push Pull Rod45.00 USD
2960Float - Edo RH only
36652Float Fitting Rear Fuselage LH65.00 USD
36653Float Fitting Rear Fuselage RH65.00 USD
4140-00-17Fuel Boost Pump - Dukes500.00 USD
0720007-7Fuel Line Aft - Straight150.00 USD
0716613-4Fuel Selector Valve1,200.00 USD
0716613-4Fuel Selector Valve
0716623-2Fuel Selector Valve Handle50.00 USD
0716111-1HE757Fuel Shutoff Valve600.00 USD
0756005-3Fuel Stainer Assy250.00 USD
0756005-3Fuel Strainer Assembly425.00 USD
0716109-1Fuel Valve800.00 USD
0513006-144Fuselage Doorpost Assembly RH3,500.00 USD
0715015-12Interior Panel - RH Aft Lwr50.00 USD
0713495-7Landing Gear Support Bracket Inboard LH1,000.00 USD
0513006-103Landing Gear Support Bulkhead Aft450.00 USD
0513006-9Landing Gear Support Bulkhead Forward450.00 USD
0523118-1Landing Light Bulb - GE - 1 of 2150.00 USD
0523118-1Landing Light Bulb - GE - 2 of 2150.00 USD
NPNLanding Light Window - Horton STOL150.00 USD
0752022-1Lower Engine Cowl Stiffner350.00 USD
0752626-1Oil Door Upper Engine Cowl220.00 USD
0713495-17Plate100.00 USD
0713495-15Plate - FWD bulkhead Reinforcement LH - Gear Box625.00 USD
0713495-16Plate - FWD bulkhead Reinforcement RH - Gear Box625.00 USD
ATG21 0760PCU5000Propeller Governor
0710112-2Rear Window Retainer RH80.00 USD
0710111-2Rear Window Retainer RH110.00 USD
0710110-2Rear Window Retainer RH150.00 USD
S1668-1Relay35.00 USD
npnRudder Pedal Assembly - C185E580.00 USD
1260458-7Rudder Stow Cable controls400.00 USD
Rudder Trim Assembly with bungee, dial an pulleys in cabin only1,200.00 USD
0713851-10Rudder Trim Bracket700.00 USD
0515001Seat - Infinite Adjust - Pilot850.00 USD
S-1746 CC27 (x3) , S2275 CC103 (x1)Seat Belts - Rear Lap only120.00 USD
Ski Fittings Kit - 4 front Fuselage Fittings400.00 USD
0713495-55Spacer190.00 USD
Spinner backing plate with forward support600.00 USD
0712213Stabilizer Stop340.00 USD
NPNStall Fence- Horton STOL80.00 USD
1510041-4961510041-2Step Pad - Cabin - LH180.00 USD
1510041-4961510041-1Step Pad - Cabin - RH180.00 USD
0713495-11Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD LH - Gear Box750.00 USD
0713495-12Stiffner - Bulkhead FWD RH - Gear Box750.00 USD
0712001-1Tail Fin Support Bracket - Aft300.00 USD
0761205Trim Wheel Assembly330.00 USD
1394T100-3Z2003-358Turn Coordinader - Mid Continent
RA216CWVacuum Pump - Dry125.00 USD
0450314-1Vent Tube Elbow60.00 USD
0711021-7Window Latch Plates from LH door (x2)50.00 USD
Wing - LH2,500.00 USD
Wing - RH2,500.00 USD
0710109-2Wing Fillet Bottom Piece only250.00 USD

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