Cessna 206 PK-MCZ

PK-MCZ crashed on July 26, 1996 due to oil starvation in the Papua province of Indonesia. A piece of carbon that had accumulated in the turbo broke off and clogged the outlet forcing the oil overboard past the bearings. It landed in a shallow river, breaking the nose gear off in the process. It sat in the river right side up, with the nose cowl resting on the river bottom and the main gear intact. The water came up to below the instrument panel. The radios were still functional allowing the pilot to relay his uninjured condition and location. The airplane was recovered and certainly repairable but was never rebuilt. Most of the damage was in the nose area. Over the years it was cannibalized for parts. What you got came back to the US in a container of the last 206 stuff from that program. It did have a tailcone on it which we cannibalized. Total time 10,850."

Plane Info:

  • Model: Cessna 206
  • Registration: PK-MCZ
  • Year: 1973

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Damage History:

  • The aircraft, PK-MCZ, crashed on July 26, 1996, in the Papua province of Indonesia due to oil starvation. The crash resulted in damage to the fuselage, specifically from the forward cabin door frame to the aft cabin bulkhead.
  • Structural damage occurred due to the accident.
  • Some historical documentation like log books is presumed lost in a flood in Indonesia.
  • Most of the damage was concentrated in the nose area.
  • The turbo experienced an issue where a piece of carbon broke off, causing oil starvation and subsequent engine problems.
  • All other parts of the aircraft, except for the fuselage section mentioned, were either destroyed and scrapped or retained by MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) for use in supporting other aircraft.
  • The aircraft was cannibalized over the years, so parts that remain are limited to what was not used in supporting other aircraft.
  • It had a tailcone which was also cannibalized.

Available Parts:

  • Wing Strut Fitting - RH    
  • Model 206
  • Reg PK-MCZ
  • Year 1973
  • Manufacturer Cessna
Sold Items
  • Fuselage only, fwd cabin door frame to aft cabin bulkhead.
  • Some damage to structure due to accident, includes dataplate but no log books (presumed lost in flood in Indonesia)
  • All other parts either destroyed and scrapped or kept by MAF for support of other aircraft.

Cessna 206 Aircraft Salvage for Sale


Part NumberDescriptionPrice
1221206-2Wing Strut Fitting - RH700.00 USD

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