Beechcraft Sierra A24R C-FBPO

This aircraft had a gear-up landing resulting in belly damage, propeller strike and everything has been meticulously assessed and documented.

Plane Info:

  • Aircraft Model: Sierra A24R
  • Manufacturer: Beechcraft
  • Propeller Model: McCauley Propeller Model B3D36C429

Images and Media: Comprehensive Media Packet

Available Parts:

  • Landing Gear
  • Fairings/Cowlings
  • Electrical
  • Airframe
  • Avionics
  • Instruments
  • Fuel System
  • Flight Controls
  • Propellers
  • Wings
  • Model Sierra A24R
  • Serial # MC 64
  • Reg C-FBPO
  • Year 1971
  • Manufacturer Beechcraft
  • Airframe 3387
  • Date of Last Flight Aug 2016
  • Propeller Manufacturer McCauley
  • Propeller Model B3D36C429
Sold Items
  • Engine, a/s ind, radios, gs ind, mlg + nlg torque arm/shaft, and wheels/brakes.
  • Ailerons LH, RH
  • Flaps LH, RH
  • Horizontal Stabilizer
  • MLG door RH

Beechcraft Sierra A24R Aircraft Salvage for Sale


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
KI 227066-3063-00ADF - Indicator - Bendix/King NON SLAVED Version300.00 USD
KR 87066-1072-00ADF - Receiver - Bendix/King450.00 USD
230-40-207Airspeed Indicator - Mc Leod Instrument corp250.00 USD
375B1U171-002-8Altimeter - Edo-Aire300.00 USD
AR-850Altitude Reporter - Narco200.00 USD
npnAntenna - VOR90.00 USD
169-380100-3Brake Master Cylinder250.00 USD
169-380100-3Brake Master Cylinder - 1 of 4250.00 USD
169-380100-3Brake Master Cylinder - 2 of 4250.00 USD
169-380100-3Brake Master Cylinder - 4 of 4250.00 USD
46151CHT Indicator - Alcor120.00 USD
npnCompass - Beech (no part number)90.00 USD
066-3008-02Course Select Indicator - King100.00 USD
46150EGT Indicator - Alcor120.00 USD
Elevator Balance Weight Assy
169-910056-203Engine Cowl Lower - Beechcraft3,200.00 USD
169-910056-195Engine Cowl Upper - Beechcraft1,200.00 USD
1S130-999Engine Instrument Cluster - Edo Aire
FCD4-B1781Flap position Indicator150.00 USD
169-380066-1Fuel Level Transmitter225.00 USD
169-380066-4B7740-25Fuel Level Transmitter200.00 USD
169-380086-1Fuel Selector Valve600.00 USD
431-9Fuel Tank Cap - Shaw Aero Devices200.00 USD
Gear Up Switch
10-357200-1 LIgnition Switch w/ key - TCM250.00 USD
A-8970B-2-330A8970B2330Instrument Post Light - Green15.00 USD
A-8970B-2-327A8970B2327Instrument Post Light - Red30.00 USD
Landing Light Lens Cover - LH
151-4Lift Detector - Stall Warning Vane480.00 USD
IU037-118-9Manifold Pressure Guage and Fuel Flow Gauge300.00 USD
MBT-12Marker Beacon Receiver - Narco100.00 USD
169-810001-21MLG Assy LH2,300.00 USD
169-810001-22MLG Assy RH2,300.00 USD
169-810????MLG attach shaft
MLG Door LH750.00 USD
1CH25MLG Limit Switch120.00 USD
1CH25MLG Limit Switch120.00 USD
MLG Lower Drag Brace Arm RH
169-380060MLG Retract Actuator - RH - Gerdes1,200.00 USD
169-380060MLG Retract Actuator -LH - Gerdes1,200.00 USD
MLG Spring - RH
169-380057-3MLG Up Lock Actuator - 1 of 2650.00 USD
169-380057-3MLG Up Lock Actuator - 2 of 2650.00 USD
169-810027-29MLG Weldment Support LH600.00 USD
169-810027-30MLG Weldment Support RH600.00 USD
NLG Lock Actuator Assy
100-381006-1NLG Switch Assy175.00 USD
9532926NLG Wheel Assembly - Goodyear400.00 USD
072-312-0Nose Wheel Tire with Tube - 5.00-5 - Condor80.00 USD
A2064-12Rear Position Light - Grimes50.00 USD
169-640000-603Rudder Assy950.00 USD
D-5257Spinner - 3 Blade from McCauley prop number B3D36C429550.00 USD
Steering Bungy
Steering Bungy
169-820039Steering Collar Assy NLG430.00 USD
50-384042-1Suction Indicator - Beechcraft - Standard Precision100.00 USD
169-440011-1Tail Cone200.00 USD
169-640000-601Tail Fin Assy850.00 USD
169-640000-97Tail Fin Cap - allowance for light80.00 USD
Tie Down Eyelets
Torque Plate RH
50-524497Trim Tab Actuator Assembly - Elevator - Electric800.00 USD
169-380017Vertical Speed Indicator - United Instruments195.00 USD
Wing Panel - RH

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