Cessna 206 C-GTCC

While conducting a fresh-water take-off, during the initial climb, both wings struck trees along the shore and the aircraft descended into the trees, no injuries to passengers. There is no engine, propeller, avionics or instruments available from this aircraft, previously equipped with floats and skis.

Plane Info:

    Model: Cessna 206
    Year: 1973
    Status: Salvaged aircraft
    Last Flight: June 2015
    Log Books: Complete from 1992 up until last flight

Images and Media: Comprehensive Media Packet

Available Parts:

  •     Fuel System
  •     Airframe
  •     Landing Gear
  •     Wings

Airframe: Firewall forward damaged, various dents and damage but appears fairly straight

Wings: Both appear to have heavy damage with animal nests inside

Aileron: Both appear to have heavy damage

Flaps: Both appear to have heavy damage

Elevators: One is unusable, the other one is okay though the trim tab and trailing edge are damaged

Rudder: Damaged - Core

Vertical Stabilizer: Damaged - Core

Horizontal Stabilizer: LH side is damaged, both forward and aft spar's are damaged

Cabin Doors: Condition is okay, some hinges are not and splines appear worn

Cabin Seats: Appear to be in good condition with some wear showing, one is infinite adjust

Wheel/Brakes: None


Engine Cowls: Damaged

  • Price USD 54000
  • Model 206
  • Serial # U206-02167
  • Reg C-GTCC
  • Year 1973
  • Manufacturer Cessna
  • Airframe 11624
Sold Items

Cessna 206 Aircraft Salvage and Parts for Sale


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
1621412-10721306-1Monarch Fuel Adapter & Cap - 1 of 4695.00 USD
1621412-10721306-1Monarch Fuel Adapter & Cap - 2 of 4650.00 USD
1621412-10721306-1Monarch Fuel Adapter & Cap - 3 of 4695.00 USD
1621412-10721306-1Monarch Fuel Adapter & Cap - 4 of 4600.00 USD

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