Piper PA-24-260 C-GHJG

Plane Info:

  • Model: GHJG - PA 24-260, Piper Comanche
  • Year: 1969
  • Airframe Total Time: 4508 hours

Available Parts:

  • Propeller: Hartzell HC-E2YR-1BF, available for inspection and potential refurbishment.
  • Engine: Available for inspection and potential refurbishment
  • Autopilot: Equipped with a Piper Autocontrol III and STec Pitch Servo
  • Engine Monitor: JP EGT 701 Engine Monitor, potential usability for other aircraft
  • Fuel Flow Indicator: JP FS450 Fuel Flow Indicator, potential usability for other aircraft
  • Additional Features: Dorsal fin, rudder gap seals, flap actuator warning, wing fillets, Arapaho one-piece windshield, luggage door kit
  • Unique Components: Rudder/stabilator balance weights, LoPresti wheel hub caps
  • Instruments
  • Fuel System
  • Landing Gear
  • Flight Controls
  • Engines
  • Wings
  • Airframe
  • Avionics
  • Doors/Windows
  • Electrical
  • Fairings/Cowlings
  • Model PA-24-260
  • Serial # 24-4839
  • Reg C-GHJG
  • Year 1969
  • Manufacturer Piper
  • Airframe 4508
  • Date of Last Flight Feb 2018
  • Propeller Manufacturer Hartzell
  • Propeller Model HC-E2YR-1BF
Available On

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Sold Items
  • Engine, radios, gps
  • Fuel selector, control yokes, MLG assy
  • Knots 2u parts, MLG doors, LG motor, fuel gauge
  • Fuel pump, and fuel cell
  • Aileron RH
  • Pilot and Co-Pilot side windows
  • Flap hinges
  • Stabilator assemblies
  • Interior Upholstery and seats
  • Engine Cowl

Piper PA-24-260 Aircraft Salvage for Sale


Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
ASC-5AAltitiude Alert/Clock - Electronics Intl250.00 USD
24AWSArapaho Windshield Kit - Knots 2U800.00 USD
S-Tec 30Autopilot - STEC-30 SYSTEM4,000.00 USD
RG-35AXCBattery200.00 USD
21524-02Battery Box100.00 USD
20479-15Bulkhead Assembly - Sta. 2582,350.00 USD
20954-00Channel Support Assembly100.00 USD
26809-00Control Quadrant Assy650.00 USD
21192-00Control Support Bracket300.00 USD
IU262-001-39Directional Gyro - 4000B-30620.00 USD
Engine Exhaust Assy2,500.00 USD
550801Engine Instrument Cluster
24894-13Engine Mixture Control Cable100.00 USD
24815-00Engine Mount Assembly1,500.00 USD
TE02650-115/120TSP6CYL-2927-115Engine Pre Heater Complete - Tanis - for lycoming IO-540-N1A5450.00 USD
20404-00Fairing, Fin75.00 USD
21786-03Fairing, Tail300.00 USD
475 1921010 250Flap Actuator Assy with motor375.00 USD
22695-03Flap Control Arm LH80.00 USD
22694-03Flap Control Arm RH80.00 USD
487 805BZ-7RQ31T1-PA15Flap Control limit switch80.00 USD
21267-00Flap Fairing - LH150.00 USD
21267-01Flap Fairing - RH100.00 USD
450 777Flap Position Indicator245.00 USD
23226-00Flap Position Sending Unit Rod with springs125.00 USD
24GSFlap/Aileron Gap Seals - Knots 2U305.00 USD
23426-9Fuel Cell Access Plate Assy - LH I/B100.00 USD
23426-8Fuel Cell Access Plate Assy - RH I/B100.00 USD
Fuel Cell Assy - RH Main400.00 USD
JPIFuel Flow System200.00 USD
687 287Fuel Level Transmitter - LH I/B300.00 USD
687 287Fuel Level Transmitter - RH I/B300.00 USD
22312-00Fuel Strainer Assembly750.00 USD
Fuel Tank Cap - Moeller
Fuel Tank Cap - Moeller
Fuel Tank Cap - Moeller
Fuel Tank Cap - Moeller
760 277Fuel Vent Kit1,000.00 USD
21041-00Gear Retracting Tube Bracket200.00 USD
23982-00Gear Retraction Tube600.00 USD
52D136-1333HSI - Navigation Situation Display1,650.00 USD
LSM-200-701-1Hub Cap w/access Door, 6", set of 2 - Knots 2U115.00 USD
Instrument Panel LH170.00 USD
Instrument Panel RH130.00 USD
26542-00Landing Gear Safety Lock250.00 USD
190-3450 726Lift Detector - Stall Warning Vane - Heated900.00 USD
20713 2Lower Rudder Attachment Brkt150.00 USD
21760-00Lug - Gear Motor Attachment60.00 USD
20476-1Main Spar Attachment - Bracket50.00 USD
20396-2Main Spar Attachment - Bracket50.00 USD
20476Main Spar Attachment - Bracket50.00 USD
20314-00Main Spar Attachment - Channel180.00 USD
20433-00Main Spar Attachment - Lower250.00 USD
20315-02Main Spar Attachment - Lower Strap60.00 USD
20311-00Main Spar Attachment - Plate250.00 USD
20313-00Main Spar Attachment - Upper250.00 USD
20315-00Main Spar Attachment - Upper Strap60.00 USD
20846-06MLG Bungee Arm Assy LH150.00 USD
20846-07MLG Bungee Arm Assy RH150.00 USD
20766MLG Drag Brace Assy - LH1,400.00 USD
20766MLG Drag Brace Assy - RH1,400.00 USD
22508-222509-00MLG Trunnion LH Side Brace Fitting Assy
22508-322509-01MLG Trunnion RH Side Brace Fitting Assy
A-1285G-12Navigation Light Assy Green - RH175.00 USD
23109-0020818 22809NLG Drag Brace Retraction Assy600.00 USD
21716-0521689-2014NLG Strut Assy3,250.00 USD
21707-00NLG Strut Tube Upper800.00 USD
40 - 76BNLG Wheel Assembly300.00 USD
6041H105A455 342Power Relay225.00 USD
1C388-2Radio Coupler - Century Flight300.00 USD
A-2064-1073Rear Position Light with Bulb - Grimes40.00 USD
24RSRudder Gap Seal Kit - Knots 2U (attached to tail fin assy)170.00 USD
24BCN260-ASlimline Strobe Kit, Vert Stab Mt - Knots 2U205.00 USD
DR1466487 152Solenoid125.00 USD
20953-00Spacer Block50.00 USD
21740-02Stabilator Balance Weight and Control Tube Assy580.00 USD
20723-201Stabilator Torque Tube Assy1,800.00 USD
757 762Strobe Light - Tail Fin - Red Assy70.00 USD
1G3-4Suction Indicator (2 - 6" of Mg)70.00 USD
487 820Switch - Limit80.00 USD
TAS100-04Tanis Engine Pre-Heater
EGT-701-6C-0Temperature Indicator - JP Instruments350.00 USD
PET-1Trim Servo600.00 USD
1H37-4Vacuum Check Valve400.00 USD
066-3056-01KI-209VOR/LOC/Glide slope indicator - King - KI 2091,200.00 USD
Wing - LH5,000.00 USD
Wing - RH4,400.00 USD
22697-10Wing Main Spar Center Support400.00 USD
18457-00Wing Tie Down Eyelet60.00 USD

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