Robinson R 44 Raven II C-GHZN

Plane Info:

  • Model: GHZN - R44 Raven II
  • Manufacturer: Robinson
  • Year: 2007
  • Airframe Total TSN: 1891
  • Damages: The aircraft experienced a heavy landing incident, resulting in damage to the tail boom and main rotor (M/R) system, as well as affecting the engine, transmission, and engine structures.
  • Storage History: The aircraft has been in storage for approximately 5 years, necessitating thorough inspections and maintenance.

Availible Parts:

  • Fuel System
  • Cabin
  • Electrical
  • Doors/Windows
  • Avionics
  • Propellers
  • Engines
  • Instruments
  • Flight Controls
  • Miscellaneous
  • Model R 44 Raven II
  • Serial # 12252
  • Reg C-GHZN
  • Year 2007
  • Manufacturer Robinson
  • Airframe 1891
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Sold Items

All dynamic components including hydraulics servos

Bear paws

Audio panel

Collective stick assy

Tail rotor gearbox assy



Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
C464-1Access Panel Tray60.00 USD
307FCAir Temp Guage - Davtron80.00 USD
SSD120-XXAAltitude Digitizer250.00 USD
1327-82Antenna - Communications - ELT185.00 USD
AT1621-5BAntenna - Mobile Permanent Mount - AeroAntenna100.00 USD
4300-203Attitude Indicator - Mid Continent Inst.2,100.00 USD
D809-1Battery Cover Assy90.00 USD
B164-3Cabin Heater Outlet10.00 USD
AT 4220R0LC-2Clock - Chronometer Quartz - Digital - AstroTech LC-2180.00 USD
C2400L4Compass - Airpath Instr. Co - Lighted w/ case100.00 USD
D278-2Controller Assy RPM Governor - Robinson750.00 USD
C680-5Cover Assy - Boot95.00 USD
C680-1Cover Assy - Boot95.00 USD
A677-4801171041Cyclic Control Cover Boot25.00 USD
LT-46 (D)DC to DC Convertor - KGS100.00 USD
505-0031-903205-1BDirectional Gyro - L3 Communications850.00 USD
npnDoor Snubber LH and RH
FT55-A02DPST Push Button Swtich - Otto100.00 USD
S1820511-01ELT Mounting Bracket75.00 USD
B144-46247-00419Engine Instrument Cluster - Rochester900.00 USD
D174-2Fanwheel Assy1,300.00 USD
C947-1Flex Plate Assy500.00 USD
Fresh Air Control Assy200.00 USD
A550-1M7740-00393/707090531Fuel Level Transmitter200.00 USD
C550-1E7740-00405/710230021Fuel Level Transmitter200.00 USD
D8187-BFuel Pump Assy - Weldon
Fuel Strainer Assy
Fuel System - Low Fuel Level Warning Transmitter
A689-6Fuel Tank Cap40.00 USD
1197Helipod Door Hinge35.00 USD
R44-2520-403Helipod Door LH - Helipod USA LLC150.00 USD
10-357200-1H07EIgnition Switch w/ key - TCM250.00 USD
B051-9Instrument Panel Console Assy1,050.00 USD
4594Landing Light - GE20.00 USD
4594Landing Light - GE20.00 USD
C181-3Lower Clutch Actuator Bearing Assy3,200.00 USD
6111A600-6Manifold Pressure Guage - United Inst170.00 USD
01-0770001-42W1285-PG-28Navigation Light Assy - Green - RH - Whelen120.00 USD
01-0770001-52W1285-PR-28Navigation Light Assy - Red - LH - Whelen120.00 USD
B308-1Oil Pressure Sender75.00 USD
B426-1S76083Oil Pressure Switch - Hobbs60.00 USD
C121-15A331-4P/P Tube Assy400.00 USD
NPX138 N-070Radio - Transceiver - Northern Airborne Tech3,200.00 USD
12100Radio Adapter - Engineering Inc50.00 USD
3029-4-041-2396Restraint Assy - LH Aft - Amsafe220.00 USD
3029-2-021-2396Restraint Assy - LH Fwd - Amsafe220.00 USD
3029-4-041-2396Restraint Assy - RH Aft - Amsafe220.00 USD
3029-3-031-2396Restraint Assy - RH Fwd - Amsafe220.00 USD
31M229722986A10Ring Gear Support Assy800.00 USD
B033-6Rotor Brake Knob Assy41.00 USD
Seat Assy - Passenger Front
Seat Assy - Passenger Rear
Seat Assy - Passenger Rear
Seat Assy - Pilot
Seat Covers - Qnty 4
C493-1Sheave Assy Lower2,000.00 USD
C188-3C166-4Sprag Clutch and Shaft Assy1,200.00 USD
01-0770028-05Strobe Light Power Supply - Whelen500.00 USD
MS25068-237664K5Switch Assy w/ Guard - Clutch Engage60.00 USD
000-20143-1C792-3Tachometer - Dual % - Phaostron1,500.00 USD
D602-1Time Delay Assy120.00 USD
133A3Vacuum Regulating Valve80.00 USD
C042-1Vertical Stabilizer - Upper - Damaged500.00 USD

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