Beechcraft P35 Bonanza C-FOZZ

The aircraft was impacted when an owner's vehicle rolled off ramps, causing damage to the forward fuselage. Notably, the propeller was removed at the time of impact, mitigating further damage. Components damaged include nose gear doors, nose cowl, minor damage to the nose landing gear, buckling of the aft fuselage section, and bending of both ailerons and ruddervators, with slight bending of the trim tabs.

Plane Info:

  • Aircraft Model: P-35 Bonanza
  • Year of Manufacture: 1963
  • Serial Number: D7167
  • Status: Salvaged Aircraft

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Available Parts:

  • Fuel System
  • Fairings/Cowlings
  • Electrical
  • Cabin
  • Wings
  • Landing Gear
  • Avionics
  • Flight Controls
  • Instruments
  • Miscellaneous
  • Engines
  • Airframe
  • Model P35 Bonanza
  • Serial # D7167
  • Reg C-FOZZ
  • Year 1963
  • Manufacturer Beechcraft
  • Airframe 4121
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Sold Items
  • Engine, Seats, Side panels
  • Gear doors, Flaps, wheels/brakes
  • Flap/lg switches, fuel transmitters, Engine Inlet duct
  • Suction gauge, radios/gps, Manifold Pressure
  • Fuel flow gauge, a/s ind, belly skins
  • MLG assembly Left and Right
  • Nav lights, RH stabilizer assembly

Beechcraft P35 Bonanza Aircraft Salvage for Sale



Part NumberAlternate Part NumberDescriptionPrice
6041H18712 VDC Relay - Cuttler Hammer120.00 USD
066-3017-00KI-225ADF - Indicator - King Radio50.00 USD
KR 85066-1023-00ADF - Receiver - King175.00 USD
071-1133-00Antenna - ADF - King55.00 USD
npnAntenna - Nav/Com - Narco200.00 USD
npnAutopilot - Brittain1,200.00 USD
1114213Aux Power Contactor25.00 USD
npnAuxiliary Power Receptacle Assy150.00 USD
35-410462-3Battery Box Assy with Cover lid assy250.00 USD
NPNBonanza Wing Covers
35-550055Cabin Cold Air Inlet190.00 USD
35-550056Cabin Cold Air Valve Knob50.00 USD
35-550054Cabin Fresh Air Vent225.00 USD
npnCabin Insulation - Bonanza
CG602U025V...A-178Capacitor - Mallory - Big Blue10.00 USD
33-530003-62133-530003-62Centre Arm Rest250.00 USD
1731248623Combustion Monitor35.00 USD
npnControl Lock - possibly home made40.00 USD
066-3008-02Course Select Indicator - King Radio95.00 USD
35-380050-1Cowl Flap Control - Cable Assembly220.00 USD
35-944012Cowl Flap Control - Links - RH+LH100.00 USD
35-94401135-944025Cowl Flap Control - Shaft and Fittings110.00 USD
35-910053Cowl Flap Door Assy - LH160.00 USD
35-910053-1Cowl Flap Door Assy - RH160.00 USD
35-82007695-824019DRAG BRACE ASSY - UPPER - NLG950.00 USD
35-660002-9Elevator Balance Weight 1 of 2330.00 USD
35-660002-9Elevator Balance Weight 2 of 2330.00 USD
35324-4015Engine Instrument Cluster500.00 USD
Eye Brow Glare Shield Dash
45-521212-604??-521213Flap Actuator LH no cable actuator only280.00 USD
45-521212-605??-521213Flap Actuator RH with cable400.00 USD
CT-502A254-11-AFlux Detector - Aircraft Radio Corp125.00 USD
35-910018Front Engine Mount LH300.00 USD
35-910018Front Engine Mount RH300.00 USD
631427A32IO-470-NFuel Distributor Valve - Teledyne
655303AFuel Injector Line Set from IO-470-M400.00 USD
95-380012-7Fuel Level Transmitter outboard RH260.00 USD
2062655243-4Fuel Pump Assy - Mechanical600.00 USD
35-921155-60345-920036-1Fuel Strainer & Selector Valve Assy800.00 USD
Fuselage Cover - Padded
35-534410-7Glove Box175.00 USD
35-410147Handle , Cabin assist exterior140.00 USD
52D137-1332HSI - Slaved NAVIGATION SITUATION DISPLAY - Edo-Aire900.00 USD
35-324392-606Instrument Panel
Interior upholstery carpet panels
18486 G-01ISOCOM - David Clark Company150.00 USD
35-115381Leading Edge Fillet Assy - Wing LH300.00 USD
35-115381-1Leading Edge Fillet Assy - Wing RH300.00 USD
45-364164Light, Passing / Taxi Assembly with bulb250.00 USD
35-815155-61035-815155-2MLG Brace Assembly - LH900.00 USD
35-815155-61135-815155-3MLG Brace Assembly - RH900.00 USD
35-810075-7MLG Retract Actuator Assembly1,850.00 USD
35-810075-3MLG Retract Motor Assembly900.00 USD
35-815127-2/3MLG Retract Push Rod Assy
35-815127-2/3MLG Retract Push Rod Assy
Model E TC-127Navigation Light Wingtip Green - Grimes50.00 USD
Model E TC-127Navigation Light Wingtip Red - Grimes50.00 USD
35-825196-691NLG Assembly1,900.00 USD
35-825195-31NLG Barrel Assembly500.00 USD
95-824005-1NLG Brace Assembly650.00 USD
NLG retract boot
NLG Retract Push-Pull Rod and Spring
NLG Retract Push-Pull Tube
35-825060NLG Scissor Link150.00 USD
35-82500735-825035NLG Steering Link Assy450.00 USD
35-825195-601NLG Strut Assembly Lower600.00 USD
Outside Air Temp Probe Assy - AVOX
Over Head Speaker Vent Light Panel150.00 USD
Overhead Fresh Air Vent Handle
Rudder Pedal Floor Panel
35-660002-609Rudder Vator LH350.00 USD
35-660002-610Rudder Vator RH250.00 USD
35-650005-601Stabilizer Assy LH450.00 USD
Steering Bungy
3320-00038Tachometer - Jet Electronics95.00 USD
S A.T.C. 20Tail Light Assy - Grimes
628776A5Throttle and Control Assy2,500.00 USD
35-115388-67135-115388-25Wing - LH7,500.00 USD
35-115388-672Wing - RH7,500.00 USD
Wing Bolt Access Panels
SPS-NAS-150-RSPS-NAS-152-RWing Spar Bolts150.00 USD
35-170004-17Wing Tip - LH
35-170004-18Wing Tip - RH

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